Chapter 1450: An Expected Cooperation

“This will be the first time I work with Ye Jian; what are the things I shouldn’t say in the car?” Crane jumped into the car first and then asked the captain who had just bent over, “I have waited for this task for a long time; I am a little nervous.”

Crane, Pigeon…they are all responsible for assassinations and battlefield support. The several missions performed by Ye Jian with the Elite Platoon were considered the frontline forward combat. Therefore, in the 12 members of the Elite Platton, Pigeon has only seen Ye Jian before.

And it was like love at first sight! When he returned, he just had to mention Ye Jian from time to time. He has completely become Ye Jian’s courtier.


When Xia Jinyuan got in the car, he closed his eyes to rest. Upon hearing the words, he replied indifferently: “She is excellent. She will not be a burden to anyone. She is accurate, agile, strong in judgment, and full of adventurous spirit. Working with her will give you a sense of a grand banquet.”


These Compliments were not exaggerated; they were facts.


“I’m looking forward to it.” Crane smiled slightly. His black eyes looked forward, the smile at the corner of his mouth gradually converged as the car started.

They needed to pick up K7 and discuss the specific action plan with him together. Xia Jinyuan didn’t get enough sleep last night, so he had to catch up on some sleep to not delay the next task.

The two did not talk anymore; both of them were storing their energy to be in a better state in their next important tasks.

Ye Jian didn’t know that Xia Jinyuan had also joined the operation. At this time, she was talking to Pigeon and T6, “We are still 500 meters away from the entrance of the Tongzhou highway. We will try to cause a fake car accident. You all protect the director, take him, and leave.”

The vehicle in which the director was riding was still behind; it did not overtake the vehicle in which Ye Jian was riding. The vehicle in which the director was riding would speed pass quickie during that few minutes of fake car accident.

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Inside the car, Pigeon’s face darkened, and he replied softly: “Okay, noted. You should also be careful. We will still need you for the following tasks.”


It is not easy to cause a fake car accident without affecting yourself; it involves quite a risk.


“Don’t worry, I also look forward to working with you all again.” Hearing Pigeon’s concern, Ye Jian’s eyes flashed with a light smile, brisk and cheerful, without any fear.


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Ye Jian is definitely a real special soldier. Facing the imminent danger, she remained calm and would not allow herself to fail.

As if affected by her, the soldier driver also became very calm, holding the steering wheel with both hands and showing calmness; he sped up slightly as they entered the Tongzhou Expressway entrance.


The people in the two heavy vehicles didn’t realize that Ye Jian was deliberately dangling them. They even happily contacted their people, “We have already got on the Tongzhou Expressway. It will be just right in the middle of the night when we enter the entrance of Guilin Expressway. We can take action then.”

Their cars were equipped with walkie-talkies for easy communication. Sitting next to the co-pilot, a middle-aged man dressed in sloppy clothes chewed on betel nuts. Hearing the driver’s conversation, a trace of panic flashed across his face.


On the other side of the walkie-talkie, the people were laughing wildly, “We have locked down the car; we just have to bang them! After the accident, we will have the money in our hands, and the Chairman will pay more attention to us. Then our family will become even better than that, minister!”

“We will be the emperor!” The young man sitting next to him added, “Uncle, you can also take the money, marry a wife, and have a good life!”

The two chatted happily as if they had already completed their plan and that their future was promised, and they wouldn’t face any more troubles. They thought they could do whatever they want in the future!

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