Chapter 1453 Ye Jian, A Wonderful Person

Officials are more approachable when they are in higher positions. Their speech and conversation have the majesty of the superiors, and they also have a friendly side. They are strict when they should be strict but friendly in private, showing, even more, the courage and mind of a superior.


The high-ranking officials that Ye Jian contacted include the great leaders, Commander-in-Chief Xia, Army Major General, Navy Major General, and now the director. All have them are high-ranking officials, majestic and approachable.

But Ye Jian won’t relax just because they are friendly and approachable. Instead, she will only respect and look up to them even more.


This is a true superior. In contrast, Ye Zhifan appears to be much weaker. He is just a province official, but he likes to show off his official rights and talk as if he is afraid that others don’t know that he is an official or someone with authority.


Receiving the director’s concerns, Ye Jian felt warm after hanging up the phone and respected the director even more.

High-ranking officials are supposed to be like that!

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It was precisely because Ye Jian had come into contact with many high-ranking people in the beginning, which had a significant impact on her future growth, and the closeness she had with them, her juniors respected her even more.


Even later, the supreme leader personally wrote eight characters (TLN: a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.) to her, “Just and honorable”, to praise her character and talent that was like a mountain, letting people look up to her and follow her behavior, deeds, and action, influencing generations of soldiers.


At 5 p.m, the sky in the north was getting dark. Ye Jian and Pigeon received a communication from the military, telling them that the tunnel accident had been dealt with. All four criminals were sent to the hospital. The injuries were not too light, but it was not too heavy that they would lose their lives.


Ye Jian didn’t feel worried about the criminals’ injury; she only replied lightly, “Lucky them, well, that’s good too. This way, the police can pry out some useful clues from them.”


Although the criminals were of the same nationality, they were already standing in opposition to their country, countering justice, breaking the law, and harming people and police. In Ye Jian’s opinion, they were enemies… Enemies of our own country.


If it weren’t for the scruples that the director was in the car, Pigeon would have laughed.


Ye Jian was indeed a wonderful person!

She was very soft when her heart was soft. During the Pakistani mission, she saw some children in trouble, and she was not afraid of risking herself; she bravely rushed to the wolf’s den to protect more than 20 Pakistani children.


But when she was cruel, she was very ruthless. She has an exquisite heart that distinguishes things right or wrong. Facing the enemy, regardless of whether the opponent is young or old, she will take action. She is very clear about the saying, “being kind to the enemy is cruel to oneself”, so she never regretted it.

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Such a girl, flexible, courageous, and smart… Q King had really found a “treasure”!

He dares say that if the two were to break up in the future, Ye Jian will definitely have many suitors rushing to be by her side. They will secretly celebrate and congratulate Q King on being dumped, allowing Ye Jian to be single again.

“Definitely will pry out some clues. One of them is a young man who is a trusted follower of the Chairman. We will definitely be able to pry out a lot of useful clues from him.” Pigeon spoke softly with Ye Jian then cut off the call.


At this moment, Ye Jian was driving. The driver soldier from Zhongnanhai had exited at another exit an hour ago. So, Ye Jian had been driving behind Pigeon, continuing to act like a target.

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