Chapter 580 – A City Full Of Vixens

Huan Qing Yan collected her pitiful expression and her face turned brighter; she then gave him a peck on his chin and said, “Okay, I trust you.”

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Having received the kiss, Ji Mo Ya’s actions got even more sharper and quicker than before

He carried Huan Qing Yan and climbed up the hole.

Huan Qing Yan softly mumbled while within his embrace, “I will not stop you if you wanted any other women as well, just tell me and I will leave you alone…”

Ji Mo Ya suddenly froze the climb and his heart cherished her even more than before.

“If you dare you leave, I will break your legs!”

Huan Qing Yan immediately giggled at his words and silently hugged his waist even more tightly.

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She would not give up that easily, whoever dares to steal her man, she would beat them up till they lose all their teeth!

Holy City, this Huan Qing Yan is coming.

Even if the it was a city full of vixens trying to seduce Ji Mo Ya, she would face them all; so long as Ji Mo Ya did not give up on her first, she would never let go.


Something big has happened within the Xuan Chu Empire recently.

The Lin Family has fallen.

The Lin Family that were high and mighty before had suddenly experienced a series of bad and terrible luck.

The Lin Family’s main business was transportation, basically they transport mainly spirit plants for others and earned commission for their services.

The demand for spirit plants was great within the entire Spirit Treasure Continent, no matter where one went, they would never have to worry about selling spirit plants. This led to an evergreen industry of spirit plant trading that only grew larger as time went by; related businesses such as transportation had also grown along with it, with many families and clans involved in this lucrative trade.

The Lin Family were also one of the best in their trade.

But suddenly one day, many traders and merchants released an official notice declaring that they would stop working with the Lin Family.

Amongst them were also the businesses owned by the Xuan Chu Empire’s royalty!

Under normal circumstances, when a business collaboration between two parties had ceased, there was no need to advertise it for everyone to know.

However, the business under the royal family did that anyway.

In the end, the Lin Family’s businesses started to drop dramatically, some even reached the point of being completely deserted.

And within two days, the transportation teams managed by the Lin Family were all robbed of their cargo as well!

Followed by a consecutive number of other incidents!

Due to that, the remaining few business partners that they have were also unwilling to continue doing business with the Lin Family.

With their transportation core business reaching a standstill, the Lin Family has loss their ability to earn revenue, in addition, the loss of goods had resulted in a great amount of compensation being paid out to the respective parties.

This led to the Lin Family facing a crisis.

“Ah! What is this? Is this food for humans? Isn’t this what I use to feed pigs in the past?”

Lin Fei Fei was furious as she swiped away the spirit dish in front of her, causing it to shatter into pieces on the floor.

How was that a spirit dish? It was basically an ordinary dish!

How can a proper young mistress of the family stomach that?

“Fei Fei ah, we are now facing great difficulties and is no longer like we are used to be. Just bear with it!” Lin Chong said with a bitter and worried face.

He was guessing that the Lin Family had reached this state of matters was very likely due to Ji Mo Ya.

His family might have been developing pretty well recently, but against a huge powerhouse like the Ji Mo Clan, the gap was way too much. They should not have collaborated with the Nan Gong Family with their plan.

However, the Old Master was unwilling to listen, sigh!

Now, they were experiencing retribution.

Lin Fei Fei had never experienced such difficult days before; she laid on the table and started crying, “Then, how can I cultivate?”

Lin Chong’s frown deepens.

There were no solutions available at present and if it really comes down to it, they could only sell off their business and seek other paths, or maybe change their names and stay low until they had at least overcome this crisis.

What he was most worried about was that the Ji Mo Clan would be unrelenting and continue to target them; if that happens, the Lin Family would be goners…

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