This is a story on Gilbert’s side.

A few moments before the girls are being troubled.

At the dining hall of the men’s dormitory, which is two-minute walk away, the academy students… the last year level (sixth year) students are at lost for words.

Certain people are thinking about how to call out, and some of them gave up as if they have loose screws. In front of them was one man. The one who was famous for his facial features, though it cannot be seen right now because he was sitting and his head was hung down, the one who has been with them throughout their studies.

……The problem is that he was holding “something unsuitable” in his hands.

“……Gil, why don’t you put that aside in the meantime?”

Gilbert Kralvane finally raised his head at the words of Elliot Gardner, who was in the same year with him and his roommate for many years. He looked again at what they called that thing in his arms and slowly tilted his head.

“…Why did I bring a pillow in the dining hall?”

“That’s what we want to ask you.”

That’s right. A “pillow” in the dining hall. It is a bedding that is not necessary in a place where you are supposed to eat, no matter what you think.

Based on his appearance, he does not even remember himself “burying his face” in that thing. He does not have an aura of someone falling asleep, so it seems like it was an unconscious action… it goes without saying that everyone wanted use tsukkomi. What’s going on inside his head?

Despite the floating question mark, he stood up as if nothing happened and walked with his long legs. He was not even staggering and looked straight ahead.

Although the pillow in his hand feels out of place.

In the end, there was delicate atmosphere that surrounded the dining room for a few minutes until he came back.

“…So, what happened, Gil? Worried about something?”

“Worried? What are you talking about?”

Elliot asked Gilbert, who came back as if nothing had happened, while beckoning him to take the opposite seat. It would be unavoidable in this circumstances that other people would be in an eavesdropping posture. That’s because of the sudden appearance of a pillow.

“I’m not particularly worried though…”

“Well then, something good happened? Unconsciously bringing a pillow, there could be something you’re worried about, right?”

In contrast to his friend, the reddish-brown eyes that are somewhat drooping are gently narrowed. Even if one looks at the gentle smile, Elliot, who has such a face, is also a relentless person who does not give up until he is convinced. He is he, and he does not play like the role of his dandy, blockhead roommate.

…… Although when he becomes relentless, it is mostly because of Gilbert’s strange behavior today.

Did I do something?

At his friend’s “Elliot’s scolding mother mode”, he tilted his head in confusion again. Certainly, it was unexpected to have a pillow in the dining room, but…

I can’t think of anything that worries me. Good thing…?

The nicely shaped eyebrows frowned and he looked back at what happened today. Now that it was mentioned, what remained in his head…


While he was trying to remember, he noticed that there was nothing on his mind. Even the conversations before other than the best thing that happened today, he always says what’s on his head, doesn’t he?

With dark blue hair and big green eyes, “making” a scary face. Shorter than his shoulders, a girl who desperately resists.

“I see. Looks like the correct answer is, something good happened, right? Your face is breaking into a smile, Gil.”

If you receive an implication that you have a bitter smile, certainly you’ll notice that the corners of the mouth are rising. But he does not want to fix it in particular. It was really a very good thing.

…Ah, so that’s it. It feels that he can understand if this is the reason why he brought the pillow.

“The feeling of embracing something is good.”


Announcing the words as if playing innocent, this time it was the turn of Elliot and the other people in the dining hall to have that look in their eyes.

Speaking of feeling of embracing, is it about the pillow earlier? No way, a pillow infatuation?

“Because I understand just by looking that it is slender, I thought it was bonier. Actually, it is soft and warm when I touched it. Besides, it felt comfortable in my arms and it was pretty cute.”

“Slender… Oh, it’s not a pillow.”

As Gilbert continued, he was smiling gently that was unimaginable judging from his usual expressionlessness.

The other people around realized, “Ah, so he’s speaking fondly,” and broke their eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Elliot, who saw the rare expression of his roommate, encouraged him to continue as his curiosity intensified.

“You have a new lover?”

“Not yet my lover. At least someone who I like to get married to.”

“……How unusual.”

His roommate, who closed his eyes and was probably thinking of her, does not seem to be lying. In the first place, Gilbert is not good at telling lies. To Elliot in particular.

I guess he can really something good in her for him to like.

“Besides, it smelled very nice. The shampoo and soap. I thought that when we talk about women, they’re creatures that reek of perfume.”

“I thought those people who came to you, Gil, are special.”

Perhaps thinking about those people, he showed a bitter smile. When it was terrible, Gilbert, who came back to the dormitory, immediately goes into the bath. If it is the scent of cleanliness of a woman, it was very much appreciated by the other resident of the same room.

“I hope you’ll succeed.”

“Thank you. I’ll do my best so please support me.”

At those polite words, the usual smile was back. Elliot just disappointingly watched his roommate, who just stood up from his seat and went to replenish his side dishes.

Only allowed on

Despite the gaudy relationship with women, he almost always lacked expression when he was with anyone, but then he says “I’ll do my best” in this love affair? Even if he pinched his cheeks, this is certainly not a dream. Did real spring finally arrive in their sixth year of school life?

I really hope this would succeed.

Since he carelessly brought a pillow, then he is devoted with her. It doesn’t matter, as long as he is happy with her, she will be congratulated.

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His night, after the second collaborator (?) following Duke accepted, slowly and gently wore on.


Author’s note:

The meal in the dormitory’s dining hall is basically a buffet system.

This is the new character Elliot Gardner’s first appearance in the extra edition. Duke has tsukkomi characteristics and Elliot has an attribute of a mother. Because the main character does what he wants, the sixth year students are worldly-wise people.

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