Volume 2 Chapter 58: A Small Interlude

“Jarvan, move out of my way! I Still have to report to my classroom!”

“There’s no need to be shy, Ivy! Uncle has already agreed to our relationship.”

“Stop bothering me, I already have…”

“Don’t lie to me, Ivy, I am your destined man…”

Ivy looked a little helplessly at the youth who had blocked her way, the Ignaz family had already arranged for her to be betrothed to him. Even though he was from another one of the Gabriel Empire’s 3 big families, the Johnston family, and was technically a good match for Ivy in terms of social status. However, after she had met Bella, especially that time back in one of Sakerid’s inns… After that, Ivy had felt as if she had turned strange.

Even though there were quite a few onlookers, but due to the fact that Jarvan was the son of a Marquis as well as being the young master of the Johnston family, making it so that those students who wanted to save the damsel in distress could only watch from the sidelines. After all, amongst the nobility, even one rank higher in peerage was enough to crush those beneath them to death. Right as Ivy was about to be annoyed to death by Jarvan however, the one who she had been hoping would appear all this time finally made her appearance.

“Why are there so many crows here this morning, all the sound that they’re making is driving me insane!”

“Who the hell do you think you… er, Duchess… Bellina. Good… good morning, I was just talking with my fiancée…”

“Be… Bellina, I don’t have that kind of relationship with him, don’t…”

Bella walked up to the two and quite smoothly pulled Ivy into her embrace, leaving Jarvan and his two lackeys speechless. If Bella was a guy, then Jarvan would have been furious, but the problem was that Bella was also a quite good looking beauty, and he didn’t know if Bella’s current actions could be considered taking advantage of Ivy…

“So I see that Duchess Bellina is acquainted with my fiancée, but may I ask that you return…”

“You’re her fiance? By whose words! She’s my woman, and no one else’s! There’s nothing here for you anymore, please get out of my way…”

“Duchess Bellina, I’m the young master of the Johnston family, Jarvan… Maybe there is a misunderstanding somewhere here…”

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“Are you done speaking? If so, then get out of my sight, I don’t give two s**** about what family you’re from!”


Jarvan’s humiliation fueled his rage, for deep in his heart, he still looked down upon nobles who were ‘shameless’ enough to buy their peerage. The bloodline of nobles like Duchess Bellina can’t even compare to that of his, as a member of the Octavian Empire’s 3 great families. He had refrained from snapping out at Bellina out of noble etiquette, as no matter how impure her bloodline was, she was still a recognized duchess of the Gabriel Empire.

Jarvan’s father was only a Marquis, meaning that even he would have to show some respect to Duchess Bellina, at least publicly, and Jarvan was only the son of a marquis.

“Please stop joking with me, Duchess Bellina! Ivy’s father has already agreed to our betrothal…”

“Ivy herself hasn’t agreed, her foolish old father can’t make such decisions for her. However, I suggest that you hurry up and get out of my sight while I can still stop myself from wanting to beat your face in!”

“Duchess Bellina, what is your relationship with Ivy? Both of you are girls, isn’t…er…”

Jarvan and the surrounding onlookers were petrified, as they had just seen Bella lower her face to that of Ivy’s and gave her a french kiss. Not only did Ivy offer no resistance, but she even seemed to be enjoying the action.

“This is our relationship, do you understand now? If so, get out of my sight!”


“What, you want a fight?! Come at me, today I’ll teach you that beauties only belong to the strong… er, only belong to other beauties!”

“Hey, all of you onlookers clear the scene, those who don’t will be deducted credits! As for you two, I’m going to give a warning, don’t cause any problems within the school! Or you can start getting ready to be expelled!”

The onlookers were driven away by Natasha and even though some of them were quite eager to see what would happen next, they could only bow down to Natasha’s position as head chair of the Disciplinary Committee. Bella was probably one of the few students within the Olsyvia Academy that dared to go against her.

“You’re a member of the Disciplinary Committee right, you’ve got to help me! She’s stealing my fiancée!”

“Schoolmate Jarvan, the Disciplinary Committee only intervenes in impure relationships between female and male students, both of them are female so… they shouldn’t be breaking any rules?”

“What! As a member of the Disciplinary Committee, you’re not going to help me? President Lucia, you’re here too, can you please help me!”

“The Filomina branch’s student council cannot and will not intervene in personal conflicts between our students. It also doesn’t help your case when she’s not breaking any academy rules, after all, we can’t just punish someone who hasn’t done anything wrong!”

Both Natasha and president Lucia unwittingly helped Bella out, increasing Bella’s ‘affection meter’ towards them. It seemed that there was a chance for her to become friends with the two of them. It was good that they had intervened, as this was on school property and Bella wished to avoid fighting here if at all possible.

“The two of you are both on her side! Damn it, I’m going to report both of you to the main student council, just you wait! Intimate contact between the same gender should go against school policy as well, this is a desecration of what love means! I want a new school policy against same-sex relationships!”

The angered Jarvan waved down a carriage ‘taxis’ and left in a hurry, leaving behind his two lackeys who quickly made their own exit. As nobles with the lowly peerage of Viscount, noble etiquette meant that they weren’t allowed to discuss directly with one with the high peerage of Duke.

