Chapter 948 – Give Those Years To A Pig

This was something that only happens once in a century, it was an excellent opportunity to gain experience.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng lifted two fingers, the fingers started shaking quickly as he chanted at the simultaneously.

The speed of his fingers shaking became faster and faster; in the end, he pointed two fingers at his Third Eye and did a light slashing motion. The Third Eye released a light that slowly scanned through the four drops of blood.

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At that instant, a strange thing happened!

The four drops of ordinary-looking blood looked as though their hidden potential was activated and started to release light!

Within these lights, three of the blood drops were nearly similar in color, red with some earthen yellow light spots within.

While the other drop was red with grey within, the difference was very distinct.

At this moment, everyone clearly understood that the red with grey blood belonged to Bai Li Zi Xi.

While the other three with earthen yellow light spots belonged to Crazy Sage, Bai Li Ren, and Bai Li Jia Bao.

The next instant, the three drops started moving towards each other and slowly melded together upon contact, their light spots becoming even larger and brighter.

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When the grey one came in contact with the others, it only passed through it without any reaction.

“How mysterious! From the look of it, Bai Li Zi Xi is indeed not a member of the Bai Li Clan!”

“Where did the Bai Li Clan brought back a witch from? How scary…”


The members of the Bai Li Clan were all shocked.

Bai Li Ren’s expression turned ugly as he asked, “Nan Gong Brat, can you explain this?”

“Of course I can.” Nan Gong Bei Cheng continued, “As everyone should know, each clan’s bloodline possessed some unique traits. The Bai Li Clan’s blood contained an earthen yellow color, this meant that your bloodline talent is related to defense. The more yellow light spots it has, the higher the chances of that person awakening your bloodline’s talent. Regarding this topic, if any clan is interested, we can discuss more in detail in the future.”

This topic was indeed worth knowing in detail, Bai Li Ren immediately decided.

Not only the Bai Li Clan, but the members from other clans also wanted to discuss in detail!

That included the Half-Sages as well.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng enjoyed the gazes of everyone before he politely smiled, “Let us return to the original topic. Bai Li Zi Xi’s blood is grey. The color within the blood reflects the talent contained within it, grey meant that the blood is ordinary. However, there is also a distinction between grey colors as well. A detailed Blood Observation Technique will be able to differentiate the difference between each clan… That was why I am very sure that Bai Li Zi Xi had utterly no relations to the Bai Li Clan!”

Bai Li Zi Xi was shocked at that announcement.

“Why did it become like this? Why? I am a member of the Bai Li Clan, you people are the ones that came and told me that my status is noble… I did not know anything as well! Lord Sage, I really did not know anything!”

Bai Li Feng had already moved away from Bai Li Zi Xi and returned to the seat beside Wine Sage.

“Regarding the Devil Energy, it looks like a huge conspiracy is involved and it requires detailed investigation. The Bai Li Clan is a member of the Eight Great Clans and should naturally cooperate to the best of our abilities. It is better for the Holy Court to take charge of this matter, this old man did not consider things thoroughly earlier on. Ahem!”

The corners of Wine Sage’s mouth twitched.

If it is someone from your clan, you will protect them like your life is hanging on it. When it is not someone from your clan, you still can cleanly separate yourself. This darn character of yours did not change even after a millennium, did you give those years to a pig? 

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