Chapter 698 – Poor Beyond Words

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The Lin Family was now poor, and no words could describe their state.

When Old Master Lin heard the news that Lin Fei Fei had also lost an arm due to an accident during the examinations, he collapsed.

The Lin Familys best seedling, the one who had entered Surging Wave Academia, their greatest hope of reviving the family in the future; has lost an arm

Old Master Lin woke up from the efforts of his sons and grandsons, tears flowed out of his eyes.

Since things have become like that, it was also of no use to be sad; the most important thing was what to do from then on.

After a discussion, they decided to hire a doctor who has great skill to attach a prosthetic on Lin Fei Fei; however, surgeries of this types were very costly.

The Lin Family was poor beyond words already; spirit stones aside, they did not even possess any gold or silver. Their servants have all left and scattered; everything of value within their house had been sold, whatever was left was of no value as well.

In the end, they have no choice.

Madam Lin was asked by her husband to visit the Nan Gong Clan and to borrow some spirit stones to tide over the matter.

The current Nan Gong Clan was gloomy and dispirited, a huge pressure of sorrow and pain was spreading throughout the place. Madam Lins brothers have all died; by the time the visiting Madam Lin paid a round of respects in the ancestral hall, half a day had gone by and her mood had also turned into one of deep sorrow.

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After paying respects to the ancestors and deceased, Madam Lin came to the Patriarchs place, it was also where Nan Gong Bei Cheng currently stayed.

Inside was empty, except for a few articles of clothes.

Bei Cheng, Bei Cheng, are you inside? Madam Huan knocked on the half-opened door.

Half a second later, a cold bland voice came from within, Am here, Aunt have you returned?

Madam Lin sigh a breath of relief; there was finally a living person around, and she stepped inside.

In the short span of a few months with no one managing, this quiet beautiful place that had once bloomed hundreds of flowers is now filled with tall grasses. Despite being broad daylight, whenever the wind blows, there would be a chilly feeling.

Passing through the courtyard filled with tall grasses and a long corridor, she came to the deepest part of the place.

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The place was also covered in grasses; it was so quiet one could hear the sounds of wind blowing and the bugs chirping.

Madam Lin entered.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was currently sitting in the center of the building, his eyes closed in meditation.

The house was big; while the displays were luxurious, it also felt different from before because of the lesser people around, making it feel exceptionally lonely.

Aunt, you are here. Come sit. Nan Gong Bei Cheng opened his eyes and gestured towards Madam Lin to sit.

Madam Lin pursed her lips and sat down.

Bei Cheng, why do I not see anyone along the way here? Such a big clan yet it felt somewhat empty and lonely. Why not, let Aunt help you hire some servants and slaves from outside on your behalf?

No need, the current Nan Gong Clan does not need such peaceful lifestyle, we need to focus on training. If it is empty then let it be, only by being empty can the heart be quiet! Nan Gong Bei Cheng was expressionless, his emotions were as calm as a puddle of dead water.

Madam Lin sighed, their Lin Family also did not have any servants left and was also gloomy and depressed. The Nan Gong Clan was even more desolate than them.

Bei Cheng, I am here today for a matter. During the Surging Wave Academia exam, your cousin Lin Fei Fei…”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng stopped her, I already know. I will arrange for someone to prepare some spirit stones for your Lin Family. Use it to help Fei Fei with her arm; if there is nothing else please return then, First Aunt.

The reserves of the Eight Great Clan allowed them to have no worries about money; however, the prosperity of the clan would need to see if they possessed any luck and if they had enough clan members.

The Nan Gong Clan do not have many members left; most of their assets and property have also been stopped one after the other.

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