Chapter 1448 Fast And Furious

No mistake, not blinded, the person standing on the top of the tower is her, it’s Ye Jian! It’s really her, it’s really her!

Ye Zhixiang, who was terrified, was trembling and staring at the frozen figure, not knowing that the line in front had already walked several meters; cold sweat dripped from her forehead.


Sun Yaozu, who was walking behind her, didn’t know what was going on. His wife still hadn’t walked after so long, so he impatiently urged, “What are you doing standing stupidly, move!”


The line behind also urged, “Hey, miss, can you move, please?”

Ye Zhixiang somehow moved subconsciously. When she reacted, she was already standing on the side of the street. She looked up at her husband blankly, then turned around, and finally, her gaze fell to the top of the tower.


“It’s her, it’s really her. I didn’t see it wrong, Yaozu, I didn’t see it wrong just now.” She was too frightened now; her voice was unclear and weak.

The fat Sun Yaozu walked out with his body full of sweat. He was holding a tissue, ready to take off his glasses and wipe the sweat on his forehead. He did not notice that his wife was acting weirdly. He took off his sunglasses and used the tissue to block his eyes before simply replying, “What did you not see wrong?”


“Ye Jian, I said I saw Ye Jian…” Ye Zhixiang blinked very lightly. Her gaze never left the tower, she continued dryly, “I saw Ye Jian standing on the tower. I was right. She really stood on the top of the tower, standing with… the country’s leaders.”


Sun Yaozu certainly didn’t believe what she said, his face shivered with anger, and he scolded Ye Zhixiang, “Are you sick!”

“You see it yourself.” Ye Zhixiang handed the DV to him, “You have a look, see if it’s her or not.”


Sun Yaozu snatched the DV camera over. However, just after a glance at it, he was instantly speechless, his face twitched, he gritted his teeth and said grimly: “Heck, it’s really her, that little rascal!”

There was a car driving from the side of the street, and the person sitting in it happened to be Ye Jian, who Sun Yaozu wished to kill so dearly. She looked straight ahead with cold eyes, sitting in the car that was here to pick up the director.


On the side of the road, two men poked their heads out and peeked. They took out their mobile phones and pressed a set of numbers, “Commissioner, the car has just passed by, not clear how many people are sitting inside.”


“No matter how many people there are, we have to do it, hahaha, if we succeed, we will all become celebrities and heroes in this country!” Someone laughed and replied with brutality.


All streets resumed traffic at 12 p.m. After Ye Jian’s bulletproof car got on the ring line, it began to drive to the suburbs of Beijing.

“There are two cars behind; speed up.” From the center rear view mirror of the car, Ye Jian saw that two heavy vehicles had been following closely; they were trying to squeeze them from both sides, “Go towards Tongzhou.”

The driver was still the soldier who had trained with Ye Jian. He took a look from the rear mirror outside; his face became a bit cold, “They want to run us over directly.”

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“Yes, so we head to the direction of Tongzhou. There are some highway repairs there, so there are fewer vehicles.” Ye Jian smiled slightly. She was calm, but she also had a hint of excitement, “Let’s have a fast and furious.”


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Fast and furious?

The soldier couldn’t help laughing, holding the steering wheel with one hand, and returning Ye Jian an “OK” gesture with his right hand, he began to deliberately annoy the two heavy vehicles behind them.

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