Chapter 601 – An Eye For An Eye

Her forehead became covered in blood from that act.

The current Huan Meng Yue looked like a vicious ghost being tortured in hell, no one would have believed that she was a young lady in her twenties.

With her spirit treasure crippled, she was only an ordinary girl now. Though Jin Da Zhong was punished and had lost most of his cultivation, he still possessed strength equivalent to a One or Two-Star Spirit Master.

In front of Jin Da Zhong, Huan Meng Yue had no way to defend herself.

When she saw Huan Qing Yan, she no longer begged for her life like how she did in the past, but displayed a numbed expression in her eyes, intending to die.

“I beg Young Mistress, please grant me a swift death on our past bonds, I no longer wish to suffer this painful torture any more…”

During her time under Jin Da Zhong’s control, she had plead for death many times but none succeeded.

Jin Da Zhong never attacked any lethal areas on her body and would always pace his attacks…

Huan Qing Yan looked at her, a sense of pity welled up within her heart; but when she remembered what Huan Meng Yue had done to her in the past, her heart calmed down again.

Huan Qing Yan turned her head and asked Ji Mo Ya’s permission, “Can I deal with them as I please?”

Ji Mo Ya encouraged her, “You can, do as you want. They are inmates of death row after all.”

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Huan Qing Yan calmly asked, “Who is that fairy backing you?”

“I do not know as well, I only know the fairy is at the Holy Court. The fairy used the connection between our spirit treasures to teach me skills, it also allowed her to temporary take control of my body; without the spirit treasure there are no way to be in contact. Young Mistress, I do not seek pardon for the things that I have done to you in the past, I only beg you to give me a swift death.”

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She had already lost all hopes and desires, even the courage to continue living.

Even if the fairy was to appear in front of her again, she would not longer want to meet the fairy as well.

In a way, what she had experienced so far was also due to the fairy, had she not awaken her spirit treasure giving the fairy a chance to contact her, she might still be that obedient foster girl of the Huan Family…

And live peacefully for the rest of her life.

Compared to where she was at that moment, that situation would be better by countless times.

When she thought back to the several months of inhumane torture that she had experienced when she was locked up with Jin Da Zhong, all that was left in her mind was to die.

Jin Da Zhong quickly added on, “I know who is the fairy! The fairy is someone from the Holy Court, a person of high position that has the authority to enter the Holy Library to learn secret techniques. If you let me go, I will tell you who the fairy is.”

Ji Mo Ya coldly said with an unemotional tone, “If you knew her name, you would have used it to secure your life. The fairy is too prudent, she will never disclose her name to you.”

Jin Da Zhong started to panic, “Although I do not know her name and have not met her before, I’ve heard her voice before and can point her out. All I ask is for Young Master Ya to let me live.”

Ji Mo Ya gave a faint smile, “Little Yan, you should take action personally. Today is time for you to return an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

He was implying to not let him remain alive.

And also declaring that he did not believe Jin Da Zhong’s words.

Huan Qing Yan did not believe him as well; even Huan Meng Yue did not know who the fairy was, how could Jin Da Zhong know when Huan Meng Yue has a closer relationship with the fairy.

That was what her instincts were telling her.

“Jin Da Zhong, we have never crossed paths, yet you tried to search my soul and caused me to become a fool, you also dared to have unsavory thoughts about me. What you received today are all your just desserts!”

“My lady madam, it has nothing to do with me, it is because this woman incited me to do it! I only want to retrieve the Tyrant King Lizard’s soul and she says that you have taken it away, that is why I…”

Before he could finish speaking Jin Da Zhong noticed that he could no longer move.

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