Chapter 642 – Scram!

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The black light was naturally the Cosmos Brush; with a cold *humph* the old fox waved its two claws. Two sounds of explosion occurred as two puppets exploded and turned into blood mists which seeped into its body.

From the energy signature emitted, it was likely a Late-Stage Mystic Spirit Master! What more, it had just enhanced!

Having received an enhancement, the old fox roared before it took a swipe with it claws at the Cosmos Brush.

‘Dang!’, the sound of metal colliding was heard, it looked like they were evenly matched!

Ji Mo Ya frowned, he was using a weapon, yet it only resulted in a draw in the exchange with the Old Fox.

Yet he did not wish to continue spending time with this Old Fox, he wanted to catch up to Huan Qing Yan.

Without wasting time, he immediately called out his white dragon.

And as expected, the blood rain had a suppression effect on the White Dragon and its abilities were greatly reduced.

Ji Mo Ya could not be bothered about these matters already, he planned to end this while he could still resist the effects, and he attacked the Old Fox.

Ultimately, by having two Mystic Spirit Master level attackers on his side, Ji Mo Ya was still able cause the Old Fox to go rolling on the floor like a turtle,and it retreated every time they clashed.

Once again the Old Fox induced even more puppets to explode to absorb them, yet it was still useless.

Ji Mo Ya was silently enraged, these puppets were all living humans!

Seeing there was a gap when the White Dragon was tussling with the Old Fox, he quickly used the Cosmos Brush and swiped three times; the next instant, a powerful surge of energy viciously pressed down onto the Old Fox.

Peng! a loud sound was heard; the Old Fox was unable to block the powerful strike as its entire body slammed down onto the ground. When it stood up, one of its arms was crippled as it hung loosely in front of its chest.

The Old Fox released a whimper before it quickly ran away like a beaten up dog.


Mo Si failed to follow the Young Master.

He was unable detect the Young Master’s aura.

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This situation felt the same as when the Young Master had fallen into the Gnome Kingdom of the Purple Cloud Mountains in the past.

Mo Si looked at the boundless sky and land but saw nothing as well.

He had flown for several miles already but was still unable to detect any traces of the Young Master’s energy.

He retraced his steps backwards and encountered Yu Yi and a group of Feather Guards.

After discussing with Yu Yi, both of them had not managed to discover any tracks of their Young Master.

Perplexedly, Yu Yi said, “Mo Si, isn’t it about time you improve your cultivation level? To think that you actually failed to keep up with the Young Master, are you not embarrassed of holding the status of an Ink Guard? How about this, let this elder bro exchange with you, you can lead the Feather Guards and this elder bro shall fill up for your lacking abilities. I can accompany the Young Master everyday and guarantee that nothing out of hand will happen…”

“Scram!” Mo Si was in an unhappy mood and have no energy for jokes, “What about the attacks by the Demon Men within the Holy City?”

“Most of them had been destroyed, Plant Sage and Wine Sage had deliberately let it happened and was prepared for it; they wanted to use this as a chance to cleanup the Demon Men hiding amongst the humans. However some still managed to escape, some are still resisting, while some have already hidden themselves. In other words, it has not ended yet.”

Mo Si closed his eyes and pondered deeply, “Do you have a map of the surrounding region around the Holy City?”

“I have one on me now.”

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Yu Yi took it out.

After Mo Si researched for a while, he pointed to a strange area on the map, “There should be a small town here, but I did not see it when I was doing my search, it looked like an empty piece of land…”

Yu Yi instantly understood, “There must be a Cloaking Spell Formation there, one that even hide from your senses. This is not simple!”

They immediately sent a Spirit Crane to the Holy City to seek Ji Mo Kai Yuan’s assistance; and then the both of them, along with the Feather Guards, rushed towards the Mask Town.

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