Chapter 1442 They Are Protecting You

It was not too long since Ye Jian met the Major General. It was just during the last Spring Festival.


Major General Yang was more and more satisfied the more he looked at his own soldier. She performed well in her navy training that even the navy Commander called from time to time to ask when Ye Jian would be sent over for more training.


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Fortunately, the army recruited her early. Otherwise, she would be snatched by the navy.


What made him even more afraid was that the navy Commander dared to be a matchmaker! He says he wants to introduce Ye Jian to be Devil King Li’s girlfriend so that they can all be a family in the future, and Ye Jian is welcome to come over any time.


That’s so ill-intentioned! He actually planned to use love!


Therefore, Major General Yang wanted to take this opportunity when they are in Beijing to quickly talk about future matters with his outstanding special soldier.


“You don’t have to be too serious. I’m just here to chat today, nothing else, don’t be too nervous.” When the Major General saw Ye Jian’s serious expression, he couldn’t help slowing down and asking about her three-hour trip.

It was obvious that the Major General was also here on a business trip. He didn’t chat about family affairs. Instead, he picked topics that were a bit blunt.


However, Ye Jian was relaxed. She smiled and said, “The flight was fine. Captain Xia, they all took care of me very well. I went to sleep within ten minutes of boarding and didn’t wake up until the plane landed.”


She felt no pressure nor tension throughout the flight.


“That’s great! You have to hurry up and recharge your energy. He has told you about the tasks to be performed these few days, right?” She can still sleep well. This means she has good psychological stress resistance and good psychological quality. Major General was relieved a little, showing how satisfied he was with Ye Jian.


The chief leader appointed her, so the military department must fully cooperate. As a Major General, he was under extraordinary pressure. He was worried that Xia Jinyuan would not know what to do and that he would end up scaring Ye Jian. However, it seemed that his worry was not needed at all now.


As the car started up, Ye Jian faintly felt that…the Major General had the purpose of coming here and chatting with her.


The big shot himself had come forward to her. Ye Jian’s keen sixth sense kept reminding her that she can speak more relaxed, but she must still be aware! She mustn’t be overwhelmed by the Major General’s gentle attitude.


This kind of attitude made the Major General even happier, “You relax when it’s time to relax, very good. Little Ye, the big leader, has high hopes in you. You must be careful and succeed in this mission, alright!”


As he spoke, he passed an Army camouflage folder to Ye Jian, “Take a look at this information, you can think it over yourself; there is not much time left. We are almost approaching the place that you are staying tonight.”


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Sure enough, there was something else.


Ye Jian, who received the folder, was relieved. A light struck from one side. The car was too dark. The Major General personally turned on a flashlight for Ye Jian to read the information clearly.


How could Ye Jian let the Major General hold the light for her? So she quickly stretched out her hand, but the Major General moved his hand away, “You just read, don’t worry about me, don’t be distracted. After reading it, remember it well in your head and in your heart.”


The Major General’s expression was extremely solemn, causing Ye Jian’s eyes to narrow as she opened the folder.


Less than three minutes later, Ye Jian’s calm face became serious, her eyebrows began to tighten. When she saw the death number at the bottom of the page, her eyes twitched fiercely.


“You can’t see the danger because someone blocked the danger with their lives.”


This sentence suddenly jumped out in her mind in the blood-red text.


If you can’t see the danger, it doesn’t mean that there is no danger. It just means that someone has blocked the danger for you to keep you safe.

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