Natasha didn’t really care much about Jarvan’s threat, after becoming the head chair of the Disciplinary Committee, she had already been reported countless times due to the nature of her job. She had no fear that Jarvan’s report against her, or any others for that matter, or else she wouldn’t have kept her position as the head chair for so long.

President Lucia also showed no signed of worry, instead looking strangely at the carriage that had picked up Jarvan. She had noticed that the carriage wasn’t one of those that were owned by the academy, even though their model was the same, but that insignia… it was a shame, he was so young too…but he really should have watched his words, especially with the amount of power that group controls…

“Natasha-senpai, president Lucia, I’ll thank you in place of that bastard. If he didn’t leave any sooner, I would have lost control already.”

“Hmph, can’t you stop trying to cause problems around the academy, you musclehead! I’m curious as to how the Gabriel Empire allows someone like you to stay a Duchess…”

“Natasha-senpai, I’m also curious about the Disciplinary Committee… Is it that there’s nothing better for them to do, so they sent their head chair to stalk me?”

“Who’s stalking you? Stop trying to accuse me of stuff I haven’t done. I still have to report to my classroom, president Lucia, let’s go! Let’s leave this arrogant problem student. Anyways, stop calling me senpai, I’m in the same grade as you.”

Only after Natasha and Lucia left, did Bella notice the teary-faced Ivy in her arms. She had been too preoccupied arguing with Jarvan and hadn’t paid any attention to the effects of her kiss on Ivy/

“What is it Ivy, do you not like me kissing you? Then from now on…”

“No, I liked it, it’s just that I’m so excited to see you again Bella. I’ve almost gone insane after spending these days back at home…”

“How about you stop crying, Ivy, and tell me what happened and I’ll do everything I can to help you. Weren’t you supposed to have already transferred to the Olivia branch? So why are you…”

“Bella, I was too naive, believing that old bastard’s words…but…”

“What, this is outrageous! That old bastard at the Olivia Academy took the [Ground Dragon] core and then told you that the spots within the academy was already full and kicked you out? It’s my first time seeing someone who accepts payment and refuses to carry out his promise, where is he, take me to him!”

“Bella, don’t be so rash! Beating a teacher is a grave offence, I don’t want you to get expelled just because of me…”

“Attending this academy is nowhere as important as you are, dumb girl, remember that I’m a Duchess…”

“My conscience can’t accept it, even if you manage to not get expelled by using your peerage, what difference would you have from those that abuse their power like Jarvan? I don’t want to see you becoming one of those people…”

“Er that was my oversight, thank you Ivy. You don’t have to go to that Olivia branch anymore, where the teachers don’t even uphold their promises! Just stay in the Filomina branch with me, I promise you that the entire academy will bow to my power one day, not far in the future. When that happens, no one will be able to trouble you here!”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it!”

Thanks to Ivy’s timely reminder, Bella stopped herself before she ended up demolishing the Olivia branch’s student guidance office. After calmly for a while, Bella decided to leave smashing the student guidance office to those Saviours. Based on her ‘experience’ of reading enough light novels in her past life, Bella inferred that most, if not all, of the Saviours would attempt to enter the Olivia branch, as an academy that only accepted geniuses was the best place for them to show their talent.

The Olivia branch’s guidance office and that old bastard probably didn’t have many days of peace left. Bella was a villainous demon king, after all, she couldn’t very well steal the jobs of the heroes. If those Saviours weren’t able to deal with it, then she wouldn’t mind secretly giving them a little bit of help, killing someone with another’s knife was definitely the most intelligent choice to make here.


In a small and isolated flower garden somewhere within the Filomina branch, a carriage was parked right outside its entrance. This carriage was the very same one that had picked up Jarvan earlier. Beneath a small pavillion within the garden, Jarvan was currently being beaten by several dozen males, the only unscathed part of his body was his face.

“Everyone please, please stop beating me… what did I do wrong, can someone please tell me…”

“You bastard, weren’t you the one who claimed that those of the same gender couldn’t engage in intimate actions? Don’t you know that you’re questioning the practices of us, the Brotherhood?!”

“You also wanted to bring this up to the main student council, you’re still quite young and it’s evident that you have yet to understand the preciousness of life! The last two who dared to try something like you have already, heh…”

“Don’t damage his face everyone, he has some decent qualities… Hey, little kid, how about you join the Brotherhood! I promise we’ll treat you a lot ♂ more ♂ gently!”

The Brotherhood, the largest student association within the Olsyvia Academy, not the Brotherhood from Assassin’s Creed, it was just a coincidence that they had the same name. This was a association filled with the airs of ♂philosophy ♂, with its members being comprised entirely of handsome looking males. Of the Olsyvia Academy’s ‘top 10 school princes’, almost half were central figures of the Brotherhood, quite high ranking ones at that.

