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Chapter 593 – No One Loves Him!

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The Old Dragon Turtle slowly walked towards Ji Mo Ya, “Brat, the Half-Sages are in a good mood today; they have organized a dinner banquet tonight for you, remember to attend!”

Ji Mo Ya gathered his attention and respectfully replied, “I thank the Half-Sages for their kind intentions, this junior understands.”

In the entire Holy Court there were not even ten Half-Sages, and they were giving him face and had organized a banquet, a treatment even a King Spirit Master would not be able to enjoy which Ji Mo Ya felt that it would not be a simple one.

However, he could just adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation.

To react as the situation demands.

“Lord Dragon Turtle, how about us?” Ji Mo Kai Yuan asked, meekly.

Although the difference between a King Spirit Master and a Half-Sage was merely half a level, their abilities were as far as heaven and earth.

Within the Eight Great Clans, each clan might possess several King Spirit Masters but still have no Half-Sage at all.

A Half-Sage was a person who could already touch the laws of the world, allowing them to easily communicate and use the power and spirit energy within Spirit Treasure Continent; also, they hold the possibility to transcend and become a celestial.

While a King Spirit Master was still at the stage of bitterly cultivating, absorbing spirit energy, belonging to the top category of human existence, but they could not be compared to a Half-Sage.

Therefore, this Old Dragon Turtle was able to scold these King Spirit Masters without giving a damn while the King Spirit Masters could only stand there to receive the reprimand.

The Old Dragon Turtle replied in a calm and easy-going manner, “Normal people can attend, idiots can forget about it.”

Murong Qiong and the Feet Picking Big Man instantly displayed a bitter face.

The Old Dragon Turtle slowly turned around and swaggered towards the entrance to leave, but when it reached the entrance, it looked back and added, “Little Ya, even those idiots have Spirit Grain Wine, are you not planning to give Lord Turtle, me, a vat as well? Is this Lord Turtle’s visit for nothing?”

A cold sweat rolled down Ji Mo Ya and he quickly gifted away two vats of wine.

So, he was hoping for some Spirit Grain Wine, he should have voice out sooner!

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Having watched Huan Qing Yan’s departure, Bai Cheng Feng then laughed non-stop with a silly face.

As he laughed, tears covered his face.

This man will not shed tears easily because he has yet to feel heartache.

Only an infinite sense of sorrow and bitter coldness could be found within his eyes; he felt that his world turn empty and he has nothing left.

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He was no longer interested with the authority of Hanging Cloud Empire, he had fought for the top position within the empire due to his narrow views of the world in his past life. Only when he went outside of it, did he discover that the small Hanging Cloud Empire was merely a laughable entity in front of a King Spirit Master.

His wife had murdered him with her adulterer, and when he reincarnated he thought that he had found a true love who belonged to him; he discovered that everything was just an illusion, like a moon reflecting on the pond’s surface, good to look at but also shatters upon touch.

He, Bai Cheng Feng, deserves to live a lonely life, be it the past or present, no one has ever loved him!

He married a b*tch in his past life and harmed Huan Qing Yan. In this one, he thought he still had enough time to save it and restore the true love that belonged to him, yet it was just his wishful thinking in the end.

He only felt guilt towards the Huan Qing Yan of the past, the current new Huan Qing Yan was the one that pulled his heartstrings.

He believed her words, since he himself was able to reincarnate, what reason does he have to not believe that the current Huan Qing Yan can take over the body?

This was how mysterious this world of theirs was!

This version of Huan Qing Yan dared to beat him, scold him and view his identity of a crown prince as nothing. Only a smart and brave lady like her could be a match to him, Bai Cheng Feng.

Unfortunately, he was a step too late.

If only he had reincarnated earlier.

Allowing her to encounter Ji Mo Ya…made him truly hate his stupidity!

Why not love him? Why fall for Ji Mo Ya? Was it because Ji Mo Ya’s cultivation was higher than him?

In Spirit Treasure Continent, everything was empty, only by having ability and strength is a King’s Path.

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