Chapter 602 – Relieve

He was bounded by a green plant.

Huan Qing Yue threw a small harvesting knife to Huan Meng Yue, “You can either end yourself or drag someone along to accompany you in death. I leave it to you to decide.”

Huan Meng Yue was shocked as her eyes turned blood red.

She picked up the knife and without any hesitation, stabbed Jin Da Zhong; one stab after the other, even cruelly sliced off his ears, noses… even his lower body part was also sliced off while he was alive.

She had enough of the humiliation that Jin Da Zhong had given her.

She had always thought that time she spent living within the Huan Estate was the lowest point of her life; only after living in this prison for several months, did she discover that her time in the Huan Estate was actually the most fortunate and blessed period of her life.

The kindness of the Huan Family was something she, Huan Meng Yue, would owe forever!

Jin Da Zhong screamed, repeatedly, but it was no use.

Huan Meng Yue had just cut away his ten fingers and minced them to mush, vented her anger on these fingers that had done all sorts of vile things on her countless of times. Next, she continued stabbing and slicing Jin Da Zhong, until he finally died from the slashes and cuts…

Ji Mo Ya’s mouth curled up calmly and praised, “Yan Lass, not bad. You learnt how to get someone to do your dirty work, letting the dogs fight each other.”

“I learned it from you.” Huan Qing Yan coldly looked at this bloody show and calmly replied.

It was also about time for her to get used to this Spirit Treasure Continent filled with unknown dangers where the strong preys on the weak.

Kindness would only be food for some despicable people.

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“Lass, your spirit treasure is not bad, it possessed a binding technique, very good indeed.”

However much Jin Da Zhong struggled, the vine did not allow him to move even a single muscle.

Finally, after Huan Meng Yue finished Jin Da Zhong, she gave a respectful kowtow to Huan Qing Yan.

“Young Mistress, thank you.”

After that, she reversed the knife in her hand and stab it into her chest, an expression of relieve and gratitude displayed on her face.


Only after a long period of time after they left the prison cell, did Huan Qing Yan managed to sort out her state of mind and pushed away the negative feelings brought forth by the gruesome deaths of Jin Da Zhong and Huan Meng Yue.

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From today onwards, she would be a decisive and vicious person; she would never repeat the reincarnated girl’s mistake.

Not long after they left the prison cell, a small hummingbird appeared out of thin air… it snorted towards the two dead people. These two trashes, wasted my effort to groom you; better dead than keeping you alive.

Next moment, the hummingbird disappeared into the darkness.


Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya both returned to his estate and tidied themselves up until it was dusk.

Then they both left and head towards the Holy City center, the public square of the Holy Hall.

On the public square of the Holy Hall were countless of lamp-like magic equipment that floated about in mid-air, providing light for the entire place.

When guests arrived, one of these lamps would automatically float down from the sky and lead the guests to the Great Banquet Hall.

Currently, quite a number of people has arrived.

Although it was a banquet to welcome Ji Mo Ya, but there were also elites of the Eight Great Clans, the royalties of the various empires, the elite teachers and students of the Four Great Academies and the Holy Academy…

They were all gathered here under one roof, most of them were young people who were either the elites of humanity or possessed a position of high status.

The Great Hall has several entrances.

As Ji Mo Ya was about to enter the main entrance of the hall whilst holding hands with Huan Qing Yan, they were stopped by the guards of the Holy Hall.

“Good evening Young Master Ya, apologies, but this gate only allows the direct descendants of the Eight Great Clans and the elites of the Holy Academy to enter. For this young lady, she has to use the side entrance to enter.”

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