Chapter 1446: Very Promising

At the bottom left of the tower, the people gathered, including business representatives, company representatives, national representatives, overseas Chinese representatives, etc. They had undergone strict inspection and confirmed that they were not carrying any dangerous items.

On the other side were ordinary people worldwide, who would also watch the grand celebration with the country’s top leaders.

Sun Yaozu’s fat body sitting among the ordinary people made him feel a little out of breath. Hearing the welcoming music sounded, he whispered to Ye Zhixiang: “Heck! I really came in! Our people are really incredible; they got me in!”


“You tell me what else I can’t do in the future? The big celebration, hahaha, me, Sun Yaozu can actually come in here!” Previously, he was still a fugitive who couldn’t reveal his real name; he could only hide.

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Now, hahaha, so cool!

After a change, he had become a good citizen, and he could still watch this big celebration!

Ye Zhixiang was holding her DV camera, recording the celebration, and taking pictures of herself. She raised her chin high and said to her husband, “Tch, what does this count? We will only get better and better in the future! Back then, didn’t our fortune teller say, we will only get more and more fortune and fame!”

“Yes, that’s right!” Sun Yaozu felt so too. Since he married Ye Zhixiang, with the help of Old Mrs. Ye, he got a sum of money. In the next ten years, his family started a big business and prospered so much from it that they had no place to put their money!

Ye Zhixiang picked up the DV camera and pointed it at the tower; her red lips fluttered as she spoke, “You just enjoy it. In the future, we will only have more and more money, building a bigger and bigger mountain of gold, and we will never use up our… Huh?”

Before she could say “money”, Ye Zhixiang stared at the small square DV camera screen with an unbelievable expression and patted her husband, “Yaozu, you look at the tower, that, that is that dead girl Ye Jian, isn’t it?”


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Sun Yaozu was stunned, “What?” He thought he had heard it wrong.\


“Let me see, let me see.” Ye Zhixiang really thought that she was wrong, she stood on her feet and looked up the tower again,…but she didn’t see Ye Jian, “Did I see wrongly? Maybe I mistook someone as Ye Jian?”


Of course, I must have seen wrongly!

Sun Yaozu glared at his wife, “Concentrate on taking your photos, don’t talk nonsense! She’s a useless thing; how can she come up to the top of the tower? Use your head to think.”

But then it feels like she didn’t see wrongly.


Ye Zhixiang, who was surprised, looked in that direction again, but still, she couldn’t see Ye Jian.

They didn’t know that in a police station in a certain county, a policeman who had returned from military service was stunned. He looked at the TV screen for a moment, focusing on the face of a young woman in a formal dress.

Ye Jian!


It is Ye Jian who had been in military training two years ago!


The sharpshooter Ye Jian, the one who stood in a military posture even more like a soldier than a real soldier!


She, she… she is actually accompanying the country’s leader at the big celebration, and she was watching the military parade with several leaders!


The police didn’t say anything; he just watched silently, happily.

Back then, he said that Ye Jian will definitely have a promising future. Look at her, look at her, he was really right… She actually got to such a high point in her life, amazing, amazing!

So amazing!

Not only this policeman saw it, but An Jiaxin also saw it. She screamed directly, “Ye Jian, Ye Jian! I saw Ye, Jian!”

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