Chapter 764 – Revenge

“Indeed. To not even know all the members of the clan, is this really the heir of the Shang Qiu Clan?”

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“Wow, this bro has learnt new things today.”

Even Bai Li Zi Xi also frowned, it showed that even she was speechless.

Huan Qing Yan instantly understood why Tuoba Yu’er only acted now. It was likely because she had assumed that Shang Qiu Meng Qian had learnt about Shang Qiu Yan’s death and thought that he was here to find trouble with her.

What resulted was Shang Qiu Meng Qian having no reaction. That was why she started a commotion…

Yet Shang Qiu Meng Qian did not even know who Shang Qiu Yan was! So what revenge was there to speak about?

Shang Qiu Meng Qian turned towards Huan Qing Yan, “This lady, why are you being hostile to our Shang Qiu Clan? Killing a member of our Shang Qiu Clan?”

His voice was still extremely nice to hear too, however it contained a trace of sharpness and killing intent that was locked onto her.

Huan Qing Yan endured it and explained everything again. However, after explaining, Shang Qiu Meng Qian did not even adopt a reasonable attitude.

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“No matter the reason. A member of the Shang Qiu Clan has died because of you, you need to pay with your life!”


To be such a handsome dude, yet to be so blind.

It looked like she needed to run away, so she sent a secret message, “We cannot win this person. Bally, you go ahead first, I will follow closely after that. Rest assured, I might not be able to win him in a fight, but I can outrun him as I have the Swift Water Talisman…”

She had eaten many silent losses due to the Swift Water Talisman back in Surging Wave Academia. That was why she did not exchange for any Water Repelling Talisman, and she had exchanged for Swift Water Talisman instead…

Dorna had already harvest eight pearls so far; if he continues, the others would start suspecting again. He did not feel unwilling as well, after considering the opponent’s special circumstances, he decided to listen to Huan Qing Yan and go first.

He has a small stature, so leaving was easy as he does not attract much attention from others.

Huan Qing Yan tried her best to debate on her side, hoping to turn things around, “Is the Shang Qiu Clan so unreasonable? Does the Eight Great Clans have such a rule?”

Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s gaze turned slightly complicated as he started as Huan Qing Yan, “This lady, this Young Master not forcefully take your pearls was already treating you very reasonably. However, the honor of the clan cannot be tarnished, killing a person must be repaid with blood!”

For some unknown reason, Shang Qiu Meng Qian felt a strong sense of familiarity with this lady.

He belongs to the type of person that only focused on cultivation and ignored all sorts of rumors outside; in addition, he was very bad at remembering faces. He would never be able to remember a person if he only met them a couple of times, that includes his own clan members. Since he was unable to remember their faces, he would naturally be unable to remember their names as well.

However, for some unknown reason, Huan Qing Yan felt very familiar.

With his domineering methods in the past, was he ever not given the things he wanted? Fine, he would just take it forcefully!

Huan Qing Yan silently released Leafy, Piggy had already been summoned earlier on already. Now was the time to defend her life, it was better to call out Leafy first.

Since the matter about her having Dual Spirit Treasures would be expose eventually, it could not be hidden forever.

Leafy was very useful during escaping.

It could create binding traps on the enemies…

Huan Qing Yan estimates that Bally should have gone far away by now; she sticked a Swift Water Talisman on her leg, then turned around and ran…

Shang Qiu Meng Qian was very angry, this lass wants to run away just like that?

Humph, can she escape when she was already within his grasp?

She must be dreaming!

Of course, he chased after her. In the end, after only taking a step, a bundle of vines suddenly appeared in front of him and binded him!

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