The Brotherhood was the first student association created after the opening of the Olsyvia Academy and had quite a bit of history. At the beginning, the Brotherhood was just a normal bodybuilding association that only accepted males of power and influence, but as time passed, the entire airs of the association…

Due to the fact that most of the Brotherhood’s members were powerful nobles or royalty, not even the main student council dared to intervene in their ♂philosophical ♂ practices. Along with the fact that almost no one dared to report the practices of the Brotherhood, the Disciplinary Committee also gave them a wide berth.

Jarvan was quite unfortunate, if he hadn’t said anything about reporting Bella’s actions, then he wouldn’t have been targeted by the Brotherhood. Even though Bella and Ivy’s actions was that between two girls and seemed to have no correlation with the Brotherhood, but if intimate actions between the same sex were to be against school policy, then wouldn’t the Brotherhood be affected as well?

This was one of the things that the Brotherhood couldn’t accept, even though the Disciplinary Committee didn’t dare to detain them, but they were all people of status and breaking school policies would damage their reputation quite a bit.

Amongst the Academy’s carriage taxis, many of them were owned by the Brotherhood. Apart from transporting students like normal, they would also help the Brotherhood to scout out various good-looking males, and if they had any interest in joining the Brotherhood. They also kept an eye out for anyone that posed a threat to the Brotherhood and its practices, and Jarvan was caught red-handed.

“I won’t report it anymore, please spare me!”

Jarvan didn’t dare to resist the Brotherhood, their core members included members of every empire’s nobility and it would be quite easy for them to bring down the entire Johnston family if they really wanted to. Even though the Johnston family was one of the Gabriel Empire’s 3 great families, but they could only be considered a small family when compared to the power behind the Brotherhood.

“Little bud, why don’t you keep resisting? It’s been a while since we’ve had anyone dare to make problems, it’s quite boring for us if you only last such a short amount of time!”

“I’m going to have to disagree with you on that, don’t you see how he still has the strength to talk after being beaten for so long? He is a prime candidate to play the King game! Little friend, how about you play the King game with us, I’m quite experienced!

“Kid, the last two boys who had wanted to report us, one of them ran three laps around the Olsyvia Academy completely nude and the other climbed to the top of the academy’s tallest tower completely nude and sang for three hours before we let him down. Both were during the busiest time of day! Comrade, which one do you want?”

Jarvan didn’t even know what to say anymore, each one of these handsome males was more messed up then the last, this academy was mad! He had previously thought that Bella kissing Ivy was perverse and against school regulations, but when compared to the members of the Brotherhood, they were as normal as can be…

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Right now, Jarvan really wanted to say that he picked death, if he were to follow the footsteps of the last two and either run nude or sing nude, he would no longer have the face to stay at the Olsyvia Academy. He would probably also lose the right to inherit the Johnston family to his younger brother, as his dad definitely wouldn’t hand down the title of Marquis to someone who ran around the academy naked.

Among these buff and handsome males, Jarvan saw a petite figure. It was a black-haired loli with short hair done up in twintails, she also seemed to be one of the elusive flat-chested lolis. Even though she wore a gothic lolita dress, but it wasn’t very long and along with the fact that she wasn’t wearing high socks or stockings, Jarvan was able to see the soft and pale skin of her thighs.

Currently, the black-haired loli was looking at him with her vivid red eyes curiously, around her left arm was a red armband with the words ‘association president’. However, due to the angle, Jarvan couldn’t clearly see the words above it and wasn’t sure what student association she was president of, but there was no way that such a beauty could be the president of the Brotherhood, right?

“Miss president, I beg you, please help me! I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the whole school… I know that your heart is as beautiful as you are, can you really just watch as I…”

Jarvan was still rather confident in his looks, and while his looks couldn’t rank top 10 within the academy’s males, he would most definitely be able to enter the top 30. Currently, he could only hope that this twintail loli president could take pity on him because of his looks and help him out. However, there was something critical that he had mistaken from the very beginning…

“Miss President? Are you blind, you bastard! She is…”

“Brothers, no mercy! This bastard dares to pester the president of our Brotherhood’s allied association, the Cross-winged Angels! Don’t spare his face!”

“You dare to slander Miss Charlotte by calling her a female! Your whole family is female, keep beating him!”

“Everyone…please, I beg of you all, please let me go…I want to go home! I really didn’t know that he was a he… I’m not even 18 yet, I’m still a child! So can you please…”

“What, you’re still a child!? Then we can play with you for a few more years! Don’t go easy on him everyone, he’s still young!”

“Somebody help… please…!”

“Keep yelling! We’ve cleared this entire area, no one’s going to hear you even if you shout until you lose your voice!”


In the Olsyvia Academy’s northern branch, the Filomina Academy, Bella was rushing to her classroom with Ivy in tow. On the way she had been worrying about how to deal with Jarvan when she encountered him later, as according to Ivy, Jarvan was in the same class as her.

Bella really didn’t want to start fighting within the classroom, as it turns out that Natasha was also in the same class and it wouldn’t be very good to start fighting in front of the Disciplinary Committee’s head chair. However, Bella had yet to find out that Jarvan had already been ‘dealt with’ by members of the Brotherhood, and would probably no longer be in Bella’s class…

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