Chapter 591 – You Should Just Give Up!

“Little Yan, so you really had a change of heart, but I do not blame you. You might have been temporarily deluded by Young Master Ya for the time being. Women have a lethal attraction to men like him, but the two of you are not suitable; why go through all this to just be his concubine? I, Bai Cheng Feng, is willing to marry you to be the wife of the crown prince…”

‘You should be his concubine, your entire family should be his concubine!’

‘Oh wait no, then I would be creating countless more love rivals.’

Huan Qing Yan no longer wishes to explain pointless matters to him, “That’s right, I want to be his concubine and am unwilling to be with you, you should just give up!”

A weird bloody red color appeared within Bai Cheng Feng’s eyes, it gave people the feeling of a icy cold chill, and underneath this chill, there seems to be an evil and crazed intent.

Bai Cheng Feng suppressed his voice, “Little Yan, don’t be like this, you and Young Master Ya will not last long. He is a heavenly genius, people like him would eventually face heavenly tribulations and will die young. If you follow him, it would greatly increase the dangers you will face! In addition, his relatives will outcast you, while his enemies will always target you first…”

These were not threats but facts of a worst-case scenario,

When Huan Qing Yan had decided to be together with Ji Mo Ya, she had already expected and thought of many possibilities.

She was not afraid!

For her love, she was not afraid of anything,

In addition, she believed that Ji Mo Ya would protect her…

“Bai Cheng Feng, since you managed to reincarnate, you should properly live your new life, stop this painful persistence, ending things cleanly is better for everyone! You are a sharp person, you should have noticed that I am a different Huan Qing Yan from the one you knew. I thank you those Ink Jade Lingzi and for protecting me in the past. I wish you all the best and find a new life!”

After Huan Qing Yan finished speaking, she slowly approached Bai Cheng Feng and walked past him…

Bai Cheng Feng’s hands were trembling, but he did not stop her ultimately.

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He was not a fool after all, how could he not sense the things that Huan Qing Yan had brought up?

It’s just that, the one he likes was the different Huan Qing Yan all along!

Everything that he did before, were just excuses he used to allow him to get closer to her.

As Huan Qing Yan passed his side, he asked in a low voice, “How did she disappear?”

“Because I took over, you always take revenge for her.” Huan Qing Yan might have spoken as such, but she was really afraid that Bai Cheng Feng might suddenly take action and kill her.

At that moment she relied on the body armor that Dorna gave her for confidence, and also the fact that they were not really far from Ji Mo Ya’s estate. She taunted him now because she gauged that he would not dare to do anything.

She rather he holds murderous intent for her than to shoulder any forms of positive feelings for him.

“Then, who are you?” Bai Cheng Feng did not take action.

“I am also Huan Qing Yan, just a different one from the other Huan Qing Yan.”

Huan Qing Yan safely walked passed…

Bai Cheng Feng no longer spoke nor moved.

One meter, two meters, five meters, after several meters; Bai Cheng Feng released a low growl which sounded like the roar of a sleeping lion…

Huan Qing Yan hastened her steps.


Ji Mo Ya gracefully appreciated the wine while engaged in a conversation with a few King Spirit Masters.

There were three of them, Ji Mo Kai Yuan, Mu Rong Qiong, Shang Qiu Yan…

All of them held cup of wine each and appreciating it; the Feet Digging Man was drank sloppily while the other two were savored its flavor.

“Hmm, Brat, this wine is not bad!”

“Although the spirit energy is slightly lacking, but it is great stuff for the young ones. Kiddo, where did you get this from? Give a few vats to Granduncle Qiong as a gift…”

“Ah! I want some too! Kid, when you were trapped within the Five Black Mountains, this old man traveled day and night like a dog to your rescue; helped you beat those demons into a retreat. You should also give your Feet Digging Uncle some vats as well!”

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