Chapter 14 – Fun Lunch 3

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“…Which reminds me, I was pushed down by you the first time we met.”

I casually those words murmured and Senpai in front of me got choked and violently coughed and made the spoon in his hand dance in the air several times.

…To the point that he became absentminded, this person’s hand is dexterous.

We’re sitting at a sunny place again today. Because it is rare to have a daily special of seafood, the plates do not match the design of the table. It is a rice dish called paella, and there are plenty of big shrimps and it looks very delicious. Because students from various parts of the kingdom attend this school, the restaurant menu is really varied. Local dishes of the locality are also included, so even if you go every day you do not get tired of it. Even in situations where I am with an unwilling partner like today, it is thanks to the cooks that I am able to eat a delicious meal. I’m very grateful.

…Well, I can only evade through this.

Kralvane-senpai responded unexpectedly, although I thought clearly that it would be “ah” or something, so this is bothering, present progressive tense. First, he was surprised that I remembered that incident after school. We’re talking about this person, so I thought he had forgotten.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I wonder if it lodged in a strange place in his throat. When I handed the glass of water to Senpai who was still coughing, he drank it all at once and fell prostrate on the table. Because just his appearance is noticeable, I want him not to act too much…

“…I’m sorry.”

A few seconds later, Senpai, who responded in a thin voice, was very red to his ears. I’d like to observe a rare expression, but is this person okay?

“Have you calmed down? Do you still need water?”

“No, it’s not about that.”

Shielding his face with a freshly poured glass of water, if you think what he meant while concealing his red face…

“……I’m really sorry about that time.”

Oh, that. I spontaneously thought that he was about to drop the glass.

……What should I say, but it may not be heard.

For now, I forcibly put a spoon in my mouth while I calm my heart. Hmm, well-cooked rice and a lot of crispy ingredients… It’s delicious.

Brought the second mouthful, third mouthful… alright, I’ve calmed down. When I looked up to react, Senpai, with his reddish face, kept looking at me.


“No, I just thought, ‘Ah, she eats with pleasure.’”

I’m also drawn. He also brings a spoon to his mouth while laughing. Although I am eating the same thing as him, I am frustrated that the cleanliness of our movements is different but I will give up.

“……My bad. I was a little upset. I thought that I had to apologize properly about the first meeting.”

That was after a while when the red-faced Senpai finally turned properly towards me. I also tried to follow, but because he said that it is okay to leave as it is, I will continue to eat meekly.

“That time, I was really sorry. It was not a behavior towards a person who doesn’t know my name. I am regretting.”

“…I am amazed that you have the word ‘regret’ in your dictionary.”

“I’m a little self-conscious than other people.”

Oh, self-conscious. He seems to be able to pay attention but I wonder why he’s…maybe, an airhead. He didn’t mind me, whose eyes became unconsciously colder, and kept on laughing gently.

“Just after being with ‘those women’… and also after I return to my parents’ house, there are always topics about aristocracy. I became skeptical.”

I suddenly noticed a large piece (of shrimp) was transferred from his plate to my plate. It looked like it was transferred while he was talking. Even though I had eaten normally until a while ago…… I wonder what he is being careful about. (mumbling)

“…I’m really sorry.”


To conclude it, he lowered his beautiful face. It does not feel like he is joking. It is a form of a proper apology. This person is really repentant…… it looks like it!!

That’s why, Senpai, the location is not good!!

The next moment, the curious eyes looking this way got stern at once. If the handsome, top student lowers his head to a young, female underclassman, of course, it will become like this!! Since you stand out if you ask, please be self-conscious, Senpai!!

“I understand, so please raise your head. Hurry up!”

“Do you forgive me?”

“Let’s talk about forgiveness later. Raise your head, be good and eat your food. Here!”

As I raised his head almost forcefully, I shoved the spoon in his mouth with force. I heard it hit his teeth, but let me think of it as a compensation for the piercing gazes of the people around us.

“………Meryl, it hurts.”

It seems that I was right after all. Appealing after swallowing the food properly, he surprisingly has integrity.

“I understand that you want to apologize. But please, do think about your behavior where you are right now.”

“Will you forgive me?”

“…Do you listen when other people are talking?”

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Are you listening? Seeing him tilting his head to one side, this person is useless. He’s an airhead, after all. He rarely gives a decent reply. I was stupid to expect.

………Well, I guess it is a progress that he could apologize properly.

“…I do not really want to forgive you. Because it was the first time such thing was done to me. But it’s no use to get mad now, so that matter on the first day, I’ll let it pass.”

“So you’ll forgive me!”

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He immediately laughed attractively as if flowers were blooming. Recently I’m thinking, how old is this man? Even if I put aside the matter that first day we met, he just smiled. He is absolutely not listening.

“I’ve said it many times, but I am not going to be involved with the Kralvane family. To be honest, it is a bother.”

“I know. That’s why, isn’t it better if you have a grand romance with me?”

He does not understand at all. That’s why I’m telling you I do not want to be involved with you, Kralvane-senpai!

If this was the fourth day… But after all, it was only the fourth day. Thinking about our parallel conversations that did not intersect from the first day, I let out a deep, deep sigh.

I wonder if I have to get involved with him until he graduates. Despite having just less than a year left, the period of time feels very long.

…Will I be able to escape?

When I looked at him, that person that ate up the paella completely is in a good mood. Although my first impression of this man who engages in excessive skinship was sharp and cold and cannot comprehend conversations due to being airheaded, he has a soft face when he laughs. It has only been four days but… this man showed me various aspects even though I do not want to see it.

I wonder what I’d like to do. Though I have to get away, I got used to have lunch with him.

……At least, it’s true that my mind is disturbed by him.

In the end, my thoughts were not in order and I let out a sigh again. Let’s finish eating this delicious meal for now. Let’s end this lunch break without causing problems. For sure, that is for the best.

While saying that, I brought the remaining food in my mouth……

This spoon… When I noticed it, it is needless to say. This. Thing. Is. What. I. Shoved. In. Senpai’s mouth. A. While. Ago.


Author’s note:

Gil’s thoughts:

I want to wholeheartedly insist that “Meryl is a not ‘woman only for that purpose’!” That’s why being forgiven for his behavior that first day, it was a big progress for him.

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