Chapter 13 – Calling It Progress or Calling It Failure

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Today, the sun that is also brilliantly shining and the beautiful blue sky hurts my eyes.

Although it is said that it is a fine weather that blesses the beginning of the young people’s day, but a female academy student is wearing a gloomy aura like fog for some reason.

“…There’s no sign of the enemy. Meryl, it’s okay to go out now.”

“Sorry for troubling you every morning, Monica.”

I lowered my head to Monica, who leads and confirms the situation outside, and pass through the door while dragging heavy atmosphere. The gazes of other academy students around still hurt, but I am used to it.

While sighing from morning, a warm hand stroked my head. Oh, my dear friend! Since I have you, I feel like going to school today!

“Your complexion is not good. You slept properly yesterday, didn’t you?”

“……I was able to sleep.”

I feel guilty to her who is genuinely worried about my health, and I unconsciously averted my eyes. Indeed, I was able to sleep. Anyhow, because I tried every means possible.

Because of the yesterday’s storm-like after-school case, I really could not sleep naturally so I quickly shifted into another means. The basic magic that is popularly known as “Sleeping Magic”… I got Monica to use it on me. Actually, I don’t want to depend on magic to do what I can naturally do, but I’d like to say that it cannot be helped yesterday.

The consumption of magical power is small, and it is one of simple art that everyone can use if they were able to proceed in the second year, so there is no burden in using it. The problem is the special characteristic of this magic.

Originally, this “sleeping technique” originated from a lullaby used to comfort a baby crying at night. The effect is not so strong, and of course, there are no after-effects.

But there is one special characteristic. And that is “seeing good dreams”.

It should not be anything other than benefits if this was an ordinary request……

“……I’ll never accept that as a good dream.”


In that dream, which I unusually remembered even after waking up, that guy appeared. Moreover, Kralvane-senpai wanted to escape!!

Even so, the two of us are getting along, and we are frolicking about, saying things like “Kya-Kya-Ufufu~!”. It’s impossible, ridiculous, to interpret such as a “good dream” if that person appeared!!

“Also, I was laughing enjoyably, and I cannot believe myself, that absolutely means nothing……”

“Meryl… Will you please stop grumbling in a whisper? It is really creepy.”

While apologizing to Monica who is somewhat influenced, she sighed deeply again. How troublesome it is when he invaded through her magic that I used to escape.

Ugh, I don’t want to be involved with him anymore.

I heard a voice calling my name. Those golden eyes narrowed gently as he smiled. Both the size and warmth of the hands that I touched were clearly remembered as if I could reproduce them in my dream.

“Turning blue or red, aren’t you busy from morning?”

“I also don’t like this.”

And I am also fed up with this face that responds whenever I remember. I’m starting to hate myself.

“……Although he only wants my physical constitution.”

“…If that’s what it really is.”

It is vexing and pitiable. The bitter smile Monica gave me made me daringly pretend to not hear her.

*   *   *

Finally, it was several hours since I arrived safely in the academy.

There is no contact between the classrooms of the second years and the sixth years, and I was able to take classes so far in peace but…

…Five more minutes, huh?

I confirmed it by looking at the clock on the top of the teacher’s desk and I understand that it is all in the hands of nature. The morning class will be over soon. The time of the devil’s lunch, which continued for the last two days, will come. Until now, lunch break was supposed to be anticipated during the day, why has it become like this?

I heard the teacher summarized the contents not caring about my grief, and said, “Then it ends here,” at the same time the bell sounded.

Now, what to do?

While seeing off my classmates, who started running outside without waiting for the teacher to leave first, I caught a glimpse of Monica doing some signs. She also has the same thoughts, and she returned a stare at me with an expression as if saying, “What will you do?” We regularly eat our lunch at the cafeteria but today, we may go buy at the shop. Because the direction is different, then there will be no encounter if Senpai goes to the cafeteria.

I stood up from my seat fired up and at the same time, I heard noises outside the door.

………I have a bad feeling.

“Uhm, Foster… Senpai is calling you from the hallway.”

Eventually, when a red-faced female classmate opened the door, I saw the blue-silver haired wretch right behind her. Hanging my head, there’s no other people here in the classroom who I can call for help………

“Sorry, I’m a little late.”

“I don’t know where you are late, but I haven’t waited for you in the first place.”

The classroom for the sixth year level is the top floor of the school building. Even though it is in a different floor than my classroom in the first place, is it normal for him to be able to come just a few minutes after the bell rang? Meanwhile… let’s not discuss it.

When I came out of the classroom (grudgingly), he welcomed me with a happy laugh. Both his smooth blue-silver hair and narrowed golden eyes that reflected me are also beautiful today as if mocking me, this handsome wretch. If they will only look at Senpai, it seems like a sweet time with another lover from a different grade, but at this time I sincerely want them to judge by looking at the wrinkling of my eyebrows.

“I wanted to see you, Meryl. Let’s eat lunch.”

“Is this settled? Do I have no right to object?”

“You don’t like it?”

While unconsciously resisting in a low voice, a big hand reached out to me. Stroking my cheeks, running his hands through my hair… The fluid movement shortened the half-step distance.

“…You don’t like it?”

“Se-Senpai, you’re too close!!”

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He took another half-step, but because the door behind is opened by pulling it, I couldn’t step back. His free hand slipped around my waist. Th-This pervert, where is he touching—?!

“Senpai, hey!!”

“But I’ve been waiting to meet you during lunch break the whole time. Not good, Meryl?”

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“I’ll go with you! I will eat with you so please release me!!”

While pondering on my humiliation, I helplessly nodded back at him. There’s no choice but to agree. I am absolutely sorry to do things in the corridor, with all eyes on us, like yesterday.

Just as he removed his hands on me, he grabbed my hands.

“Meryl, you’re really cute.”

“Intimidating you, what’s cute?!”

“Aren’t you using an attack magic in a loud voice? First, there is no power in it so it can be unbound, you know?”

With a cheerful voice, he lifted our hands to show me.


Fingers are entangled, but there is indeed no power. It is the same like the one yesterday; if I want to untangle it, it is a small entanglement that can be separated immediately.

“No, telling me to release you, I don’t want to be separated from you, Meryl.”

So cute.

This time, he pulled our lifted hands and planted a small kiss in it.


“I wonder what today’s special is… What will you eat, Meryl?”

And, as if nothing had happened, he pulled my hand and walked towards the cafeteria. Not pulling forcefully, just with the modest connection of our entangled fingers.

Ah, enough!!

While being irritated at the heat of my whole body concentrating on my cheeks, in the end we left the corridor of the second years without untangling our hands.

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