Chapter 576 – Big Pervert, Pui…

To think that she had actually engaged in an exciting and stimulating outdoor ‘battle’ with Ji Mo Ya!

Wuu wuu wuu, she no longer wanted anymore.


Outside the volcano, Mo Si had been waiting with half-closed eyes while standing guard.

Yu Yi and the other Feather Guards have gone to investigate the perimeter of their environment.

When suddenly, he received Ji Mo Ya’s instruction through a secret communication method, “About the natural formation outside, what type of formation is it?”

Mo Si immediately straightened his posture and perked up, and finally dared to release his divine sense. Earlier on, he did his part as a dutiful subordinate and restricted himself from any peeking attempt.

If Young Master were to find out, he would have been killed immediately!

“The natural formation outside is a complicated form of formation within another formation, Yu Yi had brought the men to investigate and test it…”

“Whose territory does this volcanic region belongs to?”

Mo Si quickly replied, “This piece of land has no owner or local residents, but it is rather close to the lands owned by our Ji Mo Clan…”

If the Ji Mo Clan was nearby, it would explain why this area has no one.

The Ji Mo Clan was getting more and more powerful and was slowly becoming the head of the Eight Great Clans, this naturally meant that the territory they own was vast and wide.

Most of the other clans were based within the territories of empires or were neighbors to empires.

However, the Ji Mo Clan possessed their own land, and it was not any smaller than those owned by empires.

Though the members of the Ji Mo Clan numbers many, they could never compete with the population of empires, therefore, most of their territory were basically undeveloped land.

Despite being undeveloped and filled with natural spirit energy, none dared to trespass or venture near their lands.

The region surrounding their territory had turned into an area that random people’s entry is prohibited.

Mo Si silently stood awaiting further instructions, but only silence was heard.

When he focused his ears, he heard noise coming from the volcano, “Ji Mo Ya, where have you thrown my Crimson Gold Soft Armor to…”

Ar hem, Mo Si immediately retract his divine sense.

Huan Qing Yan had searched many times but was unable to find her Crimson Gold Soft Armor; as she had already dressed up, she uncontrollably raised her voice.

The light within here was poor, only the circle of light coming from the hole above was able to provide a few meters of vision; while the person with a natural lighting effect, Ji Mo Ya, had disappeared off to somewhere.

When she shouted, a blur of light suddenly flashed about in front of her.

Ji Mo Ya had found the soft armor at a corner and smoothly put it on her, after it was done, he pulled her hand and walked into the darkness, “Yan Lass, come take a look.”

This pique Huan Qing Yan’s interest, “What’s there to look at?”

She only had to take a step and she felt her legs suddenly going soft, and narrowly avoided a fall.

The alert Ji Mo Ya quickly held her by the waist and chuckled as he teased her, “Little One, your fighting stamina is still not strong enough. You are still unable to walk even after 15 minutes of rest.”

Huan Qing Yan decided to might as well let him carry her and mumbled, “You think everyone can be like you? Big pervert, pui…”

However, her cultivation level was indeed too low, not only her Dantian was filled with spirit energy, there was also Ji Mo Ya’s blood and ‘that thing’ stored inside her and waiting for her to refine.

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The spirit plants within her dimension had also mostly reached maturity, including the rare spirit plants. In summary, all she needed at that moment was the True Spirit Grass and she would become a True Spirit Master.

When the time comes, she would refine the things that need to be refine and eat up the rare spirit plants; that way she believes she would be able to increase her rank very quickly.

Ji Mo Ya carried Huan Qing Yan through the darkness, and after a while, Huan Qing Yan felt a rush of cold air coming from in front of her.

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