Chapter 541 – Most Touching Romantic Words

Huan Qing Yan was stunned, those were definitely the world’s most touching and romantic words.

I chose to fall for a lady like you.

The heat from the hot spring wrapped around the two; it allowed them to comfortably enjoy being immersed in it and at that instance, they felt unbounded warmth.

Especially Ji Mo Ya, holding the girl in his arms had gave him a joy similar to finding a precious treasure that he had once lost.

Huan Qing Yan was also filled with love; she had been asking herself, what right or ability did she have, to be able to have this man for the rest of her life…?

Everything else aside, just the fact that she had turned into a fool for the past few months, where Ji Mo Ya took care of her every need daily, was enough to make her feel grateful for the rest of her life.

Not every man would be able to do that, yet an esteemed celestial-like and noble young master with high status like Ji Mo Ya did.

After a long time, Ji Mo Ya happily curled his lips and asked, “Why are you blanking out for so long? Now that you have recovered, do you have anything you want to tell this young master?”

There are many things that needed to be clarified, this was to prevent the same harmful misunderstandings and the cycle of regret from happening again.

Huan Qing Yan lifted her head, “What do you wish to know?”

“Everything.” it would be best if there were no more secrets between them.

Huan Qing Yan consolidated her thoughts and decided to start from where he would be most keen to learn about, “I am actually not someone from Spirit Treasure Continent, I came from another place. I am an orphan, I got adopted several times, but each adoption wasn’t long and always led to me ultimately being returned to the orphanage. After I graduated from university, I started working in a program that led me to explore a mountain. During the exploration, I climb a tree and fell from it… When I woke up, I am in a body of someone with the name as me, the Huan Qing Yan that you are seeing now. I am in fact, not the Huan Qing Yan of the Huan Family.”

Most was within Ji Mo Ya’s expectations, while some was outside of his expectations, “Okay, continue?”

Her not being a person from Spirit Treasure Continent was something he had guessed earlier on. As a cultivator, he knew that other than Spirit Treasure Continent, there exists many other planes of existence, however, there were currently no methods to travel between said planes; this was due to a restriction in their cultivation levels.

As for her not being the original Huan Qing Yan was also within his expectations.

After all, he had personally destroyed the original soul, to him, whether she was the original Huan Qing Yan or not was not important; all he needed to know was that she was the girl that he likes.

In addition, from the last words of that so called original, her identity was also suspicious.

Seeing that he did not have a big reaction, Huan Qing Yan’s tensed heart also started to relax, “There was another soul in my body, she was the original owner of this body. Regarding this soul, it was rather complex, she was a reincarnated; in her previous life, she was engaged to Bai Cheng Feng but was eventually abandoned by him, and along the way, he conned her of her spirit treasure and framed her as a spy of the demons. In the end, she was being judged by the Holy Court and sentenced to the Deep Fry Execution. After she died, she reincarnated…”

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This time, Ji Mo Ya displayed an interest, “Reincarnate?”

“Yes, due to her, I learnt about certain matters and information of future developments; such as Huan Meng Yue’s spirit treasure’s abillity to control people, the Greater Demon appearance within the Ninth Prince Estate, and also that you were at the Five Black Mountains when I passed by that area… etc!”

“So you are saying that everything had happened like her previous life? She can predict the future?” Ji Mo Ya inquired, if that was the case, will that not be history be repeating itself?

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Huan Qing Yan shook her head, “Some were the same, but there were also differences. In her previous life the Huan Estate was confiscated, Jiu Li died, Xing Han was crippled, Mama and Elder Snow also died, as for you…”

“Oh, I also died at the Five Black Mountains?” Ji Mo Ya went into deep thought.

Huan Qing Yan glanced at him and spoke much softer, “Yes… the reincarnated girl tried to hide it from me by not telling me. However, when the ship of Surging Wave Academia that I was on passed by the area, I suddenly felt anxious and only after asking her in detail did she finally told me. If not, I would have warned you earlier and stop you from heading to the Five Black Mountains.”

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