Chapter 798 – Corpse Pearl

Huan Qing Yan did not hesitate and went up to him.

“Senior Brother Bai Li, why did you use hypnotism on me without any logic to harm me?”

Huan Qing Yan could barely contain her rage, had it not been for Leafy’s quick reaction, she might have been bitten by the zombie to death.

Senior Brother Bai Li has an ordinary look that was clean and scholarly, he looked like an approachable and kind neighborhood brother. However, it was apparent that he was not as harmless as he looked to be.

He only calmly replied, “The first Corpse Pearl went missing, I suspect that you are the one who took it. You possess Dual Spirit Treasures, and one of them have high movement speeds, this one only wanted to find the whereabouts of the first Corpse Pearl.”

When everyone heard his words, other than Bai Cheng Feng and Le Guo’er, they all looked at Huan Qing Yan suspiciously.

The zombie that Bai Cheng Feng was fighting was somewhat tricky to deal with, he was unable to finish his fight immediately and was still in battle.

Le Guo’er stopped opening her coffin and walked over, “Senior Brother Bai Li, Huan Qing Yan is not what you think she is. She is an incredibly generous person and would not have taken the Corpse Pearl.”

Huan Qing Yan’s newly recruited servant, Ma Tian Yin, also came out, “That’s right, my Beautiful Master has a good character who will even take out a rare Antidote Water to save others. She would not be greedy over a single Corpse Pearl, one Corpse Pearl is at most valued at a few million spirit stones…”

As a wandering cultivator, Ma Tian Yin would not have possessed a million spirit stones. Yet after he accepted Huan Qing Yan as his master, Ma Tian Yin felt that he should increase her prestige by adding the words “at most” in front of a few million despite it being the first time he mentioned such high numbers in his life…

Senior Brother Bai Li said, “I am suspecting her spirit treasures as they are extraordinary. Everyone should have seen them before during the Holy City, they possessed strong independent wills. In other words, they are very intelligent. She might not have stolen it, but who can guarantee that her spirit treasures did not take it? That is why I suggest searching her.”

The people of Pinnacle Academia and Nine State Academia got even more suspicious.

Huan Qing Yan wanted to laugh, this Senior Brother Bai Li really thinks that his intelligence was higher than everyone else?

“Then why did you not point this out earlier? Why did you try to hypnotize me when I am fighting a Zombie? Are you really suspecting that I took the Corpse Pearl or are you trying to kill me?”

Yet Senior Brother Bai Li shamelessly replied, “I saw that Lady Huan is quite powerful, how could a mere tiny Zombie be your opponent? Lady Huan is such a smart person, it will not be easy to hypnotize you if you are on alert and ask about the Corpse Pearl…”

As it was related to their own benefits, the other people started to show their support, “Senior Brother Bai Li is logical. Lady Huan, are you able to prove your innocence? Do you dare to allow Senior Brother Bai Li’s Moth Spirit Treasure to hypnotize you? We will only do it for a while and ask the whereabouts of the Corpse Pearl.”

Huan Qing Yan smiled coldly, “I did not take it, what right does he have to search me?”

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She is not carrying this accusation on her.

Leafy was feeling very angry inside the Training Room, it was already frustrated when it could only watch Piggy benefitting from absorbing the Corpse Pearl while it got nothing. Then suddenly, someone outside was framing it, saying that it had stolen the Corpse Pearl. Which caused it to fly out, preparing to have it out with the accuser.

At that moment, Bai Cheng Feng had dealt with the Zombie and came over.

“Regarding the Corpse Pearl, I would like to add something as well. Senior Brother Bai Li, you possess the highest cultivation amongst us and should also possess the highest chances to steal the Corpse Pearl! With your high cultivation, if you want to trick us, we will not be able to discover it. Moreover, your Moth Spirit Treasure could hypnotize people, it is very possible that you hypnotized all of us and took your time to pocket the pearl…”

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