Chapter 1452: Nice job

When the car sped out, with the help of the exterior mirror, Ye Jian stretched out her black pistol through the window. After calculating the car’s speed and how strong the wind was, she shot the bullets silently.


From shooting to retrieving back the gun, to closing the car window again, this whole process took about ten seconds.


Ten seconds was enough for the T6 to drive the silver-gray car to the forefront. Ten seconds was enough to cause a car accident.

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The sound of sharp brake rang in the tunnel, pain the eardrums, and subsequently was sounds of scratches, followed by the “banging” of the car, the “squeaking” of wheels rubbing against the ground. The front wheel that was hit by the bullet lost balance, the entire body of the car swayed, the carriage tilted to the side of the tunnel, producing sparks.

The people in the car were scared and panicked, but they all still carried their dreams and didn’t want to have an accident at all!

If anything happened to them, they wouldn’t have money, they wouldn’t have a future, they wouldn’t have anything!


“Step on the accelerator, rush out, quick, rush out!” The young man was red-eyed, he yelled loudly. He didn’t want to be in an accident. He was still a trusted follower of the Chairman. The Chairman promised him that if he succeeded in this task, he would be awarded money, a lot of money!

The driver, who was already panicked earlier, became even more panicked after being yelled at. He stepped on the accelerator, but it was too late; the car’s front hit the other car that came flying at them uncontrolled.




An even louder crash sound was heard, and the two cars collided and dragged each other for at least 50 meters before stopping.

In the car, the middle-aged man, who was originally scared, twitched his body, his lower body was wet,… he was so scared, he fainted.

The traffic police and ambulance got on the highway from another entrance. They sounded the siren and drove all the way to the location of the accident.

Ye Jian and the others passed by ambulance and police car. One left the scene of the accident, and the other drove to the scene of the accident.

“When we get to the next toll station, I will drive. Thanks for your hard work.” Ye Jian unloaded the magazine from the gun and said to the soldier driver who was driving: “We will take over the following procedures. You need to return to Zhongnanhai to report.”

The soldier driver nodded, “Okay. We still have 24 kilometers to the next exit.”

No one mentioned the car accident just now. This is a task, and it is also a tiny task. There is no value worth discussing at all.


Pigeon’s pleasant voice came from the earphone again, making Ye Jian’s ears a little itchy. His voice was already nice, but now it was also so soft.

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Ye Jian couldn’t help constrict her expression.

“Good job Ye Jian. 9 seconds in total, amazing!” Pigeon spoke purely to praise Ye Jian. Of course, it was to let her know what the director wanted to say, “The director said you are brave and capable!”


A wonderful shot from a car, and she only did it in one shot; she did not give herself a second shot, relatively speaking; this meant that she did not put herself in danger for the second time.


Accurate shooting must only be done once. Once a second shot is required, not only does this allow the opponent to increase their vigilance, but it also gives the opponent enough time to counterattack. Therefore, the Elite Platoon comrades only allow themselves to have one shot when it comes to performing accurate shooting!

Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled slightly, “It’s nothing much. They were not driving fast, so they weren’t affected by the bullet too much. It wasn’t a wonderful shot.”


“You shouldn’t be too humble at such a young age. The director has something to tell you.”

Although the second half of the sentence was about the director wanting to talk to her, Pigeon still spoke politely, making the coldness around the corner of Ye Jian’s eyes softened a lot.

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