Chapter 1439: Murderous

After speaking, a hint of hostility could be seen in his eyes. And then he heard Ye Zhixiang’s anxious “hey hey hey”, acting as if he was losing connection, as he hung up the phone directly. Ye Zhifan, who was holding his slightly hot phone, laughed softly.


“Want to fight with me? Stop dreaming.” He couldn’t deal with Ye Jian because he had to consider the military next to her. However, Sun Yaozu, he was just a… fugitive!


Someone wiped out his identity for him, so he could break the law again!


Ye Zhixiang was anxious. She passed the phone over, her face pale, her voice trembled as she spoke: “My brother said,…the dead girl is investigating past matters, this…”


“Shut up!” Although Sun Yaozu was not looking very good, he could still know when to talk about this kind of thing, so he quickly and softly stopped his wife from speaking, “Shut up, don’t talk about family matters on the plane. Grow some courage! Don’t get panicked over small matters.”


As he spoke, his fat body got close to her, and his traitorous face showed a delighted smile, “Didn’t Mom say it already? He is more afraid than we are now. Your brother is the most cunning person I know, how can he be kind enough to inform us of this kind of thing. You are fooled!”


Ye Zhixiang inherited Old Mrs. Ye’s selfishness, but not her shrewdness. However, she was obedient like Old Ye. Upon hearing those words, she patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief, “Oh my god, he scared me, he really scared me! I thought…”


After receiving a fierce glance from her husband’s eyes halfway through speaking, she stopped talking immediately.


A few steady footsteps were coming from the front, and then there was a faint communication. The curtain that the stewardess deliberately hung up moved slightly, and someone sat down.


As the plane was about to take off, the stewardess’s sweet voice sounded again, reminding all passengers to check their seat belts.

Ye Jian fastened her seat belt and sighed lightly while sitting in the seat. When she was about to speak, she suddenly heard a voice coming from behind the curtain. She was no stranger to that voice, and she hadn’t heard it for several years. Her calm face became slightly cold.


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“What?” Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help asking.


G3 also casted a questioning gaze over. The expression on her face changed in an instant, and there was even a trace of murderousness,… She turned to face Xia Jinyuan, then they turned their heads together, and their eyes fell on the blind behind them.

Ye Jian’s expression changed after hearing the man’s rough voice.


“Tch, I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance; I can’t believe he is also on this plane.” Ye Jian lowered her voice and whispered coldly: “We have a bad relationship. I’m afraid he can recognize my voice.”


Xia Jinyuan frowned. The number of people who had a very bad relationship with Ye Jian… could be counted using ten fingers.


It was not Ye Zhifan’s voice, but an unfamiliar voice he hadn’t heard before. After a few seconds, Xia Jinyuan’s face became cold, “Don’t be affected by them, have some rest.”


He had already guessed who was sitting behind. It was a guy who almost killed Ye Jian.


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Sun Yaozu, who was sitting behind, didn’t know that Ye Jian was right in front of him. He continued: “What kind of rubbish seat belt is this? It’s so tight, my belly hurts.”


“Alright, alright. Keep quiet; everyone must fasten their seat belts. It’s not just you. I’ve told you to control your weight, you don’t want to listen to me, then you complain every time we fly.”


This was Ye Zhixiang’s voice.

Ye Jian, who already had her eyes closed, frowned, and twitched the corners of her mouth coldly. Although she was calm, her hands were already clenched into fists.


The two people behind her had almost killed her last time… No matter how calm she was, she was still slightly affected by their presence.

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