Chapter 64 – Atone Myself By Performing A Meritorious Deed

“Everyone who chose to stay, this lady welcomes you. From now on, regardless of your position, your monthly salary would increase by two silvers! For now, Duan Sheng, Wang Quan and Lu Hai, the three of you would become the deputy head housekeepers…” using the memories of the reincarnated girl, Huan Qing Yan promoted some servants who had proven themselves to be capable to fill the management positions.

When everything was finally settled, it was already deep into the night. Madam Huan had excused herself and went to rest early, leaving Huan Qing Yan to manage everything. However, Huan Qing Yan did not feel tired because if it would give her a peace of mind, any amount of fatigue would be worth it…

The eastern sky began to brighten.


This was one of the most luxurious travel relay stations situated outside of the Hanging Cloud Empire’s Royal Palace, the Aged House.

The other relay stations were normally used to receive important guests but only the Aged House was closed off and never opened for use. This, in turn, allowed it to retain an image of being brand new. Now, it was being occupied for the first time.

Dawn just passed when Mo Si returned to the Aged House.

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“To Young Master, Mo Si has returned.”

“Come in.” a noble and clear voice instructed.

When Mo Si entered, he saw the back of his Young Master wearing a white silk robe practicing his calligraphy.

“The insects surrounding the Huan Estate have all disappeared, not one remained…”

“Where did they go?”

“They scattered in all directions.” Mo Si honestly reported.

As they had scattered in all directions, he had no means to follow all of them. Thus, he decided to return and obtain his Young Master’s instructions.

After some time, when Ji Mo Ya completed a large word, he dabbed the brush on the ink and asked, “Any incidents within the Huan Estate last night?”

“A rather large one in fact. Young Lady Huan used a trick to identify and apprehend all the disloyal servants. She installed a contraption underneath the roof of the building to create wind so that she can create an environment that a ghost was there to scare the servants. Her method has truly allowed this subordinate to widen my horizons…” Mo Si immediately branched away from the main topic.

“Therefore, you got distracted and failed to notice what caused those insects to scatter?”

“Cough. That, Young Master! This subordinate only took a few peeks at the hall… cough. I mean, Young Master, you can give me whatever punishment you deemed fit but please do not send me back to the clan to face a wall in repentance…”

At that moment, someone gave a report from outside the door.

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“Young Master, a military minister was discovered dead on his bed at dawn. Along with the discovery were traces made by a large number of snakes and rats. The military minister’s heart was also gone.”

The brush in Ji Mo Ya’s hand paused for a moment, he did not reply but continued to finish the word he was writing before he straightened his body…

“I need a change of clothes. Let us go have a look.”

Two well-trained serving girls, who were hiding near the door and keeping a low profile, immediately brought out a tray of clothes, these clothes was the standard attire of the Silver Mask Guard!

Mo Si was waiting outside the building when he impatiently said, “Humph, what an audacious little demon. It dared to continue its crime even when Young Master is in the capital, it must be tired of living. Young Master, please take your time, allow this subordinate to atone myself by performing a meritorious deed!”

As the words left the mouth, the person who spoke the words had disappeared.


After managing the servants and properly arranging everything that ought to be done in the Huan Estate, it was already the morning of the second day; Huan Qing Yan did not sleep a wink last night. Instead of resting, she immediately summoned all the shop managers of their properties into the Huan Estate.

There were many businesses owned by the Huan Family within the capital and they ranged in great varieties.

Despite many people advising against it, Huan Qing Yan decided to only keep the shops that dealt with the food ingredient business while issuing orders to send word that the Huan Family were looking for buyers to sell the remaining shops.

In the previous life, after Huan Bei Ming’s funeral, the clan relatives took over the management of these shops by reasoning that there were no men to manage the household, thus they feared that the shop managers would bully the mother and her two children.

On the surface, it was to assist the Huan Estate to manage their wealth but in fact, it was to fatten their own wallets. In the end, many of these shops were sucked dry by them.

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