Chapter 1447: Look up

After screaming, she immediately covered her mouth, and her eyes quickly glanced around her house.

Fortunately, she was at home, no one heard her screaming. Ye Jian didn’t say anything about attending the big celebration. Could it be a secret? She was now a cadet anyway.

Inexplicably, An Jiaxin felt a little nervous; of course, she also felt a lot more pride.

Ye Jian’s figure was only taken by a camera that had scanned passed her. Briefly, it was less than three seconds. It wasn’t that the camera moved away after three seconds, but she felt the camera leaning toward her, so she reacted very quickly to avoid public appearances.


Her reaction was fast, but those who were really familiar with her and watched closely on the TV could still notice her easily.


Uncle Chen, who was in the army, wiped his eyes secretly, Old Uncle, oh, Old Uncle, you left a step early.

Ye girl has a promising future, she has a promising future! She’s actually accompanying a leader to the tower to watch the big celebration.


You ah, you left too early, it’s too bad that you can’t see this.


No way, he must tell Old Uncle about this when he returns to the provincial capital.

“Old Chen, what are you doing here alone in tears? Ye girl has a promising future now; you should be happy.” Regiment Commander Liu and Political Commissar Yan, who were the most familiar with Ye Jian, were also watching the TV. That three seconds of footage was enough for them to see Ye Jian.

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Regiment Commander Liu laughed and said, “I think you are too happy until you cry.”

“Of course, I’m so happy until I cry. Ye girl has a good future prospect now; we are all happy.” Political Commissar Yan also laughed; he patted Principal Chen on the shoulder, “Not bad, you can also be rest assured now. In the future, Ye girl’s journey will only become wider and wider, more and more promising and greater and greater.”


Principal Chen wiped the corners of his eyes again and then smiled: “Happy, of course, I am happy, but unfortunately, Old Uncle didn’t get to see this. Next time when you are all going back to the provincial capital, call me up. I want to talk to Old Uncle, let him know about this, let him be happy too.”


The big celebration was still going on, and Ye Jian, who had been avoiding cameras, frowned, and her lips pursed.


The cameras were live broadcast, even if only three seconds, she would also appear on TV,…Not sure if that would cause any trouble.


Fortunately, it was only three seconds, Ye Zhifan and Ye Ying did not notice. They did not expect Ye Jian to accompany the leader to appear on the tower.


A fighter plane flew by in the sky, and the rumbling sound with an unpretentious deterrence stunned everyone!

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Even the people watching were a little uncomfortable, and they all looked up.

Ye Jian didn’t look up. Although she knew that security was so tight that even a mosquito could not escape, she still focused on her duty and paid attention to her surroundings to protect the director.


The dove spread its wings and flew high, passing the tower and flying into the sky, which also meant that the whole celebration was about to end.


Ye Jian raised his hand and pressed her earphones, and after listening to the voice inside, she gently approached the director, “Director, we arrested four major criminals.”


“Good, tell them to be more alert.” The director kept smiling, maintaining his expression even after hearing such good news. “Little Ye, tell them, don’t close the net when the net is already opened. I, as such a big bait, have shown myself, those four criminals are nothing; we need a big catch.”


Ye Jian nodded, repeating what the director said one by one.

All the leaders walked down the tower one by one. The marching team in the celebration began to retreat in an orderly manner.


However, Ye Jian’s work had just begun.


In the crowd, Ye Zhixiang, who was waiting in line to leave, quickly played back her camera. When a fuzzy face flashed from the camera, she almost choked, she panicked, then she pressed backwards slowly…

Her hand began to shake, and the blood on her face almost faded within a second. She was right… She was right!

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