Chapter 1449 This Is Her Reliance

The driving skills of those drivers that were sent to Zhongnanhai were not your ordinary driver’s skill, and the performance of the bulletproof vehicle was quite good. The speed increased instantly when the accelerator was stepped, and it could shake off the two heavy vehicles in the blink of an eye.


However, the soldier driver did not step on the accelerator. He needed to lead the two cars to Tongzhou, so his speed was not fast or slow, making sure that the heavy vehicles were not too far away nor too close. Just like when a big fish is hooked, the fisherman is also not urgent, as long as the fishing rod is stable.

Xia Jinyuan and the others have not finished work yet; they needed to make sure all the leaders left safely before they could put away their guns.


“The Falcons have caught four major offenders. The director’s intention is very clear. The four are not enough; he wants to catch them all in one net.” K7’s plain and cold voice came from the anti-noise earphone. “The director has set out to Tongzhou. Split two cars, one in front, one at the back. Pigeon and T6 cover, Ye Jian drive in front.”

Xia Jinyuan, who was packing up his guns, continued packing while speaking indifferently: “How do you know so clearly? Are you involved?”

“Yes, I’m going to Guilin now. The so-called “Chairman” of this organization is in Guilin. Ten minutes ago, there was the latest news from the local area, four police officers went to the mountain to investigate, but we lost contact with them. The big leader ordered the military to send personnel to formulate local agencies into the mountains.”


“The Falcon is responsible for periphery removal, and we are responsible for the removal from the inside. The car will arrive at your place in three minutes. See you in three minutes.”

After finishing speaking, K7 cut off the communication, turned around in his casual clothes, and saluted the Major General, “Report, the task has been issued, ready to go!”

“We do not know the firepower of the other party; it seems that they have overseas support, and the local people are covering. The Great Hall and the military area clearly ordered not to harm the local people and directly execute the assassination.” The Major General, who had not returned to the military area just after attending the big ceremony, issued an order, “Elite Platoon sent a total of six soldiers to Guilin, and six soldiers went abroad to join foreign operations, cutting off the ties between overseas and domestic cult organizations.”

The internal operatives include Ye Jian, Pigeon, K7, T6, Q King, and Crane.

J5 was in charge of leading the external operation. He just received the task and set off directly from the base. He took five comrades from the Elite Platoon on a special plane to cooperate with foreign military forces to jointly maintain peace between the two countries.

Xia Jinyuan was guarding his seat by himself, with his guns neatly packed and stuffed into an inconspicuous travel bag, dressed like a mountaineer, he walked away calmly.


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He didn’t ask Ye Jian what was going on now. The director went to Tongzhou to bring out more hidden cult organization personnel… To protect the safety of the director, Ye Jian would definitely charge forward and draw all attention to herself.

With his thin lips tightly pressed, he pressed the button on the first floor of the elevator, and his eyes calmly watched the elevator door slowly closing until the line of sight was cut off; even so, his gaze remained on the steel door of the elevator.


Downstairs, Crane was calculating the time; it was seven seconds away to three minutes. The captain of the two teams, Q King, was about to appear in front of him.


Crane, rank of major, proficient in six languages, expert in electronic blasting, an assaultman in missions.

The 1.82 meter tall Crane has a gentle face. He was dressed elegantly. His tie was meticulously tied. His wrist was also equipped with a steel mechanical watch. His temperament was similar to J5. He had a habitual gentle smile at the corner of his mouth, looking like a mathematics professor.

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