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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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Meryl’s POV → Monica’s POV. The POV changes with breakpoints.

“Hey, Meryl. Where in this conversation should I insert tsukkomi?”

“P-Please be gentle as much as possible.”

After the academy was completely locked, Monica, who failed to join me, eventually came back to the dormitory later than me. It seems that she talked to someone who gathers information. When I apologized to her during dinner, I should have told her to not to worry about it but……

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What happened was, I told her everything that happened after school.

“It’s just three days, what were you doing?”

“I also don’t understand. Surely, it’s because the brains of popular people developed faster than that of ordinary people.”

“No, it feels somewhat different though.”

From the dormitory’s dining hall to the bath, I kept talking all the time while we were walking, and finally, I felt relaxed to be back in our room. I groan every time I remember Senpai’s face along our way, the gentle person who gazed at me with warm eyes. That is the so-called irresistible force, and I think that the face of Senpai, who said strange things, is bad. Yup.

“However, that’s totally putting the cart before the horse. I wonder what he intends to do.”

“What you say… Doesn’t he only want my physique for the sake of the Kralvane family?”

“That’s right but… I wonder why.”

While cleaning the eyeglasses at the hem of her nightgown, Monica breathed a deep, deep sigh. Her expression is more amazing than her bewilderment.

“Monica? What are you wondering about?”

“Nothing, it’s just that I thought if that person says that he wants to make Meryl happy, I will support him.”

“You do not have to!”

I loudly mumbled those outrageous words. It’s no joke, denying with all my might. It’s because I’m already past the age to admire ladies and princesses. Anyway, nobility is a world that sounds troublesome just from listening from that person himself, so I’ll absolutely refuse determinedly.


What did I just think of just now? “Anyway, from that person himself”?

“Sorry… Unconsciously blurting those words, I was too tired……”

“Meryl? Wait, are you okay?”

Monica, looking worried, stroked my back that slumped in the middle of our conversation.

Ahhh, only words of denial keep on repeating in my mind. My eyes and ears continued to remember him from our encounter after school.

“…Meryl, your face is red. You’re starting to look like a maiden in love.”

“Don’t joke. I was just deceived by a con artist.”

“I hope that’s the case.”

Unreservedly, comforting me like a child, it was a kind gesture. Which reminds me, he also said that…… I do not have to remember, I just dug a grave a little while ago. Ah, really!! I will demand a settlement because of lack of sleep!


*   *   *

…Seems like a serious illness.

While watching the look my best friend in the second year had for the first time, I (Monica) took a breath. I had the information that I got at great pains, but unfortunately, it seems that it will be conveyed tomorrow.

Well, perhaps it is better not to let her hear it.

The content is, of course, her today’s request. In other words, it is about “Gilbert Kralvane’s preference”. This time, I procured the information from Duke Kimberley himself, who was the second place in the overall performance. Likely, it has a high credibility.

Rather, it is better to keep silent for a while.

Meryl, who, for some reason, began to hit the pillow while thinking of someone, is still very red up to her ears. Really, what did you do to my cute roommate, Gilbert Kralvane, you bastard?

……By the way, the important information are:

  • Because he is tight-faced, he prefers a gentle face.

(Meryl has big, beautiful eyes and her facial features are cute type and gentle type.)

  • Not good at unhealthy body types such as overweight or too thin.

(Meryl tends to be a little thin, but it is still within the healthy classification. Rather, her skin is firm.)

  • The truth is he prefers someone who agrees to act and seems to like (longing?) to be like “lovey-dovey lovers” such as holding hands and hugging, rather than have an instantaneous relationship.

I thought about the third one but, the virgin Meryl will not have an immediate sexual intercourse with him. Moreover, the story that I heard today was enough for me to accept him. Him yearning, the behavior is like that of a boyfriend.

Besides, it was also mentioned in detail that he “is not good with breasts that are too big” (I wonder what happened), but there is not a single thing he disliked in her; she practically fulfilled all the preference factors in his list.

The more I hear about it, the more I believe that it is not just my imagination that Meryl is right at the center of Senpai’s preference. It is something that I’m familiar with, and perhaps Senpai is serious about using Meryl’s physique. Well, if he abandons his family, it is still putting the cart before the horse.

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My cute roommate was writhing with the pillow this time. While casting a side glance, I could only sigh at the situation that doesn’t end every day.

Oh, it looks like it will be long tonight.

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