Chapter 96: Fight Between 3 Clans

There were large empty spaces in between the inner sect and outer sect.

In these spaces, was where clans hosted small battles. Elders of the inner sect and outer sect seldomly interfered in these battles.

On one of these empty lands, which had a perimeter of dozens of meters, was a pavilion. Where disciples from the three clans gradually arrived.

It was obvious that the Guan and Yang Clan had the numbers advantage with 10+ clansmen each. The Li Clan only had 6 clansmen.

Guan Mei and Li Yunhai were here too.

The two of them were outer sect odd job disciples and didn’t have a high status. They were just here to make up numbers in this battle between the three clans.

“Li Tianshi, your Li Clan sure is stingy! You only brought along a few big and small cats? Don’t accuse our Guan Clan for outnumbering you later, huh?” Among the Guan Clan was an arrogant looking youth talking sarcastically.

“Guan Yilong, you are being over optimistic. Nowadays, numbers aren’t reliable anymore, it’s all about ability.”

The leader from among the Li Clan was a tall and handsome man snorting coldly.

Li Tianshi, the Li Clan’s under 35s’ no.1; he was 34 this year and was at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.

Guan Yilong who was the leader of Guan Clan’s under 35s. He too was 34 this year and was at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.

Back when the Guan and Li Clan had yet to break all ties, the two of them were already on bad terms. Since they entered the Cang Lan Sect, they would fight openly and scheme covertly. They may not have any serious disputes, but had tons of minor disputes.

“The Li Clan’s pride had always been high up in the sky. Obviously weak but having put up a strong front. What a joke.”

Among the Yang Clan was a burly built youth with eyes of dominance, sneering.

“Yang Ao, if you don’t talk, nobody would assume you are a mute.” Li Jinxiu pointed at Yang Ao with a slight angst.

“Li Jinxiu, you relied on your beauty to hook up with a direct disciple. How pathetic and pitiful… Since when did the Li Clan fall to such a state where they have to rely on their descendants to sacrifice their bodies.”

Yang Ao’s words were so vicious that it made Li Jinxiu extremely agitated.

“You guys can continue, we are just here to spectate.”

Right at this moment, a group of disciples arrived.

It was the younger generations of the Shen Tu Clan.

The leader of the group led the Shen Tu clansmen to the pavilion and took their seats. Their attitudes were a perfect fit for the saying, ‘To delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves’.

The status of the Shen Tu Clan was much superior than the other 3 clans, regardless of it being within Yunwu City or the Cang Lan Sect. Thus, the other 3 major clans didn’t dare take any risks to offend the Shen Tu Clan.

They would instead try to please the Shen Tu Clan. Whoever could get the support and any ties with Shen Tu Clan, would be able to gain the advantage in Yunwu City.

But a few years back, it was unknown how the Li Clan offended the Shen Tu Clan, and had since been on the decline.

But on the other hand, the Guan and Yang Clan had some good ties with the Shen Tu Clan.

Under the pavilion, Shen Tu Jue and Shen Tu Liang sat in a corner.

Since arriving at the Cang Lan Sect two years ago, Shen Tu Jue had now reached the peak of the ninth level of the Qi Realm. He was estimated to be promoted to be an inner sect disciple at the age of 19.

As for Shen Tu Liang, he remained as outer sect odd job disciple. During the selection of the odd job disciples, he didn’t rise up above the others and fell short.

Glancing at the disciples of the Guan Clan and Li Clan, Shen Tu Liang felt sullen deep in his heart.

The Guan Clan had Guan Xue and the Li Clan had Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist. The two of them progressed into the Origin Realm at the age of 16 and were promoted to be inner sect disciples. This made him feel like it was extremely unfair.

He, who was a clansmen of the Shen Tu Clan wasn’t even an outer sect disciple yet.


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Guan Xue was currently at second level of Origin Realm too.

She gazed at the Li Clan’s camp and realised that Li Fuchen had yet to arrive.

