Chapter 641 – A Dumb Creature Like You

When he looked up ahead, Huan Qing Yan had disappeared down a corner; Ji Mo Ya was getting impatient and wanted to pass through this group of people.

Suddenly, a person beside Ji Mo Ya exploded without any warning signs.

The entire person exploded from within, blood and flesh burst out everywhere, turning into a bundle of blood mist…

The blood rain in the sky turned even thicker.

Ji Mo Ya used his umbrella to block most of the blood mist, but some still managed to stain his body.

Next, Ji Mo Ya saw those people in fox masks enclosing in onto him.

Seeing that the situation was not favourable, he was about to retreat…

When the masked people started to explode one after the other.

All exploded into bundles of blood mist and merged into the rain; the scent of blood within the rain thickened.

So the blood rain was created using this method!

Ji Mo Ya decided to stop trying to evade.

He squints his eyes as his mouth curled into a cold smile, “Puppetry? You can stop your act, is it the Demon Fox Clan? Show yourselves!”

The Puppetry Spell was a type of forbidden technique, it uses the mental power to control ordinary people, turning them into puppets that fellows whatever orders the spellcaster wants them to do; including the cruel violent act of self-explosion.

Puppetry was in fact, an extremely high-level form of illusion spell!

Illusions were what the Fox Demon excels at, combine with the fact that there was a rather large amount of Fox Demon Men in the Holy City, it was not hard to come up to this conclusion.

Within the blood rain, a hunched elder wobbled out and behind him, he was emitting an evil aura as though he had just walked out from a dark hell.

“Truly the genius of humanity, to even know the Puppetry Spell of my Fox Clan. You are correct, the people of this entire town had become puppets of this Fox Immortal. Due to their greed, they asked this Fox Immortal for free fox masks! Hahaha, humans are such selfish and greedy creatures, a race that is easily corrupted by their desires…”

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The elder wearing a fox mask laughed out loud with a shrill voice.

“Daring to commit murder within the territory of Holy City, you people from the Fox Clan have quite the guts, be careful of attracting extermination to your entire clan!” a storm raged within Ji Mo Ya’s eyes.

In his entire life, he thing he hates the most were demons!

The demons dared to kill in front from him; he cannot tolerate that such acts were committed.

“Human brat, do you know? The people of this entire town died because of you! Our clan’s Fox King died due to you; today is time for you to pay the price!”

When the hunchback elder, he removed the clothes on him.

Revealing an old fox with silver-grey fur!

With triangle ears standing straight and a body covered with thick fur.

There was even more fur covering his bushy tail.

“This young master does not know that Fox King of yours! No matter what the reason is, there is no return for daring to commit crime against us humans!” Ji Mo Ya’s face was icy cold while his voice was like venom.

“Have you forgotten the battle of Five Black Mountains? Before the Wolf King went to kill you, our Fox King went to block the pursuers, however, he was killed by the combined effort of your Ji Mo Clan’s King Spirit Masters! A King Spirit Master is temporarily not that easy to kill, so we will start with you first. One is to get revenge for our king, the second is to exchange for the high bounty on you. One stone kills two birds! Time to die!”

The old fox roared as his body turned bigger, into a huge size, as it showered under the blood rain, its body of silver-grey fur had turned into the color of blood.

It looked extremely terrifying.

Only now did Ji Mo Ya understood what had happened.

The battle of the Five Black Mountains!

“Big talk!” Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “What can a dumb creature like you do to me.”

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As he spoke, a black light pierced through the old fox!

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