Chapter 949 – Persisting In Evil Brings About Self-Destruction

Fortunately, that Nan Gong Bei Cheng Brat had appeared at the right time.

Seeing that her plea for help was not effective, Bai Li Zi Xi shifted her gaze to Ji Mo Ya, who was next to her moments ago.

“Young Master Ya, save me. Young Master Ya, I truly adore you and wish to marry you. That was why I used this method to be close to you. Our spirit treasures are the most compatible on Spirit Treasure Continent, my Luan Spirit Treasure is most suitable for you…”

Ji Mo Ya only emotionless returned her the words, “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction.” 

Bai Li Jia Bao added, “Correct, Young Master Ya spoke well. You deserve to die for your crimes, if you want to have a comfortable death, you better confess everything. About the bad things you have done, and about that Devil Eye Master of yours and where he is hiding…”

Bai Li Zi Xi was unresigned and angrily said, “Young Master Ya, I am only a victim of Devil Energy. Even if I am not a member of the Bai Li Clan, I still have the Luan Spirit Treasure that’s the most compatible with you… you rather take a bitch who had been raped by Demon Men instead of me?”

Her last sentence was sealed by Ji Mo Ya, preventing outsiders from hearing it.

Bai Li Zi Xi discovered that her voice was muted and was slightly scared, but she felt even more terrified when she sensed Ji Mo Ya’s killing intent that was directed towards her…

It felt like the ocean and mountains were crashing down on her, causing her soul to be on the verge of shattering apart!

With a scream, she fainted.

After Bai Li Zi Xi fainted, the ‘Golden Spirit’ that was within her body also flew out as it has completely erased the Devil Energy within her.

The Golden Spirit roamed about for a while longer before going back into the Holy Altar.

Soon after, large amounts of pure golden spirit energy gushed out.

Turning the air within several miles from the public square golden…

Everyone cheered as they were waiting for this once-in-a-decade moment which was especially useful for low-rank cultivators. Everyone started to sit down and cultivate.

Except for the King Spirit Masters and Half-Sages, no one could be bothered with gossiping about whatever Saintess or Witch as they quickly immerse themselves in cultivation.

Ji Mo Ya looked at the unconscious Bai Li Zi Xi, with a sharp intent to kill, within his eyes.

However, for the bigger picture, it was not the time to kill her. He will let her live and avenge Little Yan in the future.

Looking at the thick golden spirit energy in his surroundings, Ji Mo Ya thought to get Huan Qing Yan to come over to absorb as well. This was, after all, a rare opportunity.

Plus he no longer needed to continue acting, it was also time to explain what happened to that lass.

Therefore, he headed towards the Holy Mountain where Huan Qing Yan was staying.


By the time Huan Qing Yan woke up, she did not know where she was at.

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This was a squarish cabin with more than thirty square meters of space. It was rustic and traditional looking, at the center stood a small table with some pastries and fruits.

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Huan Qing Yan was laying on a soft bed, the thick clothes she wore for disguise have been changed out into comfortable cotton white garments.

Who changed her clothes?

She sat up in shock!

She remembered the moment just before she became unconscious, that middle-aged cultivator’s face and voice, “Sleep, sleep, you are tired…”

Is it that middle-aged cultivator?

But why?

She quickly climbed up, there was no one in the cabin, the middle-aged cultivator who knows hypnotism was not here.

She checked her body and found that everything was fine except for her change of clothes.

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