Chapter 592 – Two Bloody Idiots!

Ji Mo Ya smiled and gave each of them a vat, This junior do not have much as well, but since seniors request, then let me gift you one vat per person…”

When the old guys saw how reasonable Ji Mo Ya was, their impression of him increased greatly.

The item known as alcohol is good stuff, but it had also been the cause of avoidable incidents most of the time.

After the men had drank several bowls, the intoxication sets in and they started to throw sarcasms at each other.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan, you coarse old fella and super miser, luckily your familys Kiddo is gracious, you deserve living the life of a bitter old elder, the Kiddo truly deserves to be your clans next head.

Scram, this old man has been immersed in equipment forging my whole life, everything else is not important in this old mans eyes…”

Just continue to brag, an old fella who only managed to make a small handful of Purple Rank equipment! However, Feet Picker is even better, all he knows is to pick his feet, he do not even know how to forge…”

D*mn you, Mu Rong Qiong, did you have too much to drink and want a fight? Come! Lets go outside and have it out now!


Ji Mo Yas displayed a calm expression with a carefree and graceful smile while watching the elders drunk scene.

In truth, his divine sense had already been sent far away.

Hmm, a slip of notice had the Little One going to find a man again!

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Should he use a chain and tie her up against a pillar?

Such a good ability to provoke men!

When he saw Bai Cheng Feng that fella trying to kiss Huan Qing Yan, Ji Mo Yas nails lightly scratched on the surface of the table a couple of times. Bai Cheng Feng must be tired of living, he dared to flirt with his woman too many times, did he treat Ji Mo Ya as dead?

As a Mid-Stage Mystic Spirit Master, it will be an extremely easy thing to use his divine sense to kill a True Spirit Master.

Since Bai Cheng Feng dared to try a kiss Ji Mo Ya should act that very instance, but he cannot kill Bai Cheng Feng as he needed to think about the bigger picture. However, maybe crippling him will be fine.

But when he saw Little Yans reaction, his heart immediately felt warm; the kill intent that had welled up instantly disappeared.

That slap had imprinted a distinct handprint onto Bai Cheng Fengs face; what a good slap!

In addition, that sentence where she mentioned that should she becomes a concubine, she would remain unwilling to be the wife of the Crown Prince. It felt even more comfortable than eating an ice watermelon after enduring three hot days of summer.

The Little One had hid it well, to think that her love for him has reached to such a deep level?

Although he noticed that those were likely words of anger at that moment, he still felt touched. His adoration towards her was not wasted!

Later on, when Little Yan walked past Bai Cheng Feng, she voluntarily told the truth about taking over; and it caused Ji Mo Ya to become nervous again. Had Bai Cheng Feng dared to make a move, he would have acted as well

Yet surprisingly, Bai Cheng Feng allowed Yan Lass to return safely.

And slowly, he allowed himself to relax.

Yan Lass had previously mentioned that Bai Cheng Feng was also a reincarnated person; Ji Mo Yas instincts were telling him that Bai Cheng Feng is a very crucial person regarding this matter and it was why he cannot be killed for now. When the Saintess Ceremony ends, he would find a chance to discuss about his past life with him.

One, the direction the Spirit Treasure Continent would be heading, what would happen in the future!

Two, if he continues to harass Little Yan, then only death awaits him.

At the same time, with a girth nearly as wide as the large estate gates, a mystical beast with a turtle shell covered in scales and a proud dragon head entered through the large gates of the estate. Were one to look at it, the beast looked like a solemn mountain that was as hard as diamonds.

It was Sage Xuns Old Dragon Turtle!

As it swaggered into the courtyard, a King imprint shined brightly on its head and it was vaguely transforming into a Sage word.

(Cuppa: King in Chinese is while Sage is . If you noticed the characters, the lower portion is the same, but the top is different, thats where the vague change happens.)

As it entered the estate, it was covered in saliva by Mu Rong Qiong and Shang Qiu Yan who were currently PK-ing, and hence it angrily spoke up, Two bloody idiots!

Despite their anger at those words, Mu Rong Qiong and the Feet Picking Man only swallowed their words.

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