Chapter 1440 Those Things That Cannot Be Said

 Ye Jian’s mood fluctuated only at that moment. When she closed her eyes, her mood gradually calmed down. Naturally, she would settle those previous businesses one by one; she couldn’t let those past things stop her from advancing.


Old Uncle Gen didn’t want her to be like this, and so did Uncle Chen. Xia Jinyuan and the leaders who placed high hopes for her also didn’t want her to be like this.


In her previous life, she was all alone. In this life, some people loved her, people who cared about her, people who silently supported her and accompanied her during this wonderful time. How could she disappoint those people?


Under the influence of Old Uncle Gen, Ye Jian, who grew in hatred initially, finally put her future first and set aside those who had harmed her temporarily. Before she had full strength, it was best for her to remain calm first.


Seeing her eyes closed, Xia Jinyuan’s face, on the other hand, was a little dull. Then, he saw her frowning as if she was suffering alone; Xia Jinyuan stretched out his hand and took Ye Jian’s hand, “If you don’t want to see them, then let me handle it.”


Ye Family is indeed really annoying; what’s the use to keep them alive for so long?


With her eyes still closed, Ye Jian shook her head lightly, indicating that she didn’t need Xia Jinyuan to get involved.


“Why?” Xia Jinyuan asked gently, rubbing her hands softly with his fingers. Her hands were beautiful, white and delicate, and they were soft as if there weren’t any bones. When he held her hands, he felt as if she could touch his heart. Her hands and palm had a thin layer of cocoon, just like his, which was leftover from training all year round.


“You can’t just leave it there; it has to be solved. You’ve stopped me last time, but why do you stop me now?” Xia Jinyuan, with his eyes downcast, stared at his beloved girl deeply. He didn’t quite understand. Why is she so opposed to the idea of him handling the Ye Family’s affairs for her?


He, Xia Jinyuan, also played an important role here. Although he had to follow the army’s order, he was also not one who could be easily offended if he really wanted to make a move.


No matter how hidden the person behind Ye Zhifan or how powerful he is if he (Xia Jinyuan) wants to come forward to deal with a provincial government official, can the person obstruct him?


That person, dare to fight against the Xia Family? Before he faces them, he has to see if he’s capable of doing it or not!


Ye Jian’s eyelashes trembled lightly, her eyebrows inadvertently frowned again, as if there was something unspeakable; she didn’t know where to start.    


“You, is there something inconvenient for you to say?” Xia Jinyuan asked again; he couldn’t think of any other reasons other than that.    


There was a little dignity in the air; G3 glanced at Xia Jinyuan and then silently tilted his head, facing out the window. The clear sky outside is all blue; this is the purest and simplest scenery.    

Ye Jian, just like the blue sky, so pure and simple, but also with the mysterious vastness of the sky, which makes those who stare at her involuntarily admire her.    


What can she be hiding? If there is any, it must be… an extraordinary secret.


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Thinking of this, G3 quickly turned his head; his gaze was focused, and it contained a sense of substance that would allow Xia Jinyuan to turn around. 


Xia Jinyuan, who was waiting for Ye Jian’s answer, raised his eyes and saw his comrade communicating with him with his eyes: Talk it out slowly, don’t rush her.


Xia Jinyuan nodded slightly, indicating that he understood.


Seeing this, G3 reassuringly moved his gaze back to the blue sky and calmly admired the monotonous and boring wind and shadow.

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