Chapter 1451: Make A Move

As they chatted, the two in the car, including the middle-aged man who was a little scared initially, were getting more and more excited, rubbing the corners of their clothes and chewing betel nuts in their mouth.

Ye Jian and the others kept in touch all the time; they didn’t even give the two heavy vehicles a chance to make any move until midnight.


When entering a tunnel of about 3,000 meters, Pigeon’s voice suddenly sounded from the earphone to remind Ye Jian, “We’re almost there. There is no vehicle passing by me for now.”


It takes three hours to get on the expressway. Even during the National Day, the traffic volume is relatively small. In 1999, there were still very few private cars in China. You may not be able to see a car every few kilometers on an unpopular expressway.


Tongzhou Expressway is such an unpopular expressway.


The tunnel was dark; three kilometers was enough for Ye Jian and the others to make a move.


After Pigeon finished speaking, he asked again, “Are you driving now, or the person from Zhongnanhai?” It was best to let the brother in Zhongnanhai drive, but he was afraid that Ye Jian was worried the brother would hurt himself, so she chose to drive.


“Brother from Zhongnanhai is driving now. I’ve trained with him before.” Ye Jian thought that Pigeon was worried about the driver’s skills. She didn’t expect he was actually worried about her and didn’t want her to drive.

After all, Xia Jinyuan said that Ye Jian had trained with the soldiers, who needed to be sent to Zhongnanhai to be the soldier drivers, in an elite auto company in Yunnan Province.

Pigeon was relieved, listening to Ye Jian’s reply, then he said to the director: “Don’t worry, Ye Jian and the others will not have any problems. The people in the car will not have any major accidents. The traffic police are on standby. After the accident, the ambulance and the traffic police will immediately rush to the scene.”


“You guys are being too cautious. I’m just an old man, what’s the point of taking such care of me? You all even let a top soldier risk herself for me! I have to complain to the Great Hall when I return. I am not satisfied with this kind of arrangement.” Since Ye Jian suddenly decided to sit in the bulletproof car that he had sat in to go to the tower today, the director’s face had not been looking very good. Although she was a soldier, she was still very young!


He would rather have the accident than asking a young girl to risk her life for him.

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Pigeon and T6 did not know how to respond to this kind of thing. They were acting on orders, and it was impossible to question the improper arrangement of the Great Hall.


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Protecting the safety of their leaders is also the duty of a soldier.


The two heavy vehicles entered the tunnel at a speed of more than 90 yards. T6 slowed down and pulled the car to a certain speed. At the same time, he gave Pigeon a wink from the center rearview mirror. It was almost time. At the moment the fake accident occurred, they were going to speed past.


The fake car accident must happen. This will shock the cult group, break through their psychological defenses, make them panic, and achieve the purpose of making these people fearful.


Besides, didn’t the other party also want to cause a car accident? They had specially dispatched two heavy-duty vehicles, so let’s have a car accident as they wished.


A car accident in a tunnel is better than an accident outside. At least, if the tunnel is blocked on both sides, no car will be able to leave the tunnel, and they won’t be able to escape through the opposite lane.


Furthermore, light is restricted inside the tunnel, which will naturally cause cars to slow down, which means that the risk factor will be reduced.


The bullet in the pistol was loaded. Ye Jian made a gesture to the soldier driver. She lowered the car window and pressed the headset with one hand. Ye Jian softly counted, “1, 2, 3…” When she counted to ten, a silver-gray sedan suddenly appeared, passing through the middle of the two heavy vehicles… and then slid to the side.

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