Chapter 585 – Cousin?

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Their gazes were not only on Ji Mo Ya, they also glared at her with sharp looks that felt like knives and she was skinned alive by these women.

Such strong enmity was displayed towards her? What the heck?

This babe was slightly at a loss for words.

Other than that, she also felt a burning gaze that seemed to be burning through her body, and that made Huan Qing Yan felt exceptionally uncomfortable. When she tried to look in that direction, that burning gaze suddenly disappeared.

On the other side, Ji Mo Ya and the two guards have finished their formalities.

“Young Master Ya, you have arrived at the right time. The event will start tomorrow, you should quickly enter with Lady Huan…”

Lady Huan!

From the start to the end Ji Mo Ya had never introduced her. These two men must have insider information to have learnt her name!

Fine, everything must be because of Ji Mo Ya’s identity.

She had also turned into a superstar!

However, she felt that her fame was not very reputable, there seemed to be a deep dark intent circling around her.

Ji Mo Ya put down the curtains and set off while the Feather Guards continue to create a path in front of the carriage by clearing the path of observers and bystanders.

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As the carriage entered the city.

“Yan Lass, your performance is not bad.” Ji Mo Ya praised; delight could be seen from the curl on his lips.

Huan Qing Yan saw his relaxed posture as he laid back on the couch, each action and word from him has brought happiness to her sight and ears. She approached him and said, “Of course, didn’t you know who this Elder Sis Yan is?”

Ji Mo Ya grinned, “Elder Sis Yan? You sure not the Yan Yan who wanted to go home and find mummy?”

Huan Qing Yan immediately turned mute as she was reminded of that dark history when she possessed a low intellect.

She replied embarrassingly, “Young Master Ya, as the saying goes: attack the person but not their reputation. No need to expose a person’s weak point, right? Since we are good friends, let’s not speak about this matter in the future!”

Ji Mo Ya’s smile deepens meaningfully, as he pulled her into his embrace, “I seem to remember someone asking why I always like to eat Yan Yan’s mouth? Hmm, do you want uncle to eat your mouth?”

Huan Qing Yan immediately turned red!

Ji Mo Ya, you stinky rogue. Just a minute ago he was still showing his celestial young master image in front of the masses, but in a turn of an eye, he started to show his true colors.

Ahhhhhh, why!!!

She was a magnanimous strong woman who was not afraid of anything between heaven and earth, why was she experiencing this sense of complete defeat due to this thick-skinned rogue…

She hammered his chest, “Ji Mo Ya, I will beat you up if you bring that up one more time, do you believe me?”

Ji Mo Ya caught the hand of Huan Qing Yan who was so ashamed she had turned to anger; his starry eyes was filled with laughing intent.

As the two were flirting and immerse in the pink atmosphere, the carriage suddenly slowed down as Yu Yi gave a report from outside the carriage.

“Young Master, your cousin Lady Mu Rong has come forth to greet you…”

Ji Mo Ya replied with a light yet decisive tone, “Not meeting.”

Yu Yi went to comply the orders.

Huan Qing Yan’s lively eyes flashed, cousin?

Then she looked at Ji Mo Ya’s expression and noticed a faint trace of emotion flashing through him.

She curiously came out of Ji Mo Ya’s embrace and said, “Why aren’t you meeting? She has specially come to receive you.”

As she spoke, she lifted the curtains and glanced outside.

That’s when she saw that group of beauties on top of the city walls gathered in front of the Feather Guards with expressions of pleas; Yu Yi was currently speaking to them.

The foremost young lady in white was a classical ancient beauty; almond shaped face, large eyes, cherry little lips, a red cinnabar spot on her forehead, her slender figure gave off a feel as gentle as water.

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