Chapter 1445: Much-anticipated

The director wanted to walk to the front. And Ye Jian would protect the tired leader all day and night, leaving no trace. She would keep escorting the director until he entered the bulletproof car.


This was the second time Ye Jian had performed this kind of protection task, so she was not afraid.


The soldier driver came from Zhongnanhai. It happened that Ye Jian had trained with him in the underground training room of an abandoned factory in Yunnan Province.


When he saw Ye Jian last night, he was surprised.


The bulletproof car was driven to the visitors’ tower. The car was not slow; it was very stable, not shaking at all.


The director was wearing a gray-cyan tunic; he didn’t forget to tidy up his appearance when he got in the car so that he would look presentable when meeting the highest positioned leader.


The person protecting the leader was not only Ye Jian, but also soldiers from Zhongnanhai. They were mainly responsible for going from the hotel to the visitors’ tower area, and then the rest would be escorted by Ye Jian until the city wall.


The celebration would begin at ten p.m, and all leaders would enter the tower in advance.


In the controlled capital, the main road seems to be empty at 4 a.m., but there are hidden elite special soldiers at places where no one knows, and no one can see.


In the golden autumn of October, the capital was already chilly. Ye Jian, who got out of the bulletproof car, blocked the blind spot at the fastest speed then asked the director to get out of the car.


Some eyes fell on her body, cold and hard, like a cold blade directly against the scalp.

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The blind spot was the sight of a sniper hiding nearby, which was very substantial.


“Thanks for your hard work, Little Ye.” The director was very polite, facing the female soldier who was only four years older than his granddaughter. The director was kind, looking like an ordinary grandfather.


Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled, “You are too polite. I’m just doing my job. This way, please, have some rest first.”


“How can I sit still? My heart is so nervous, I am looking forward to the Great Celebration of the Century.”


The temperature in the capital in the early morning was lower than during the day, and when they got off the car, they could still feel the cold wind blowing on their faces. The director was not fast or slow, he was calm and relaxed, and he chatted with Ye Jian easily, “It is a full fifteen years since the last military parade. Our country has gone through so many ups and downs to having today’s prosperity. In the future, our country will become stronger and stronger.”


Ye Jian, who was closest to the director, listened carefully. When the director asked her questions, she would answer immediately; she was highly concentrated, making sure that she wouldn’t miss a single word.


Time was ticking by, and the morning sun arrived as scheduled, clear and bright, like a mirror.


The seventeen squadrons on the straight main road that were inspected were already ready to stand against the first day, waiting for the moment of inspection.


Twenty-one equipment teams were also waiting, with main battle tanks, tracked infantry vehicles, anti-tank missiles, … surface-to-air missiles, aviation missiles, and others. Self-designed and high-tech weapons and equipment were all being reviewed.


The air echelon had taken off and would appear in the sky above the “heart” of our motherland on time. It was accurate to the second and was the much-anticipated subject.

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This is a grand ceremony that represented the strength of the country and the prosperity of the nation; it is the report of our soldiers to the motherland and the people; it does not forget the history, not forgetting the martyrs to carry forward the past and the future, and create a glorious and prosperous time for our motherland.


“All the snipers are in place, the tower is ready, the tower is ready, ready to enter, ready to enter.” A metal-cold voice sounded in Ye Jian’s earphone. She followed the director’s footsteps to the tower, the welcoming song played as they walked up the tower.

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