Chapter 643 – Even More Enticing

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Huan Qing Yan ran frantically in the rain.

“Ji Mo Ya, where are you? Husband? Where are you…”

She was on the verge of tearing up; why did Ji Mo Ya left without uttering a single word? He had never done that before!

This desolate town, immersed in rain, felt stranger and stranger.

The rainwater had also unknowingly turned into the color of blood, it also possessed the stink of blood as well; when she rubbed her fingertips, she confirmed that it was actually real blood.

Something seemed wrong; Ji Mo Ya would not leave her behind for no reason, but where did it go wrong?

She thought of summoning the Phoenix Feather Bell to check the town from the air to find out what was happening. When she felt around her waist, she noticed that the Phoenix Feather Bell had gone missing!

‘Did that mask steal it?’

Huan Qing Yan turned pale, “Young Master Ya, wuu wuu wuu…”

Slowly, she stopped running to take a rest.

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Very quickly, the group of masks behind her started to surround her again; each mask was covered in blood and especially the Fox King Mask, it possessed moving eyes with the hint of seductiveness as though it was alive.

“Lady, why are you crying when you are so pretty?” it was a woman’s voice.

Softly and sweetly, it was as though it was tenderly speaking to a lover.

Huan Qing Yan said with a trembling voice, “What, what demon are you?”

She was actually not afraid of any demons or what not, what she was scared of was how Ji Mo Ya suddenly left her.

She does not know what  happened to Ji Mo Ya!

“Your man has left, this is not the first time your man has left you… The last time he left you, you were left alone within a dark underwater cave that has no sun…” the mask’s voice got increasingly gentle; it felt like it was part consoling her, part mocking her and it was also tinged with grievance on her behalf as well.

Huan Qing Yan felt as though lightning had just struck her, “No, you are speaking nonsense!”

“I am not speaking nonsense, young lady, this is the fear and thoughts found within your heart. You are worried that your man will leave you; you love him with all your heart and body and without him, you will be unable to continue living…” the Fox King Mask blinked gently with its big alluring eyes.

It slowly transformed into the face of a woman.

It was Mu Rong Xin Nuo; in another blink, it turned into the Saintess, Bai Li Zi Xi as well!

Huan Qing Yan collected herself, and slowly, took a few steps back.

She knew that this Fox King Mask has the ability to read her mind; this method was truly heaven defying, she could only try to stop thinking and prevent anymore weaknesses from being exposed!

The Fox King Mask said enticingly “You can wear me, once you do, I can help you find your man. I can make your man love you, and you only, for the rest of your life, never leaving you again…”

Huan Qing Yan suddenly slapped it down!

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And heavily stomped on it!

Within the bloody rain, the Fox King Mask that was being stepped upon by Huan Qing Yan transformed again and this time into Ji Mo Ya’s face.

His exquisite, perfect face was looking at her with adoration.

Huan Qing Yan nearly went crazy, she was unable to bear the thought of stepping on him so she stopped. The Fox King Mask floated up and approached her face.

“Come wear me! I can help you find your man, locate your spirit treasure, let you become even more beautiful and even more enticing, when you are having fun with your man, you will feel even more enjoyment, wear me and all your troubles will be no more…”

Huan Qing Yan quickly stretched her hand and stabbed, this time with the black iron piece was in her hand.

She splitted the mask into two halves.

The Fox King Mask uttered a groan as blood splashed everywhere, and then it no longer emit anymore sound.

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