Chapter 679 – Weed Sage

Ji Mo Wu Chang lightly smiled, “The Bai Li Clan will not allow it, their Great Grand Elder Bai Li Feng is well known for his weird temper, and extreme siding of his people; if he is to know about it, he will fight all the way to the clan’s doorsteps. In addition, Little Ya may not accept the Luan Girl even as a concubine…”

The straightforward Ji Mo Kai Yuan got frustrated, “We cannot to this, cannot do that, then are we really letting Brat Ya to fool around with that woman for two years?”

Ji Mo Wu Chang suddenly changed the topic, “I heard that the woman managed to activate the second form of the Phoenix Feather Bell?”

Everyone was stunned momentarily.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan seemed to have also suddenly understood something, “That’s right, I personally saw the second form; a feather grew out. However, it is only the second form; there is till the third and the fourth form… and her spirit treasure is a pig! A pig!”

Ji Mo Wu Chang lightly shook his head, “Let’s observe for now, there are not many who can activate the second form, even you and I as King Spirit Masters could only activate up to the fourth form at most.”

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Some of the remaining people’s expression were not good, while some were suddenly displaying excited expressions.

“Ok, two years is in fact not really long as well, one close-door meditation and it will pass.”

“Patriarch, Madam Ru’s side will definitely have some movement, do we put a stop to it?”

Ji Mo Wu Chang’s gaze turned faintly discernable while his look was joyful, “No need, he has been developing his own organization secretly over the past few years, if he could not even handle his mother then I will have to look down on him.”

“So, the Patriarch already has something in mind, we have all worry for nothing.”

The elders considered themselves to have drank half a day of free tea before going back to wherever they came from.

Before he left, Ji Mo Kai Yuan was called to remain.

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“Bring some valuable gifts and personally pay a visit to the Bai Li Clan to ask for forgiveness. Tell them that we have given a heavy punishment to Little Ya and will not allow him to fool around. We will also get back the Phoenix Feather Bell.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan felt he was once again being arrowed. Making equipment is his specialty, a delicate task like this should not be done by a person of tough character like him.

However, so be it!

Before Ji Mo Kai Yuan could reply, Ji Mo Wu Chang added, “The Bai Li Clan will definitely not agree to leave the matter hanging, I am guessing that they will definitely bring up the matter about confirming the marriage. If their stance is to either confirm or never speak of this arrangement again, then reply them this; the marriage will take place when the Weed Sage ends his close-door training. The Weed Sage will be coming out in about two years’ time, that is something they knew as well.”

“Okay, I will go meet them one more time. Those old guys in the Bai Li Clan might have shut themselves inside their homes every day, but they have always been sharp minded, not easy to mess with…”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan mumbled as he walked away, covering several dozen meters away with one step.


As Huan Qing Yan fell into the deep slippery hole, she went through many turns and corners, making the hole feel like it was tracks created by a snake.

After some time, she finally reached the bottom.

When she felt about her landing spot, it was soft and it also seemed like something was wriggling under it.

Huan Qing Yan quickly got Leafy to float above her, using its nine shining Goose-eggs to light up her surroundings.

When she looked closer, Huan Qing Yan sucked in a deep breath.

There were snakes everywhere!

Packed densely and forming groups as high as mountains.

Huan Qing Yan was still fine and reacted only by taking a deep breath, Hou Ning Xue who had slide down after her was scared to the point her soul was leaving her.

She kept screaming, “Ahhhhh! So many snakes! Ahhhh, there are snakes inside my clothes!!!”

Maybe due to her overreaction, one of the snakes was angered and bit her arm; and in turn Hou Ning Xue’s scream shook the entire cave.

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