Chapter 1441 Calm Down, Major Xia

Ye Jian hadn’t opened her eyes, as if she really fell asleep.


To be honest, she hadn’t really fallen asleep yet. It can be seen from her occasionally trembling eyelashes that her mood was fluctuating once again at this moment.


She had too many things that are inconvenient to say, she wanted to say, but she didn’t know how to start or where to start. She only knew that these were secrets that only she knew, and no one was allowed to know.


She only wanted to solve those things by herself.

 After a long time, Ye Jian slowly opened her eyes, raised the corners of her mouth, and told him with a smile that she was fine and that he didn’t have to worry.


However, seeing this pained Xia Jinyuan deeply. He was familiar with that gaze of hers! She once looked at him with that gaze before.


It contained deep sorrow and struggle. Those bright black eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of dust, blocking its light, and although she was smiling, he could only feel the sadness from her.


His girl, his little fox, what other secrets… do you have that you can’t tell?


Seeing such eyes again, Xia Jinyuan was absolutely sure that Ye Jian had a huge secret that she was not telling anyone. She couldn’t tell, even not to him.


“Alright, as long as you’re fine, then it’s okay. Go to sleep.” After a while, Xia Jinyuan smiled and said softly. She didn’t want to say it, then he wouldn’t pressure her. Those secrets hidden in her heart are like seeds that have not sprouted yet. She will let him know one day.


Her hand was being held by him. She could feel that he was comforting her with his own strength, and his gentle gaze was like a feather, gently stroking her cold heart, inadvertently leaving some warmth for her.


Such softness made her feel peaceful.


Ye Jian nodded docilely, then closed her eyes.

The entire flight was about three hours, enough for Ye Jian to sleep well. She didn’t feel sleepy initially, but under Xia Jinyuan’s gentle gaze, Ye Jian, who felt relieved, fell asleep unknowingly.


G3 turned his head to look at Xia Jinyuan again, raised his eyebrows lightly, and mouthed a question: “Things seem a bit tricky, calm down; she will naturally tell you when she wants to.”

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Even G3 can see that there was something in Little Fox’s mind.


“I’m not in a hurry; she is by my side, I’m not afraid.” Xia Jinyuan replied, and at the same time, gently kissed Ye Jian’s hand in front of G3.


G3: “…” He felt a sting in his eyes; he wanted to rinse his eyes with water! Show off!


The plane was about to arrive at Beijing Airport. Ye Jian was already awake when it landed. When the plane stopped, there were two flight attendants standing by the aisle to prevent passengers from coming over to their side suddenly.


“Darned it, what a mess, we are all in the same business-class flight, but I have to wait for the people in front to leave first!” Sun Yaozu’s dissatisfied voice faintly sounded from behind; Ye Jian sneered, stepped off the plane, and left under the guidance of the flight personnel.


When they stepped out of the airport, they were met immediately by soldiers in plain clothes.


Ye Jian did not take the same car with Xia Jinyuan and G3. Instead, she was with the Army Major General Yang.


Fortunately, she had experienced this before, so when she got into the car and saw Major General Yang and his twinkling military rank, Ye Jian reacted quickly, not forgetting her proper etiquette.


“Hahaha, Little Ye, did I scare you?” When Major General Yang saw this, his smile became more amiable. “It’s been a long time. You look more energetic and more like a soldier now!”

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