Chapter 649 – Let’s Go!

Ji Mo Ya was dumbstruck and then he smiled.

This lass’s condition seemed pretty good; even in such circumstances, she could still fool around speaking nonsense which showed that she had not encountered any big troubles.

Ji Mo Ya then saw someone standing not far away behind Huan Qing Yan.

When he focused his sight, a faint frown appeared, “Huan Jiu Li?”

‘Huan Jiu Li’ nodded towards Ji Mo Ya, his expression gloomy, while his gaze was hiding an obvious tinge of unhappiness. The reason he even nodded his head was also because he took Huan Qing Yan into consideration.

On the other side, seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, the Old Fox hurriedly spoke, “Madam, this brat tried to trick us, that Blood Net has no effect on him, what do we do now?”

If this drags out any longer and should a Half-Sage arrive from the Holy City, they will no longer be able to escape even if they tried.

Madam Fox Charm gritted her teeth as she looked at ‘Huan Jiu Li’, though he looked like an extremely ordinary human, he gave her a sense of trembling fear.

Aside from the difficulty of dealing with that fella Ji Mo Ya, having this new unfathomable person appear standing by the side leisurely had only made the day’s matter even harder to accomplish.

Thus, she decisively commanded, “Let’s go!”

The Old Fox was startled, “Madam, over a thousand of our puppets are coming here, we are not going to try?”

“Let’s go!” Madam Fox Charm gritted her teeth.

“Isn’t it too late to think of leaving now?”

Ji Mo Ya coldly said as he took a step forward and blocked their escape path.

“You are seeking death!” Madam Fox Charm’s seductive behavior was no longer; with a twist of her body, the blood mist surrounding her turned alive and charged towards Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya waved his brush in retaliation.

Huan Qing Yan saw that the Old Fox behind them acting strange and it seemed like it was trying to find the right moment to make his move. Thus she shouted, “Old Thing! Are you here looking to die as well!”

Using Phantom Shifting Steps, she charged towards the Old Fox and send a palm strike to attack.

The Old Fox jumped in shock, it did not expect this lass with such low cultivation to be so brave, to actually dare to initiate an attack.

Although it was currently injured but it was still good enough to handle a Star Spirit Master.

In fact, the truth was as such as well, Huan Qing Yan instantly felt the difficulty.

This Old Fox’s abilities were equivalent to a Late-Stage Mystic Spirit Master, a level of power that she was still unable to contend with.

In addition, half of a human’s strength relies on their Spirit Treasures, currently with only Leafy who only provide a supportive role, thus she did not possess enough attacking power to face a Demon Commander.

On the other side, Huan Jiu Li shifted his attention and looked at the unconscious Pig Spirit Treasure; silently flicked his finger…

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“Ohn…” the Pig Spirit Treasure looked as though it had just woken up from bed; it blinked its eyes and immediately charged towards the Old Fox.

Who says that a pig has low intelligence?

It was such a wrong accusation!

Huan Qing Yan was very happy, “Pig Head, help me kill this old fella!”

Another attacker plus tank has appeared, allowing Huan Qing Yan to turn from defending to attacking.

The other party, Madam Fox Charm, was also losing; when she saw the situation was going south, she raised her head and released a long sharp howl.

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The masked people who have quietly surrounded them instantly charged towards them.

Ji Mo Ya felt that something was not right and he immediately called out his ancient mirror and shined it on Madam Fox Charm!

Madma Fox Charm was startled, it was as though her entire person was frozen.

Ji Mo Ya would never let such an opportunity be wasted; he stepped forward and sent his Cosmos Brush in his hand forward in a piercing motion and then, a powerful howl of air was heard.

“Take!” he shouted; Madam Fox Charm did not manage to evade it in time, her entire body was pierced through and flesh blood flowed out of her injury in rivers.

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