Chapter 65 – Let Her Continue Acting!

In this life, Huan Qing Yan managed to make a stand during the funeral, ignoring the damage it would have to her reputation and shoved the clan relatives out from the estate. She also managed to clear out all the disloyal servants within a night, thus limiting the methods the clan relatives can use to enter the Huan Estate again. As for the shops, it was better to sell the shops at an average price, then to keep them and allow people to keep thinking about them.

So that these disgusting clan relatives can stop thinking about how to get their hands on these shops every day.

Huan Qing Yan had decided to focus her efforts on the path of a Spirit Master. This society revered strength, having too much wealth would not be of much use. Having too much money would only cause her to waste time and effort to fight with those evil relatives of hers.

The food ingredient shops that she retained were the signature shops of the Huan Family, it would also be the foundation for her little brother’s future when he grows up.

After settling everything with lightning quick response and methods, Huan Qing Yan could finally ease her tension with a sigh of relief.

Majority of the household matters have finally been addressed.

Of course, there was still that one last thing that required her attention.

During lunch time, Huan Qing Yan called for a family banquet and instructed it to be held in Madam Huan’s courtyard.

The participants were Madam Huan, Huan Xing Han, Huan Meng Yue and also Huan Jiu Li…

Before they started eating, Huan Meng Yue did not sit but tried to stand beside Madam Huan thinking of assisting her with getting food. However, she was forced to be seated at a lower position after receiving Lou Qiao’s glare. After Huan Meng Yue sat down, she did not dare to take any of the dishes, only lowering her head to eat the rice.

Huan Jiu Li rarely had the opportunity to seat with Madam Huan and Huan Qing Yan for a meal in the past and was feeling very uptight. However, after Huan Qing Yan personally placed some dishes in his bowl and also observing the kind reactions from Madam Huan, the burly youth began to loosen up and enjoy the meal.

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“Little Yan, you did not sleep at all last night, are you tired?” Madam Huan asked worryingly.

“Mama, please rest assured, I am not very tired. Being a Three-Star Spirit Master, I can handle it.” Huan Qing Yan replied smoothly.

“That is good to know.” Madam Huan felt relieved and turned to Huan Meng Yue and asked, “Meng Yue, how long have you been in the Huan Estate?”

When Huan Meng Yue heard her name being called, she immediately stood up and replied, “It… it has been twelve years.”

She was currently in a state of fright, she had been feeling an unkind gaze coming from the Young Mistress ever since she fainted. In addition, the decisive methods that the Young Mistress used over the past two days had only caused her heart to beat even more wildly.

“Time really went by quickly. I still remember you were only three when you joined the Huan Estate, your parents had just passed away and your uncle approached us hoping we could buy you as a servant girl. My husband had always been a kind person and you were a relative, albeit being seven or eight generations apart; in addition, we feel that you would be a good companion for Little Yan since the both of you were of the same age, thus we accepted you. Yet in a blink of an eye, twelve years have passed!” Madam Huan said in lament.

“Yes. It was thanks to the Master’s kindness that made the Meng Yue of today.” Huan Meng Yue replied fearfully.

Huan Qing Yan immediately said, “Now that Papa has passed away, the estate no longer needs so many people, on top of that, this Young Mistress no longer requires a companion. Meng Yue, do you still remember any of your close relatives? The Huan Family can give you two hundred gold and send you home!”

In fact, Huan Qing Yan could kill Huan Meng Yue as effortlessly as killing an ant!

However, she cannot do things this way.

Firstly, she was acting without justification as the incident that she knew had not happened.

Next, the trash and b*tch had toyed and hurt the reincarnated girl very badly in her previous life. Instant killing was too good of a death for her, only by making Huan Meng Yue experience the same amount of suffering could the reincarnated girl’s grudge be successfully resolved.

Huan Meng Yue like to act pure and kind?

Then let her continue acting!

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