Volume 2 Chapter 57: Morning at the Olsyvia Academy

Beside the largest of the Olsyvia Academy’s 6 lakes, Lake Virginia, was Duchess Bellina’s privately owned multi-storied dormitory building that looked suspiciously like a love hotel, ‘White Heaven’. Three groups of people had moved into the building so far. The first group comprised of Bella, Lisha, Kriss, Ariel, Noreya, and Elaine sharing dorm 1. Right beside them in dorm 2 lived Noesha, Mia, Angel, Betia, Irene, and Lola. Finally, on the same floor’s dorm 3 lived a few beauties from the Disciplinary Committee, head chair Natasha included.

The balcony of Bella’s dorm opened out towards Lake Virginia providing the girls a beautiful view in the morning. It was a shame that everyone had missed the opportunity to view the lake at night as they had all gone to sleep so early last night because of how tired they were after moving all of their possessions into the dorm. If possible, Bella definitely wanted to go for a walk by the lake tonight, after all, lake Virginia at night was always renowned as one of the academy’s most beautiful places.

Even though this was supposedly a dorm, but there were striking differences between this and the university dormitories in Bella’s memory. Rather, this place looked much closer to the ‘love nest’ of a newly-wed couple. The dorm itself was rather large, being around 200 square meters in area, with the main colour scheme being bright and warm colours.

All of the dorm’s soft mattresses were a vibrant pink and it was quite easy to fall asleep while lying on top and smelling the countless flowers within the dorm. Bella was the first one to wake up in the morning, partially due to her past life as a workaholic that left her with a habit of waking up early and sleeping late. Anyways, as a demon king as well as a demon god, there was nothing wrong with Bella not sleeping at all…

Before Bella even opened her eyes, she was able to feel someone asleep in her arms. Bella didn’t even need to open her eyes to tell who it was, she was probably the easiest one to guess in the entire dorm due to her height.

The one currently fast asleep in Bella’s arms was her little sister Lisha, who had curled herself up like a kitten against Bella. The first thing that Bella saw when she opened her eyes was Lisha’s petite face. Lisha was currently still in her human form, not that of the 【Dragon Demon Empress】 Alisha.

Neither Lisha nor Bella were wearing any pajamas, well, neither was anyone else in the dorm, as they had all been sleeping in the nude. Last night Bella and her dorm-mates had came to an agreement that since they were all girls, there was no need to constrain themselves at night in uncomfortable clothing. After Bella had gave a brief oration about how sleeping nude was healthy for the body and everything, and the other beauties had all agreed to it without much trouble.

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There wasn’t actually anything strange about this as all six of the girls living in this dorm were probably transmigrators that had stayed some time on Earth, and had heard all the spiel about sleeping nude benefiting their health, therefore finding it easier to accept Bella’s proposition. Currently the only confirmed transmigrators were Lisha and Kriss, while Bella still lacked any concrete evidence that Ariel, Noreya, and Elaine were transmigrators as well.

“Bella-nee… you’re awake already… go back to sleep, it’s only six in the morning! Aren’t you tired?”

“Don’t you have your own room, you lazy kitten? How did you end up on my bed?”

“We’re sisters, is there any problem with sisters sleeping together? Anyways, I have trouble sleeping by myself.”

“Then you can go next door and sleep with Irene-nee? The other girls here don’t even know that we’re sisters!”

“Nee-san, do you dislike me? Is it because I’m not as pretty as Kriss and the others, how about I transform back…”

Bella skillfully sealed Lisha’s mouth with a kiss, stopping her from finishing her sentence. Even though Bella was looking forward to being able to use 【Dragon Demon Empress】Alisha as a body pillow at night, but now wasn’t the time. Alisha’s evil aura was too strong, Bella would probably have to conquer the other beauties in the dorm before she could do so without any worry.

“This is a good morning kiss, do you like it, little Lisha?”

“I do, nee-san, you have to give me one every morning from now on~! Or else, I’ll take it myself…”

“You little scoundrel, daring to have such thoughts towards your nee-san? I feel like you need to be taught a lesson~”

“I’m sorry nee-san, but can we sleep a bit longer? The Euphemia branch’s class meet and greet only starts at 11 o’clock!”

“I want to sleep in too, but the Filomina branch’s meet and greet starts at 10 o’clock. How about I get up first and you keep sleeping, little Lisha.”

“Oh, alright”

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Lisha let go of Bella a little unwillingly, Bella was already missing the warm body in her embrace a little, but still, she got out of bed and began preparing for her first day at the Filomina branch academy. A live ‘body pillow’ as soft and comfortable as Lisha was just too addicting, Bella already knew from the moment that someone had thrown themselves into her embrace last night that the person in question was Lisha. However, no matter what Bella did, Lisha didn’t resist, making it very hard for Bella to turn down such a delicacy that had appeared in her arms. It was a shame that there were other beauties within the dorm, so Bella’s actions were restricted to a bit of groping and nothing else that went over the boundary.

