Chapter 946 –Golden Fire Sight

After a series of bootlicking, the Crazy Sage felt really comfortable and started to look at Nan Gong Bei Chen in a different light.

“Brat, so you stopped this Sage just to bootlick me?”

Everyone started laughing.

Then they saw that Nan Gong Bei Chen’s expression suddenly turned serious as a slit appeared at the center of his forehead, revealing another eye.

The eye had a vertical iris and was not as lively as normal eyes, one can even say that it was not life-like. Nothing else could be seen from it, yet it gave people a sense of danger and dominance.

Everyone was startled.

“F***, what is that? An eye on the forehead?”

“What a hillbilly, that is the Nan Gong Clan’s bloodline, the Third Eye, understand?” 

“What use does it have?”

“Have you heard of the ancient legend, Golden Fire Sight? All forms of spells and disguises would not be able to escape the magical Third Eye, it could even see the bloodline connection up to your eight generations away from you. Rumor also says that it has a mysterious attacking ability, I am not certain about those details.”

“That’s awesome!”

“Of course? How else would they be one of the Eight Great Clans?”


The people under the platform were in heated discussions.

The Half-Sages and King Spirit Masters on stage looked at Nan Gong Bei Chen with gratification; from their perspective, humanity has one more hope, this was a good matter.

The higher a person’s realm, the greater was their perspective of things.

As for the youngsters on the platform, their emotions were mostly envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Crazy Sage Bai Li Feng was at a loss when he saw Nan Gong Bei Chen opening his Third Eye.

“What are you planning to do?”

Nan Gong Bei Chen smiled, “Lord Sage, this young one was fortunate enough to awaken my ancestral bloodline and activate my Third Eye. I learned my clan’s Blood Observation Technique and could not help but to stop Lord Sage from being deceived by that witch. That is why I called out and stopped Lord Sage…”

His words shocked Bai Li Feng and the members of the Bai Li Clan.

Being deceived by that witch? Was he referring to Bai Li Zi Xi?

The Nan Gong Clan’s Blood Observation Technique is very famous; literally, everyone knows about it…

Can it be?

Bai Li Zi Xi sensed that something was not right, “Nan Gong Bei Chen, what nonsense are you spouting about? I, Bai Li Zi Xi, is also a victim…”

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She especially emphasized her clan name.

And looked at Bai Li Feng for help.

Bai Li Feng might be very protective over his own, but he was not foolish; his expression turned solemn, “Nan Gong Brat, what are you implying?”

Instead of replying, Nan Gong Bei Chen looked at Bai Li Zi Xi.

His Third Eye suddenly shot a strange light towards Bai Li Zi Xi, everything happened extremely quickly.

“Lord Sage, from this junior’s observation, this girl does not possess the bloodline of your Bai Li Clan!”

His words were decisive and firm!

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Everyone was shocked.

The Patriarch Bai Li Ren was the first to stand up, his face was filled with shock as he said, “How can that be? There was a sign when Little Xi was born, we located her by following that sign…”

Behind him, a heroic young girl stood up, “Grandfather, how could it not be possible? I have long sensed that something was wrong about her, my father went to pick her up but died in the end! My father is not a person meant to undergo a Heaven Tribulation, yet he was killed by it, it must be that witch’s doing…”

Bai Li Xi Xi was slightly flustered, “Bai Li Jia Bao, I will not hold it against you for targeting me during regular times, but at this crucial moment, you cannot speak without cause! I was only a baby at that time, what has it got to do with me?”

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