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Chapter 581 – Holy City

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The Inner Court of the Ji Mo Clan.

Outside the entrance, Madam Ru was instructing Mu Rong Xin Nuo and two old female servants.

“This madam shall not attend the Saintess Ceremony this time, just pass my message properly will do.”

Mu Rong Xin Ruo lowered her head and did not speak.

The other two old female servants replied energetically, “Please be rest assured Madam, we will definitely tell that woman every single rule about being a concubine of the Ji Mo Clan… we guarantee that she will see clearly what her status and position is.”

Madam Ru was very satisfied, she looked at Mu Rong Xin Ruo and saw that she had her head lowered and was not speaking.

Madam Ru felt frustrated at that sight, but still patiently advised, “Xin Ruo, when you meet her, make sure to display the might of a First Concubine. The seat of Little Ya’s First Concubine can only be you, a person that is found outside like her can only be a lesser concubine, never allow yourself to lose out to that kind of lesser woman, understand?”

Mu Rong Xin Ruo lowered her head even further, “Yes Auntie.”

“Go on and meet up with the elders and head to the Holy City together, the Patriarch should have prepared something on his end and likely instructed Little Ya to propose to the Luan Girl. I want all of your reports to be in detail on everything that has happened.”

Mu Rong Xin Ruo’s body shuddered before she replied, “Yes.”


Holy City.

As the center of human civilization on Spirit Treasure Continent, its importance was beyond description.

From a far, one would be able to see a majestic city made entirely of white stone blocks with city walls hundred feet tall and even the roads could accommodate eight horse carriages side by side. The city was so big that even if you stood at its highest point, you would not be able to see its edge.

Rumor also has it that the largest spell formation of Spirit Treasure Continent was built in here as well.

Not anyone can enter this important place as and when they like; all must go through a strict inspection first.

But despite that, there were still many travelers from all over the continent going in and out of the place.

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And today, there were an exceptionally large amount of people within the city; all of them planning to attend the Saintess Ceremony.

The Holy City was the holy land of humanity; the coronation of a Saintess was an event that last happened a century ago, so it was natural that it had attracted a lot of attention.

The pedestrians were all engaged in conversations.

“I heard that it is a lady from the Bai Li Clan. I wonder what abilities did she possessed to be bestowed the title of Saintess?

“I am not sure as well and am anticipating it greatly. It has been a hundred years since we last had a Saintess. For a person to be given the title of Saintess that signifies our belief of beauty and kindness, they must contribute greatly to humanity.”

“There are many sons and daughters amongst the Eight Great Clans, yet it is the most reclusive Bai Li Clan that produced a Saintess; the other clans must be feeling depressed!”


As the crowd discussed amongst themselves, on the city walls of the Holy City, stood several ladies wearing in formal attires. All of them wore thick makeup and adorned in golden clothes and silver details, and equipped with various sorts of magic equipment on them.

These were some of the daughters of the Eight Great Clans.

They had all visited the Ji Mo Clan for various reasons in the past and had also done whatever they could to increase Madam Ru’s liking towards them. And now, all of them were here due to the rumors they had heard.

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It was said that Young Master Ya would be here today.

When they heard the discussion of the people below them, they all displayed unhappy expressions.

“Bai Li Zi Xi only stood out because of her spirit treasure, in terms of looks, which of us sisters would lose to her?”

The one who spoke was the lady from Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Lian Lian. On the surface, she looked like a petite girl that would be blown off easily by a strong wind.

While her looks were without a doubt top quality, she also possessed a seductive quality that the others lack; when a person were to take a look at her, they might have their souls hooked immediately.

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