Chapter 586 – Do Not Touch If It’s Mine

She had on a sorrowful expression, but she was not speaking. Instead, it was the group of beauties behind her who Yu Yi were engaged in a conversation with.

Huan Qing Yan focused her hearing, “We have waited for Young Master Ya for many days already, please let us give a simple greeting to Young Master Ya…”

“Exactly, even if not us, at least allow Elder Sister Xin Nuo, who grew up with Young Master Ya since young, to meet him. She is Young Master Ya’s cousin, their bond is also not ordinary, Young Master Ya couldn’t have not wanted to meet her.”

“Humph, you are only a guard, will you dare to offend your master’s mother? Elder Sister Xin Nuo is someone assigned to Young Master Ya since young, don’t you dare be rude in front of her!”


Huan Qing Yan’s inner alarm went on full alert, grew up together? Assigned to him since they were young?

She once again sized up this beautiful lady who had not spoken out, then she looked at Ji Mo Ya with pouted lips. She squinted her eyes and looked at that cousin, then she shifted her looks at Ji Mo Ya.

She wants to see if she could discover anything between them!

She was pulled away from the window by Ji Mo Ya and into his embrace, while stroking her head, “Hmm, why? Are you lacking confidence with yourself?”

If Huan Qing Yan was unable to handle this bit of gossip and perception, then their future road will definitely be difficult.

What he needed now, was to make sure Huan Qing Yan has complete faith in him and believes in him.

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Huan Qing Yan patted her chest, “How could that be? Do you know what this lady’s motto is? Do not touch if it’s mine, keep it as it is even if it’s not mine! No one can take my man away from me!”

Ji Mo Ya’s starry eyes sparkled as the corners of his lips curled up; he elegant played with Huan Qing Yan’s hair, creating an invisible yet oppressing loftiness.

“Little One, you are domineering enough. This young master is assured.”

“Of course…”

Huan Qing Yan dived into Ji Mo Ya’s embrace; her mind actively tried to think of ways to shoo off those women who were planning to pounce on Ji Mo Ya.


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Mu Rong Xin Nuo looked at the departing back of Ji Mo Ya’s carriage as it heads towards the direction of the Holy Court.

A tear appeared at the corner of her eye, before it was forcefully blinked away.

The girls looked resentfully towards the direction that the carriage had headed to.

Shangguan Lian Lian said, “Just that level of looks is able to mesmerize Young Master Ya, any serving girls within my clan is better looking, and more outstanding…”

Shang Qiu Yan gave a more neutral statement, “Her looks are passable, just a bit too stupid. A concubine only, yet she dared to hold hands with Young Master Ya under the gazes of everyone present. If Bai Li Zi Xi is to learn of this, there will be not good days for her in the future.”

There was no need for them to act as they believe Bai Li Zi Xi had already made preparation a long time ago.

Against girls from Great Clans like them, Bai Li Zi Xi would not dare to do things openly; but against a wildling from the roadside, it would be simply too easy, they just want to find a good seat now and enjoy the show.

“Unlike us, Bai Li Zi Xi is not that easy to handle. On the surface she might display a celestial fairy image, clean and magnanimous, but the truth is in fact far than that…” Tuoba Yu’er added.

“Eh, you knew something? Some insider news?” Shuangguan Lian Lian curiously asked.

Tuoba Yu’er covered her mouth and giggled, “One of the direct female descendants of the Bai Li Clan, Bai Li Jia Bao is from the same class as me. I have heard from her countless times that Bai Li Zi Xi… Never mind, I shouldn’t speak of matters regarding other people’s clans, it should not be spread.”

As the girls whispered secretly amongst themselves, Mu Rong Xin Nuo’s mind was already far away.

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