Chapter 650 – Why Is There No Heart?

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Madam Fox Charm’s eyes were wide opened but before she could utter a single word, she collapsed onto the ground.


The Blood Rain stopped.

Both Yu Yi and Mo Si had by then reached them and were waiting for instructions at the side.

On the floor was two fox corpses; one has glowing pink  fur, while the other was an antique looking fox.

Both of them had been Commander Level Greater Demons thus their bodies were excellent materials to create equipment from.

Ji Mo Ya did not act, but got Yu Yi to skin and dissect the fox corpses.

“Young Master, the Demon Heart within the pink fox is missing!” Yu Yi reported.

Huan Qing Yan was confused, “Eh? Why is there no heart?”

Ji Mo Ya explained, “Madam Fox Charm belonged to the Nine-Tail Demon Fox Clan, she possesses nine lives! This body had been only one of her clones and not her main body, that is why it has no Demon Heart.”

From the looks of it, he had made another powerful enemy.

However, after some thinking it also made sense; the trap was laid so close to the Holy City, so why would she send her main body here when the threat of dying was high?

Yu Yi continued to skin the pelt and extract the tendons, the Old Fox’s completed, however due to its old age, the quality of the materials was not as good as the pink fox’s parts.

After removing the demonic energy within these items, they could be used to produce excellent equipment and food.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ witness the dismantling done by Yu Yi with a faint cold expression but he did not stop him; however it was also apparent that he did not agree with their actions as he was emitting an oppressive aura.

Yu Yi’s hands started to tremble unconsciously, his cultivation was not weak yet he was forced into this state just by the focused gaze of another. This could only mean that the other party was simply too powerful; secretly he felt a deep restrained fear towards ‘Huan Jiu Li’

When Yu Yi was about to dismantle the eyes, ‘Huan Jiu Li’ addressed Ji Mo Ya, “Leave the eyes.”

Ji Mo Ya and ‘Huan Jiu Li’ exchanged a gaze.

Huan Qing Yan looked at them both; why did the two of them only exchange a look, and then beccme silent?

The two of them did not speak, only looking at each other’s eyes.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ said, “Young Mistress’s cultivation is too low and did not possess a strong mental power, this caused her to be an easy target of illusions. If she eats the eyes of Madam Fox Charm, it would definitely increase her resistance to illusions! Give it to me, I can disperse the demonic energy within it.”

Yu Yi looked at his Young Master, Ji Mo Ya returned a nod.

Ji Mo Ya also had the same intention; however, he did not have a method to remove the demonic energy at the moment and would need to engage someone to remove it for him.

Since Huan Jiu Li has the ability, he might as well give him a chance to do so.

An existence that can remove demonic energy; that person was either at the level of a King Spirit Master or possessed some sort of secret technique…

The last time Ji Mo Ya saw Huan Jiu Li was in Hanging Cloud; and that time, he was only a Five-Star Spirit Master, one that was possessed by a Greater Demon before.

Now they meet again, that Huan Jiu Li of his memory completely different from the one in front of him.

This filled him with all sorts of questions, all he knew was that this person was not simple!

‘Huan Jiu Li’ received the eyes of Madam Fox Charm’s clone, the eyes still shone like beautiful gems radiating rainbow colors.

He stretched his hand and lightly rubbed against the eyes, a faint green light appeared for an instant before disappearing like a flash.

The rainbow glow was also gone, turning into a dull and invisible energy.

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze stiffened for a moment as surprise filled him, Huan Jiu Li managed to remove the demonic energy with just a rub of his hands! What realm was he at now?

‘Huan Jiu Li’ passed the eyeballs to Huan Qing Yan, “Eat it.”

Huan Qing Yan did not take it immediately as she was slightly apprehensive about eating it, “This can be eaten? Are the two of you trying to con me? I feel that my cultivation is pretty good, in fact, there’s no need for me to eat it… must I really eat it? Why not I keep it first and make it into soup and drink it instead?

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