Chapter 680 – Serves You Right!

Huan Qing Yan uncontrollably pointed out, “Serves you right!”

She stood up and checked her surroundings, she was hoping to find a way to climb out of here.

Whichever place that she walked to, the snakes nearby would all ignore her.

Hou Ning Xue quickly noticed the weird phenomenon, “Why are the snakes not biting you?”

Huan Qing Yan also noticed this detail, the snakes did not display any hostility towards her; on the contrary, they seem to be slightly afraid of her instead.

That made her remember the time when she just crossed over and fell into the ant pit, those ants even helped to carry her out of the pit.

Firstly, she did not know any beast language, secondly, she was not related to critters such as snakes, insects, rats etc.; so why were they unwilling to bite her?

Especially those low rank snakes that did not possess any intelligence would all display fear towards her, while snakes of a certain level of cultivation would also feel fearful towards her, just more restrained.

Earlier on, when Lin Fei Fei lured the large snake, that large snake had also paused for a moment, it was more or less also due to the same reason.

“I do not know, snakes are smart creatures, they will only bite individuals with wicked hearts such as you. For a beauty like me, the snakes would not bite me.” Huan Qing Yan replied with nonsense.

It looks like she would be fine for now, she just wondered if the Fish King would still be there around when she leaves here.

This was not a place to stay for long, these little snakes were all displaying an innate fear towards her; however, if she were to encounter something like a Snake King, then it was likely that she would be meeting her maker.

Her instincts were telling her that with so many small snakes here, there must be an existence that she cannot handle such as a Snake King in this place.

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“Leafy, can you pull me up out of here through that hole we came in from?” Huan Qing Yan asked Leafy.

Leafy expressed that it would try as it transformed into a vine; it had one end wrapped around Huan Qing Yan’s waist while the other started to pierce into the gaps of the rocky wall…

Hou Ning Xue was currently surrounded by small snakes; all sorts of snakes were tunneling in and out of her clothes, with others wrapping her limbs and even her head. If she caused any small resistance, she would be bitten in retaliation.

Regardless of their sizes, these snakes were all poisonous, just that the venom of the smaller ones were slightly weaker.

Each bite would cause Hou Ning Xue to scream in pain.

A short while later, her entire body was covered in bruises while her limbs have gone numb.

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“Young Mistress, I beg you, I am wrong, please help me out! Young Mistress, I will never do it again, I am just shrouded by momentary greed. Young Mistress has been treating me with kindness and is magnanimous, helping me to enter Surging Wave Academia to learn skills. I will properly cultivate from now onwards and do whatever Young Mistress wants me to do…” Hou Ning Xue started to beg.

It would be weird had Huan Qing Yan believed her, “Do you think I am a fool? A person with a vicious mind like you who do not know how to repay kindness, is better off being bitten to death by snakes.”

Hou Ning Xue said angrily, “Lin Fei Fei lured a snake to bite you, yet you also can forgive her, why can’t you forgive me this time?”

“That because your fundamental character is different, Lin Fei Fei is a simpleton who wears her hostility on her face and does things straightforward, that is a quality I admire! While a poisonous snake like you, one who hides in the dark to ambush and bite people anytime is the most dangerous! A poisonous snake must not be kept alive, what’s more you are also a thankless wretch? Enjoy being bitten to death by snakes, feel the joyful symphony of death!”

Huan Qing Yan managed to climb a few steps up with the help of Leafy.

But the rocky wall was simply too slippery, even Leafy was unable to find anymore spots to root itself.

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