“Xue mei6meiyoung or little sister, this is your first time participating in the fight between the 3 clans. Just be a spectator for now, perhaps a few years later, you would become the leader of our Guan Clan.” Guan Hong spoke to Guan Xue in a relaxed manner.

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(TL note: Younger sister = mei/meimei, Younger brother = di/didi)

“That’s right, only the Yang Clan would be able to make us treat this fight seriously. The Li Clan is not even worthy for us to make a move.” Guan Yan was very prideful to be one of the Guan clansmen.

Guan Xue didn’t speak and was pondering about something else instead.

“Jinxiu, why isn’t Li Fuchen here yet?” Li Shitian queried to Li Jinxiu.

Li Jinxiu frowned and replied, “I have already invited him and he straight away agreed too. Perhaps he is being delayed?”

“Hmph, not even joining the fight of the 3 clans. This Li Fuchen sure is putting on airs.” Li Shanhe was unsatisfied.

Li Yunhai spoke in a soft voice, “If he had the family honor in mind, I wouldn’t be an odd job disciple.”

He always believed that Li Fuchen was the one who snatched away the opportunity that was originally his.

“It’s about time, let the 3 clans fight begin! Li Tianshi, Yang Ao, do you guys have any objections?” Guan Yilong asked.

Yang Ao, “I have none.”

Li Tianshi gave a sigh, “I have none either.”

“Alright. If that is the case, everyone can start issuing your challenges.” Guan Yilong looked towards Guan Peng.

Getting the approval of Guan Yilong, Guan Peng emerged from the group of the Guan clansmen, “Li Yunhai, come out this instance.”

Among the Guan and Li Clan, only he, Guan Mei and Li Yunhai were at the Qi Realm. Thus, he could only issue his challenge to Li Yunhai.

“Guan Peng, mind your tone.”

Li Yunhai walked out with a darkened face.

Guan Peng gave a chuckle, “With your inferior status as an odd job disciple, you have no rights to seek respect from me. Less nonsense, fight!”

Guan Peng didn’t give Li Yunhai any chances and started to revolve his seventh rank White Wave Technique, then slashed at Li Yunhai.

Li Yunhai was startled by the immense qi presence of Guan Peng.

During the genius contest, he still had the confidence to fight against Guan Peng.

The current him had no confidence at all and had his fighting spirit dismissed by the opposition’s qi presence.

Ultimately, Li Yunhai couldn’t even take one strike from Guan Peng and got ejected from the fighting grounds.

“Li Fuchen, it’s all because of you!” Li Yunhai howled in his heart.

Even though he obtained the Scarlet Fire Technique as an odd job disciple. Without the assistance of the Scarlet Fire pill for cultivation, he could only reach the sixth rank.

Besides, odd job disciples had tons of chores to handle, which suppressed his cultivation time. Even his sword skills couldn’t match up against Guan Peng’s.

Losing in just one sword move against Guan Peng, caused Li Yunhai to feel utmost shame. He hated Li Fuchen to the core in his heart.

Li Tianshi’s expression turned for the worse.

“Guan Hong, get out here.” Li Shanhe was anxious to display a performance in front of Li Tianshi and shouted at Guan Hong while pointing at him.
Hearing the challenge, a fifth level Origin Realm disciple of the Guan Clan stood out, “Li Shanhe, aren’t you ashamed? Guan Hong is just 22 years old, while you are 30. How could you have the pride to call out his name? Let me, Guan Yao, teach you how to be a man.”

Li Shanhe replied, “Guan Yao, what are you? When was it your turn to teach me how to be a man?”

“You dare speak like this to me. Li Shanhe, since when did your guts grew?”

Guan Yao slashed at Li Shanhe

“Should I be afraid?” Li Shanhe fought back.

The fight between Origin Realm martial artists was much more exciting than Qi Realm martial artists fighting. The sharp black iron swords of both fighters were extended to the length of 4 feet by their qi. It was even stronger than the masked man who Li Fuchen fought against.

“Luckily I made it.”

Li Fuchen arrived late leisurely.

During noon time, he was cultivating his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

But who would have guessed his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique was about to progress to the eleventh rank. Which was why he got delayed.

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