Chapter 639 – Mei Niang

The Pig Spirit Treasure quietly laid down at the center of the rain, within an old tattered metal cauldron.

Its illusional body was unmoving, as though it was in deep sleep.

Not far from the cauldron was a hunchback who wore a fox mask, the person was very skinny and walked with a pause between step. On a closer look, under its oversized clothes a long furry tail was hidden.

On his side stood a woman with an extremely alluring figure.

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The young woman was also the only person within the entire town that did not wear a mask. With a sharp face that looked like a fox, skin as white as jade, light makeup on eyes that would pull whoever looking at her into an intoxicating dream.

Her figure was well-endowed yet slender, she wore nothing else except for the several pieces of fox skins which covered her important areas.

Creating a lethal natural seduction.

She frowned, “Old Fox, is this bait okay?”

The hunchbacked person also replied with a curious tone, “There’s something not right, the hibernation spell should cause both the spirit treasure and its owner to enter a state of deep sleep. Yet its owner is perfectly fine… I understand now! She must have possessed dual spirit treasures!”

The young woman coldly smile, “The humans in recent years are producing lots of talents.”

“Please be rest assured madam, didn’t my scout reported earlier on, she and Ji Mo Ya had already left the city. The spirit treasure is an important thing, it is impossible for them to ignore it!”

“Ok, let’s consider it as our plan being successful so far, maybe the heavens are also supporting my revenge for my husband! Dear husband, not matter what it takes, Mei Niang will definitely take revenge for you. Mei Niang will fulfill your dying wishes for you.”

The rain continued to fall, slowly .


Huan Qing Yan stopped the Phoenix Feather Bell, not wanting to proceed forward.

“It looks like this is the place… what is this place?”

Ji Mo Ya looked down, “It is a small town a hundred miles away from the Holy City called Mask Town. It is famous for producing masks, is this the place?”

Huan Qing Yan was not really sure, “It seems like it, let’s go down and take a look.”

She descended from the Phoenix Feather Bell.

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A sparse light rain upon the town, causing a layer of mist to be form inside it. There was no one to be found in the town; it was unknown if the lack of people was due to the rain or not, but the scene looked weird and felt sinister.

Huan Qing Yan held on to Ji Mo Ya’s arm, “Ji Mo Ya, do you feel cold? How come there is no one in such a big town?”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression displayed a rare seriousness, he took out an umbrella from his storage ring to block the rain from the two of them.

“The rain water is not normal, better not let it drench you.”

Not only was there a corrosive smell in the rain, it also possessed a foul smell.

“Okay.” Huan Qing Yan went on alert.

The two of them walked within the empty town, most of the buildings’ windows were shut, only the occasional shops were still opened; but when they looked in from outside, there was no one to be found as well.

Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya entered the largest shop of the town.

“Anyone here?”

“Anyone here?”

The building was empty, not even a single soul could be seen.

Within the shop, all sorts of masks were displayed, each of them looked as though they were real faces.

One of them was a fox mask, it was very different from the others as on its forehead was a ‘King’ character; the mask was emitting a domineering aura that would make anyone who looked at it to be fllustered and alarmed.

Huan Qing Yan got interested and held the mask of the Fox King, “Young Master Ya, look. The masks here are all so well made, no wonder this town is called the Mask Town.”

Just as she plans to put it on her face to check if it fits, Huan Qing Yan suddenly discovered that the Fox King mask was smiling at her.

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