The first thing that Bella did was stretch her arms and then walked past the other rooms in the suite, taking in the beautiful sights within. The temperature within the entire dormitory district was designed to maintain itself at a comfortable temperature, meaning that no matter whether it was freezing winter or blistering summer, Bella’s dormitory and the area around it maintained a constant temperature.

Due to the comfortable temperature, there was no real need for something extra like blankets. All of the beauties in Bella’s dorm had forgone blankets, which, along with their choice to sleep without clothing, granted Bella quite the view. If Bella had seen this before she had transmigrated and was still a man, her nose would have began spraying blood long ago, and even now that she had already been a girl for several months, Bella still wasn’t too used to this sight.

Noreya and Elaine had not yet woken, but the beds of Kriss and Ariel were already empty. The two of them had woken around the time that Bella was still flirting with Lisha on her bed. As for the location of the two, Bella found them with a quick scan of the dorm. A distinct sound of running water came from the showers and it was there were Bella spotted the familiar figures of Kriss and Ariel.

Perhaps it was because these dorms were actually designed with a love hotel in mind, the dorms’ showers didn’t have any doors, instead using a ‘curtain’ made of beautiful pearls that had been strung together. The walls of the shower were made with transparent crystal that obscured absolutely nothing, so it was quite easy for Bella to see Kriss and Ariel showering. Living with a bunch of beauties sure had its perks.

In the shower room, Ariel was sitting in the bath, leaning against the sides and enjoying a cool flow of water. The bath was rather large in design and shouldn’t have any trouble in fitting twenty people of normal size. Red rose petals were scattered across the surface of the water, creating quite a beautiful view. All of the bath’s water came from the mouth of a lion statue on the wall, sourcing from Lake Virginia which was just beside the dormitory district.

The shower room was designed with much thought put in, not only did it cater to those who enjoyed baths, but it also catered to those who would rather take a nice shower. Beside the giant bath was a dozen shower heads, enough for each girl in the dorm to have two just to themselves. Kriss was beneath one such showerhead, rising her body. Both Kriss and Ariel were silver-haired beauties and it was especially hard to tell the two of them apart with all the mist in the shower room that reduced sight, making it hard to just simply look at their irises. If the two didn’t speak, it would be quite hard even for Bella to tell one from the other.

“Bella, you’re here! Did you sleep comfortably last night? Lisha is quite the mischievous girl, it seems.”

“Kriss, why aren’t you in the bath with Ariel? Is there some conflict between you two? If there are, please bring it to me, after all, I’m… I’m the voted dorm leader! We’re all members of the same dorm, and it’s quite important that we all get along and work together.”

“Who said anything about me and Ariel having a conflict? Don’t talk nonsense Bella, my relationship with Ariel is adamant! Back at Sakerid the two of us already… well, the two of us are like real sisters, so don’t try to sow discord in our relationship!”

“Oh, that’s good then, but still, you shouldn’t leave Ariel in the bath alone. It’s quite wasteful for only one person to use such a large bath, it’s 1 silver coin each time to replace the water.”

Bella walked up to Kriss and took her by the hand, leading her into the bath without any resistance. The two of them sat down beside Ariel so that Bella was placed between her and Kriss.

“Ariel, what’s your opinion on Noreya and Elaine?”

“Those two? Hmm, you know, if it wasn’t for you pushing to show everyone’s ‘honest side’ last night, I never would have known how they were both hiding their beauty. It seems that Kriss is the only one in our dorm who got screwed over by those gossipers in the academy, as she’s the only one who’s on the ‘top ten beauties’ list. The current popularity vote seems to have her as 3rd as well~ First is president Ese who we met yesterday.”

“Don’t mention it Ariel. If I knew that it would be so inconvenient, I should have hidden my appearance just like you girls. Not only you, but Elaine and Noreya too, all of you are definitely worthy of making that list, but I’m the only one that got chosen for it!? Anyways, Ese sure is quite the unprofessional sister, not even knowing how beautiful her little sister is.”

If Lisha were to show her true form as Alisha, then she would also easily make the list. It seemed that in Bella’s dorm, apart from herself, all of the other girls were on the level of the academy’s top ten beauties.

Due to the fact that almost as soon as Bella and the three ‘hidden’ princesses had finished their registration, they had gotten into a row with the Disciplinary Committee, they were all marked as problem students and their dorm was naturally marked as a ‘problem dormitory’.

Because of this, there weren’t any of those annoying people with no lives trying to investigate the true looks of Noreya, Ariel, and Elaine. It was only a while after Bella had completely conquered them that the outside world had discovered their true beauty, but by then, it was already too late.

