Chapter 640 – Demonic Evil!

The smile was sinister and eerie, and Huan Qing Yan nearly wanted throw the mask away.

On a closer look, the Fox King mask no longer smiled.

“Young Master Ya, did you see it laugh just now?” Huan Qing Yan asked with lingering fears.

Suddenly, she felt her hand was empty, the person she was holding onto had disappeared.

Ji Mo Ya had disappeared!

“Ji Mo Ya? Ji Mo Ya? Don’t scare me, come out! Where are you?”

Within the large mask store, a chuckling voice emerged suddenly.

It came from every direction!

It came from all the masks; the laughter exceptionally loud from the Fox King mask in her hands and the masks started jumping around her, laughing as they hopped.

“Young Lady, do you want to wear a mask! Wear a mask and you can become very mysterious and very beautiful…”

“Kekeke, peel your skin and you can also become a mask! A human skin mask, we also sell those within the store.”

“Come, come, be like us, become a mask.”


One mask after another floated in front of Huan Qing Yan, each of them had their mouth opened with vicious expressions and wanted to tear her into pieces.

Huan Qing Yan stepped back as she retreated.

“Go away! Demonic evil! Get away! Young Master Ya, where are you?”

She saw a fiendish mask approaching her so Huan Qing Yan took out the iron shard from her storage ring and viciously stabbed at it.

She seems to have smelled the scent of blood.

That fiendish mask retreated.

The others continued to laugh maliciously as they slowly approached…

Huan Qing Yan’s heart beated madly with fear, she looked at the whole building of masks coming to attack her; she screamed and turned around, running towards the entrance.

When she reached the entrance, the masks tried to stop her, so she summoned her Leaf Spirit Treasure.

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When the Leaf Spirit Treasure came out, its vine flew through the air and wrapped Huan Qing Yan in multiple layers before charging out.

Charging out into the rain…


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Ji Mo Ya held his injured hand and no longer tried to force her to stay as he watched Huan Qing Yan ran through the rain.


That Fox King mask possessed an illusion effect, he was a step late and Huan Qing Yan had been caught in the illusion.

He saw her take a step back with a terrified look but no matter how he called out to her, she did not wake up.

He stretched his arms to hug her but was retaliated with a vicious stab by that piece of black iron.

Seeking her extreme resistance and fearful expression, he decided not to be too forceful, but he was also out of ideas at the moment on how to deal with it.

Huan Qing Yan sprinted quickly.

Ji Mo Ya was behind her but did not dare to get too close nor did he dare to fall too far behind, following her just like that.

His starry eyes were currently as deep and silent as a deep sea.

This Mask Town was not simple, it seems like this trap has been set up long ago, just waiting for them to fall into it, he still did not know what would happen next.

Huan Qing Yan was still frantically running in front while he followed behind maintaining a fixed distance.

The rain in the air suddenly turned in color, turning into a blood rain…

A filthy stench assaulted his nose!

Ji Mo Ya knew that something was up, he quickly increased his speed, no matter what he would first knock Huan Qing Yan unconscious and bring her out of here.

As they turned a corner and Ji Mo Ya was about to reach Huan Qing Yan.

Several people wearing fox masks appeared from within the blood rain…

And blocked Ji Mo Ya.

Earlier on when they entered the town, there was no one at all.

But now, several people appeared from everywhere.

The people were each wearing a fox mask, but it was unknown where they came from. Within the rain, no one held an umbrella as they walked unsteadily within it, looking extremely weird and illogical.

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