Chapter 584 – Serving Girl Of Young Master Ya

“Oh my Heavens, that’s Young Master Ya, he is exactly as what rumors had described, like a celestial from the heavens!”

“I had only glanced at him once, before I felt a great shock and dare not look at him a second time, which one of you are able to look at him a second time? Please describe to me in detail…”

“Scram, all of us only took one glance, doing more would be defiling a God.”


Ji Mo Ya ignored the discussions of the masses and displayed a calm expression, his gentlemanly smile did not reduce or increase at all.

With a soft tug, he pulled Huan Qing Yan and brought her in front of everyone’s gazes.

Huan Qing Yan was wearing an ivory colored dress that was the same color series as Ji Mo Ya’s attire. Her natural phoenix eyes possessed an energetic and alluring charm, coupled with her exquisite egg-shaped face and sweet dimples, it would make one feel that she was quick-witted and mischievous.

When Huan Qing Yan was pulled out…

Her experiences as an elite art student and as backup host of a certain glutton tv program had exposed her to a large variety of big events. Being a professional, she followed the rule of ‘Acting is like life, everything in life relies on acting’ and adopted it as her life motto… therefore, she did not feel any stage fright at all.

Instead, she gracefully copied Ji Mo Ya’s actions and displayed a gentle calm smile, although not as well practiced as Ji Mo Ya but she had copied it really well and really similar to the original.


This babe also knows how to handle it!

When Huan Qing Yan appeared, various reactions were triggered from the masses, some who knew certain rumors immediately displayed a knowing expression.

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While those who did not know, said with pouted lips, “Who is that, how daring, to sit in the same carriage as Young Master Ya! Is she the serving girl of Young Master Ya?”

“You must be blind, she is holding hands with Young Master Ya, speak softly, she must be Young Master Ya’s woman…”

“Arhem, she’s actually pretty good looking, look at her figure and those beautiful eyes!”

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‘Isn’t this display too fake? This babe’s heart is suffering!’

Huan Qing Yan secretly pinched Ji Mo Ya’s hand which held her, ‘It is not because this sister is not outstanding, it is this fella that is overly outstanding!’

Being forcefully regarded as a side character.

‘If this Elder Sister Yan was moving alone, I would absolutely have a high rate of turning heads. Yup correct, it’s without a doubt.’

And her smile turned even more radiant.

From his peripheral view, Ji Mo Ya managed to capture her smug little look, and that caused his smile to deepen, ‘The Little One has quite the guts, her skin was also thick enough, I have underestimated her.’

The two guards appeared and warmly greeted, “Young Master Ya, welcome to the Holy City…”

“Young Master Ya, you have journeyed for less than two years, yet your cultivation has reached such great heights, truly a role model for the younger generation to follow!”

Ji Mo Ya smile faintly, “Thank you for the praises. This great event of the Holy City had attracted many people, yet both of you still stand faithfully and guarding your post. Thank you for working hard.”

“It’s not hard, just doing our jobs. With the Great Spell Formation outside the Holy City, no demons will dare to enter, however, it is still easy for Demon Men to mix themselves amongst the crowd and sneak in. So, we must be strict.”

While Ji Mo Ya was chatting with the guards, Huan Qing Yan’s womanly instincts sensed several burning hot gazes coming from the city walls.

When she glanced at that direction, ‘The hell, where did that group of celestial girls came from? All of them looked beautiful and possessed great bodies. From their mannerism and getup, they emit the image of people from powerful families.’

Huan Qing Yan was not jealous of their beauty and background. What caught her attention was those eyes akin to greedy beasts’, they were focused on Ji Mo Ya; like predators staring at prey, what the heck was that about?

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