“Kriss, you and Noreya are both melee classes, can you bring her along with you later during the Euphemia branch’s meet and greet? Elaine should also be a magic user, so Ariel, can I ask you to take care of her later?”

“Alright, I understand.”

“I’ll listen to you, you are our dorm leader after all.”

“Thank you both, you girls won’t regret voting me to be your dorm leader!”


Even though it was still rather early, there were quite a few freshmen already wandering around the campuses of the Olsyvia Academy. Despite the official opening ceremony being a week away, most of the Filomina branch’s students were arriving within the next couple days or had already arrived, as it was important for them as nobility to build connections early. Before school officially starts, there would always be a customary meet and greet for all students to meet those who would be in their class.

Within all those alternate world light novels back on Earth, all of those tests that the protagonists would have to take to before they were to be split into classes based on their skill levels, that system was only used in the commoner’s Francis branch and the genius’ Olivia branch{1}, but not the other three branches of the Olsyvia Academy.

The Church’s St. Louis branch, the nobility’s Filomina branch, and the royalty’s Euphemia branch, none of them required any ranking fight or anything else so violent before the students were split into classes. The students of the St. Louis branch were all clergymen and sisters, and them fighting among themselves would hurt the positive image of the Church of Light.

The Filomina and Euphemia branch were attended by nobles and royalty, meaning that everyone in those two branches was either wealthy or possessed power of some sort. If there were to be any major conflict within the academy, it could cause some political trouble outside of school, potentially even leading to large-scale conflicts that could last for years.

Anyways, not every single one of the Filomina and Euphemia branch’s students started off on the same foot, and it wouldn’t exactly be fair for class placements be based on their ranking in battle.

Because of this, both of these branches had a unique method for deciding which students would be in which class. Only after Bella had stayed in this world for a bit longer did she realize that one’s power wasn’t just their prowess in battle, but a culmination of many factors.

Bella was currently walking towards the Filomina branch with her loli ‘maidservants’ Mia, Angel, Noesha, and Betia. Apart from her, all the members of her dorm were students of the Euphemia branch and they had to attend their own branch’s meet and greet, meaning that they weren’t able to accompany Bella today. Bella’s current identity was only a noble, and despite holding the peerage of a duke, was still unable to enter the Euphemia branch. These were the rules of the Olsyvia Academy and there wasn’t anything that Bella could do to circumvent them, at least not for now.

“Mia, Angel, what is it? You two seemed rather sulky recently, have I done something to make you girls unhappy?”

“Nee-san… have we been abandoned?”

“Nee-san, you’ve really neglected us recently…”

“Er, it’s my fault, I have been playing with you girls quite a bit less recently… Hey Noesha, when we get back to the dormitory building later, can you create a transportation formation that connects the 1st and 2nd dorms? One like those that are used in the academy, but can you make one that’s easier to hide.”

“No problem, Nee-sama, you sure are a sinful woman, even ten thousand years ago…, oh, what do you plan to do about the nee-sans trailing behind us?”

“It’s just Natasha, I’m a good student, there’s nothing about the Disciplinary Committee’s head chair that I have to be scared of!”

Bella glanced back and quickly spotted Natasha who was ‘secretly’ following behind them. The trailing skills of the Disciplinary Committee’s head chair sure was… something, she didn’t even have a proper newspaper to cover her face with! Natasha also wore the black armband of the Disciplinary Committee, making her stick out like a sore thumb, the only thing that she was missing right now was a giant sign above her saying ‘Police’.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the two of them had a little scuffle, Bella wouldn’t have minded teaching Natasha how to be a qualified Disciplinary Committee head chair. Apart from Natasha, there was also a loli with golden twintails with an extremely unwilling look on her face, she was the Filomina branch’s student council president Lucia and it seemed as if she had been forced into this by Natasha. Of those girls who had moved into Bella’s dormitory building yesterday, Lucia was one of them. Based on this, Bella inferred that Lucia was good friends with Natasha, or else she wouldn’t have moved in with her.

It didn’t take long for Bella’s gaze to return in front of her, a black-haired swordswoman had aroused her attention. Wasn’t she the Ignaz family’s young lady, Elena Ivy? But she should have already gone to finish her transfer process to the Olivia branch after obtaining the [Ground Dragon] heart, so why had she appeared here?

From afar Bella was already able to see two or three handsome looking males bugging Ivy, ticking Bella off as soon as she saw the scene. In Bella’s mind, she had already ‘slept’ Ivy and she was already her woman. Of all the girls that these guys could have messed with, they chose her woman? They were definitely looking for a bad time.

{1} This seems to be the actual name for the Eastern branch, it was also called the Olsyvia Genius’ branch in a previous chapter

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