Chapter 947 – Demonstration

“Even if it is not related to you, it is still related to that Devil Eye Master of yours! Amongst so many God Chosen, you are the only one who learned techniques of several sages. Who knows, this might be something that your master planted inside you since young and not because he crossed realms to appear in front of you. Humph, since young, you have been strange and bewitched many male members of our Bai Li Clan…”

Bai Li Jia Bao’s words seemed to remind many people about something.

As they were thinking about it, her words seemed to be highly possible.

Over recent years, none of them have heard a master of a God Chosen appearing before them.

Not even Young Master Ya’s master!

When Young Master Ya was facing against the Heaven Tribulation and on the verge of dying, his master did not appear in order to assist him. Yet Bai Li Zi Xi’s master often appears, this was indeed strange.

Book Sage was the strongest amongst the ascended sages, the disciple he selected was also the strongest junior in Spirit Treasure Continent as well.

Bai Li Feng pulled them back to the topic, with a low voice, “Nan Gong Brat, can you demonstrate the Blood Observation Technique and let everyone have a look?”

Not accepting anything until everything gets thoroughly verified.

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Bai Li Jia Bao mumbled, “Lord Sage, why are you still not believing it. I have long sensed that Bai Li Zi Xi is a fake. Moreover, Young Master Nan Gong’s Third Eye only awoken recently, it might not have reached the level to demonstrate to everyone.”

The Blood Observation Technique can be split into various ranks, Low, Mid, High, Peak.

Low-Rank Blood Observation could only allow one to have a rough gauge, only at Mid-Rank could one see clearly, but they still could not demonstrate. Only after reaching High-Rank and above could the user be able to show it to the rest to see.

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Nan Gong Bei Chen revealed a confident smirk, “No matter, I can demonstrate it. May I have a drop of Lady Bai Li’s blood?”

Bai Li Jiao Bao blinked before replying, “Sure!”

She bit her finger and passed a drop of her blood to Nan Gong Bei Chen.

Nan Gong Bei Chen asked for a drop of blood from Bai Li Feng and Bai Li Ren as well.

Next, Nan Gong Bei Chen looked at Bai Li Zi Xi.

Before he could say anything, Bai Li Zi Xi retreated a few steps back, “No! I am a member of the Bai Li Clan, my father is a member of the Bai Li Clan and I am of noble status. Nan Gong Bei Chen, are you trying to help that bitch Huan Qing Yan, is that why you are targeting me… don’t you dare!”

Bai Li Jia Bao charged over by using that moment when Bai Li Zi Xi was agitated and distracted. She used something to prick the  Bai Li Zi Xi’s arm.

And passed the drop of blood collected to Nan Gong Bei Chen.

As Bai Li Zi Xi was only a Spirit Master now, even if she had been on full alert, she will still be unable to avoid Bai Li Jia Bao’s ambush.

Bai Li Zi Xi was on the verge of a breakdown, she pointed at Bai Li Jia Bao while trembling in anger, “You! How dare you … !”

Bai Li Jia Bao ignored her.

Amongst the youths of the Bai Li Clan was a young man viewing at everything that was happening without any expression.

It was though he was just watching a show.

After receiving Bai Li Jia Bao’s treatment, Bai Li Zi Xi looked at that young man with a grievance, “Brother Ye Jun…”

The young man was Bai Li Yu Jun who had his love root pulled out.

Bai Li Ye Jun treated Bai Li Zi Xi’s request for aid as though he had not seen it and turned his head away.

When Bai Li Ren saw the scene, he released a sigh of relief, it looked like the secret technique was successful.

He looked at Nan Gong Bei Chen who has the blood of four people with him.

Everyone was staring fixedly at Nan Gong Bei Chen, all of them wanted to know how the Nan Gong Clan’s Blood Observation Technique will be demonstrated.

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